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Junkie Calculator Crooks Hit Target 3 Times in 8 Days: Cops

TINLEY PARK, IL A Posen man and his lady friend got caught stealing pricey calculators from Target on their third thieving trip to the 191st Street megastore in eight days, police said. After he was arrested at the Target Wednesday evening, 22-year-old Miguel Monsivais explained that he sold the calculators on the street to low income parents trying to get school supplies for their kids, police said. Miguel stated he used the money to support his heroin addiction. A Target security guard reportedly noticed Monsivais cutting the packaging of a calculator off a locked peg, stashing the calculator in a shopping cart under a piece of black poster board, and wheeling the cart out of the store, police said. Monsivais reportedly left the cart by the doors.

Monsivais similarly stole nine calculators on Feb. 1 and Feb. 6, leaving the cart by the doors to be pushed away by his partner, 56-year-old Patricia Mierzwa, police said. On Wednesday, Mierzwa never got the chance, police said, as Monsivais was arrested in the parking lot. Officers reportedly saw Mierzwa sitting in the passenger seat of a gray Toyota Corolla parked in the lot. When Monsivais got pinched, she moved over to the driver s seat and took off, police said.

Mierzwa was pulled over on 191st Street and taken into custody. A 33-year-old New Lenox man riding in the car with her was not charged.

Mierzwa explained that she was riding with this man from Posen to New Lenox when he decided to stop at the Tinley Park Target so they could use their Link card to get some drinks, according to a police report. Patricia stated she did not go into the store because she could not find her Link card. Mierzwa then admitted she had been to the store many times before, that she was there earlier in week with Monsivais, and that he loaded items into a shopping cart, left the cart at the doors, and she went and got it, police said.

Patricia stated she did not know what was in the cart and that she did not ask any questions, the report said. Patricia stated she believed Miguel sold the items to buy heroin. Monsivais told police that Mierzwa actually also took painkillers and had done heroin with him before, the report said.

Mierzwa and Monsivais were both taken to the Will County jail. Their bonds were set at $75,000 each and they remain in custody.

Patricia Mierzwa and Miguel Monsivais | images via Will County Sheriff’s Department

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