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March experience was peaceful

In response to the Feb. 9 letter, One march for hate, one for love, I m here to tell you the mood was not hateful in the Women s March I participated in here in Eugene. And yes, many of the signs were profane. The profanity expressed was directly correlated to language expressed by the Republican candidate for president. Many of us, men as well as women, wore pussycat ear hats. My experience was peaceful. I witnessed no signs of hysteria or property damage. Many of my friends and family of both sexes in various states across the country participated in the Women s March as well, and, being curious, I searched to see how many arrests were made. The answer? None. According to NBC News, Washington, D.C., Homeland Security Director Christoper Geldart said, Though crowds greatly exceeded expectations in the nation s capital and pro-Trump counter-protesters showed up in places, there was not a single arrest made at yesterday s record-breaking Women s March.

Paying attention to the news these days is nearly a full-time job, daunting at best. The issues are complex and some, like abortion, are never going to go away. We re all in this together.

My daily intentions are strong: to come from a place of love in all that I say and do, to have compassion for myself so that I may have compassion for others. I know good people who voted the Republican ticket, and I respect their reasons. And I also know that many voters on that side are content with their choice. That said, my compassion is for those who may be feeling that perhaps the vote they cast has come with too heavy a price.

Candyce Rappaport


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