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Millions in grant money awarded to enhance security in Michigan schools

MICHIGAN (NEWSCHANNEL 3) Millions of dollars are being awarded to school districts across Michigan to improve safety and security.

The money is coming from Michigan State Police and schools in West Michigan are getting a good chunk of those funds. Wayland Union Schools is getting almost 99,000 dollars. The district was one of the top MSP school safety grant recipients this year. The money they will get will make their schools even more safe and even more secure against threats. Wayland Union Schools have already made safety and security a high priority for all six school buildings, but when the opportunity to improve that even further presented itself, district leaders jumped.

The MSP grant gave us a great opportunity to immediately enhance some of the security and safety measures that we already currently have in place, said Wayland Union District Security Officer Matt Miller.

Miller says the nearly 99,000 they were awarded will go toward items they didn t currently have in the budget, things like additional security cameras, buzzer systems in every school, and brand new two-way radios.

We re out in a rural community, said Miller, cell phone signal is not always the greatest, our best line of communication is typically radio to radio if we can provide that. Special education teacher Erin Koopman says those radios will make her jobs easier, and as a mother of students in the district, the increased security puts her at ease.

Anything that we can add to feel safer, I m all for, said Koopman. Michigan State Police provided about two million dollars in grant money to 25 school districts, 24 non-public schools, and three charter schools. That money means more than 62,000 students and teachers like Koopman will be safer and more secure.

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