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Russian Security Services Prevented 45 Terrorism-Related Crimes in 2016

MOSCOW (Sputnik) Putin called on the Federal Security Service (FSB) on Thursday to intensify anti-terrorist and anti-extremist activities on the Internet.

“We must continue to actively identify and block the activities of terrorist groups, eliminate their financial base, suppress the activities of emissaries from abroad and subversive activities on the Internet,” Putin said.

“The FSB, along with other law enforcement agencies, under the coordination of the National Anti-Terrorism Committee prevented 45 terrorism-related crimes, including 16 terrorist attacks,” Putin said. In December, the FSB prevented series of terrorist attacks[1] in Moscow planned by Daesh terrorist group. According to the FSB, the attacks were planned by a senior Daesh commander in Turkey who had been put on an international wanted list by Tajik authorities. In December 2016, Putin said at a meeting with senior officers and prosecutors that the FSB prevented 10 terrorist attacks[2] in the first 10 months of 2016.


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