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California Man Who Killed Security Guard Kills 3 More Before Capture, Cops Say

A California man accused of fatally shooting a security guard last Thursday was captured Tuesday after fatally shooting three others. He allegedly shouted Allahu akbar as he was being detained. Kori Ali Muhammad, 39, was arrested in Fresno Tuesday morning after a shooting spree left three people dead in less than a minute[1], Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer said during a press conference. The suspect did not put up any resistance when police found him, Dyer said, and has been charged with four counts of murder and two counts of attempted murder. Officers had been looking for Muhammad after he allegedly fatally shot 25-year-old Carl Williams[2], an unarmed security guard working at a Motel 6 in the Fresno area, last week.

#Fresno PD Chief Jerry Dyer says suspect yelled “allahu akbar” before being arrested, say was also suspect in another murder from last week[3][4]

Joe Moeller (@joemoeller44) April 18, 2017[5]

The suspect fired on a Pacific Gas and Electric Company vehicle on Tuesday, striking the car s passenger, police said. The driver of the vehicle managed to drive to a police station to request help. As he walked down North Fulton Street, Muhammad allegedly fired a number of rounds at another individual, but missed. He then encountered another male, firing several rounds at the individual, striking and killing him, Dyer said. The suspect, armed with a revolver, then reloaded his gun as he continued on to a nearby Catholic Charities building. Upon seeing another male, he allegedly fatally shot him. The killings all occurred in less than a minute, Dyer said.

Muhammad is a homeless man who Dyer said had posted on Facebook about how he does not like white people and had expressed anti-government sentiments. All those killed Tuesday were white, but Dyer did not release any more information on the victims.

Dyer said it was too early to say if the attacks were terrorism, but added that the FBI and Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives would likely help with the investigation going forward.


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