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Family of murdered security guard talks about capture of

Family Of Murdered Security Guard Talks About Capture Of

Fresno police had been searching for Kori Muhammad since Thursday night, when they identified him as the suspect in the murder of security guard Carl Williams at the Motel 6 on Blackstone and Ashlan in northeast Fresno. Eyewitness News spoke with William’s family and friends about the fact that his accused killer is now behind bars. Flowers and candles sit on a curb at the Motel 6 in north Fresno where Carl Williams was shot and killed.

His sister, Ashley, told us by phone, the family was at the funeral home making arrangements when they heard about the shootings near downtown Fresno.

“My mom was actually talking to an investigator on the phone. And he had got the phone call that they had possibly captured the suspect that did this vicious murder to my brother,” Ashley Williams told us. Police had been searching for Kori Ali Mohammad since Thursday night. That’s when they identified him as a suspect in Carl Williams’ murder. Williams’ family had hoped Muhammad would be caught before anyone else was hurt.

“Knowing that this guy is locked up, and that unfortunately what he did to other people, it doesn’t bring any kind of, it doesn’t bring anything better because of what he did now,” Ashley Williams said.

Carl Williams’ family says he was working two jobs, trying to save up money to buy a house with his girlfriend. A friend said he had recently gotten a promotion at his other job, at Toys R’ Us.

“He worked security part time, but he was working to be full time at Babies ‘R Us, Toys ‘R Us. He had just got promoted two weeks ago to be an assistant store manager,” said Kadi Sanders, Carl Williams’ friend and former coworker. Williams’ family says the community lost a good man when Carl died.

“It hurts that my brother’s not here, that’s probably the most. Because me, my brother and sister were so close. We did everything together,” Ashley Williams said.

His family says funeral services for Carl Williams are planned for this Saturday.

Carl Williams was just 25 years old.

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