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Man tried to take pistol through Charlotte airport security, police report shows

A man was arrested Monday morning after he attempted to take a firearm through Charlotte-Douglas International Airport, according to a police report. Police said Jeffrey Thoesen, 38, entered a security checkpoint at the airport around 10:40 a.m., when his pistol was discovered. The incident was not related to an event Monday night, when a shooting threat was received by the airport, police said. The threat had been received by the airport around 11 p.m., causing a temporary lockdown. Police later said the threat wasn t credible.

At least 13 firearms have been detected at Charlotte-Douglas this year. There were 53 cases last year. Multiple firearms were detected in the airport in March. Two men were caught trying to take loaded guns through airport security on March 2, while three more people were caught trying to do the same a week later. Thoesen faces a charge of possessing a firearm on city property.

Passengers are allowed to fly with firearms if they are in checked bags and unloaded. The guns must be packed separately from their ammunition.

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