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Police video, 911 calls from Four Hills shooting released

They quickly learned three children had been shot and killed[1]. Their mother was left critically injured. The suspect, her ex-boyfriend, killed himself. On Tuesday, police released lapel camera video and 911 calls from that night. It’s clear that police still had a lot of questions as they reached that home, unsure if an active shooter was still on the loose. Other than a few street lamps, blue and red flashing lights lit up the Four Hills neighborhood the night of the tragic murder-suicide. Albuquerque police had reports of shots fired at a home on Stagecoach Lane but didn’t know exactly what they were encountering.

Neighbors and a private security guard were the first ones on scene.

I’m sitting in the middle of the street, yelling for people to come, come help and help us, said one of the neighbors who just moved in. In police interviews, that neighbor says the mother, Cheryl Mascarenas, went back into her house twice to bring her children out trying to get help.

She’s been shot, the neighbor said. She’s telling us, she’s saying that it was her ex-husband, and that he’s inside and that he shot himself too. The shooter was her ex-boyfriend, Danny Wechsler. When a private security guard showed up, he and neighbors moved the victims behind a bush and a car trying to get cover.

Make sure everyone was away from the scene and pull them out to the road to make sure they were away from the building, the guard with IPS said.

Police get enough information to move in and do all they can to save Mascarenas and her three children. She was talking to us the whole time we were walking up there, and once we got her to the ambulance, they took off, the guard said.

One of the 911 calls came from Wechsler’s brother asking police to respond to the Four Hills neighborhood. It turns out the suspect had called one of his brothers letting him know what had happened.


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