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Steve and Ted: Louisiana drops proposed ban on dodgeball

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This is the station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KM SS we just tossed number. One news talk bad weather station. Depend on. Point 6 o’clock visit the pianist this morning news was even tonight she’s back inside. Apparently affairs guy is 65 degrees the wind already gusting up to 26 miles per hour can be a windy day. Take tennis as breaking news former patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez. Committed suicide in prison this morning department of corrections said. Going to mistake them for the department of corrections. The former New England Patriots star was discovered hanging in his cell. At the Sousa borrow now ski correctional center in Shirley Massachusetts around 305 AM. Hernandez has been accused in connection with a homicide again. Former. New England Patriots headed Aaron Hernandez has committed suicide. A special election in Georgia that has become a kind of referendum on president trump. Is now headed for runoff in June Democrats fell just short of winning the congressional seat long held by Republicans. The stakes were high over the seat held by Republicans since Jimmy Carter was president thirty year old former congressional aide John Assad to make trump furious campaign fired up the president’s critics. If you don’t vote tomorrow ourself will raise your taxes. Destroy your health care and love our country with a legal immigrants. President trump waited raging on Twitter that also off would be a disaster in congress and recording a phone message urging voters not to let quote. Liberal Democrats from outside of Georgia take their congressional seat way Geneen Orman ABC news Washington. The FBI and police in Fresno California or getting a better idea. About what motivated demand to go to shooting Rampage killing three innocent victims Tuesday in less than two minutes police say Corey Ali Mohamed fired sixteen rounds killing three men and shooting at a fourth victim. Even though Mohammed yelled on lock bar god is great in Arabic police have determined this was a hate crime it has nothing to do with terrorism chief Jerry Dyer says Mohamed who is black was targeting white victims and that he was reacting to being named a suspect in the murder of a motel security guard last week. Alex Sony ABC news Fresno California. The search for Steve Stephens who posted to FaceBook video of himself murdering an elderly man in Cleveland. Ended with a killer fatally shooting himself after being surrounded by police in Pennsylvania. He was spotted in Erie the same city where his cell phone was detected hours after Sunday’s shooting. Pennsylvania state police lieutenant Wayne Klein says officers stopped Stevens vehicle using a pit maneuver following brief pursuit. Vehicles surrounded. The white Ford Focus at which time mr. Stevens took his own life. Kansas governor Sam Brownback has appointed a legislator as the next state treasurer. To replace Republican Ron Estes after Estes won a congressional. Election. Brownback announced Tuesday the GOP state senator chicklet turner of Pittsburgh will serve the rest of justices four year term as treasurer. What turner said people seek a full term in 2018. 29 year old with turner has been active in Republican politics and southeast Kansas for at least a decade. He previously served on congresswoman Lynn Jenkins staff was elected to the senate in 2012 and reelected last year the sixty year old Estes was elected last week to replace former congressman Mike Pompeo in the fourth district of south central Kansas. Following Pompeo appointment as CIA director Estes plans to leave the treasurer’s office next week will hold a brand can get asked that’s news. Just says in which dog is ready to host NCAA men’s basketball tournament games next march. The same receive some more good news Tuesday when it was announced that it will play host again in march of twenty Tony want. Susie Santo president and CEO of visit Wichita. Was one of several key officials making the announcement at in trust bank arena. This is a win for the residents. This is a win for the visitors and this is a win. For our community says every county commission chairman Dave Andrews is hosting the tournament was one of the main reasons for building the downtown arena when this. Building was first conceived. A primary driver and all the conversation was. We want NCAA basketball the first and second round games are slated to be played march 19 and 21 of the year 20/20 one. Wichita City Council has approved a new storm water utility rates mayor Jeff Long Will says recent storm water efforts have paid off. I think we’ve made the difference obviously there’s differences. Hasn’t. Kind of the same impact and many large storms are used to and now and maintenance factor really is going to be important to continue his efforts. City officials open increased to the base fee would generate about 2.4 million dollars annually. And results and more equitable rate structure. Of the Wichita City Council was approved up to sixty million dollars and industrial revenue bonds. For the Cargill project mayor Jeff Long well. Was among those voting unanimously in favor has. Brought us both national and international attention. When Cargile stood up before all of us and said. To compete in the global marketplace. The best place for us that is what song Kansas. Has brought a wonderful attention to. Our city and has helped provide great momentum. Cargill protein group is going to build its new Wichita headquarters of parking garage on the current footprints of the Wichita eagle building near Douglas and Rock Island. Dana says it’s time now 60. Live 5 minutes past 6 o’clock. 97 and thirteen 38 and as this week aren’t even dead in the morning. Thanks opportunity to sit here on a Wednesday morning. April 19. Now what is it already. 611 the failure traffic which it. Double check and everything I don’t think so far in traffic everything seems be going well. We don’t have any slowdowns mention suggest yet we’re throwing Boeing still haven’t picked up so we haven’t seen. That traffic slowed down the road construction Kellogg and hide what silicon knights in 35. The project there where they’ve narrowed the road from three lanes downed two east and westbound there. Backing up just about every morning so. But just east continue to watch that the traffic conditions if heavier out there tripling its heavier. I don’t K and assist radio I’m catching. I insist. Take a look at the forecast now refuses to have be biologist Dan Holden good morning Dan. Well good morning with a few clouds to start today it’s going to be windy this afternoon if we’ll be in the upper seventies by noontime 82 for the hi this afternoon. In south winds may gusts to 35 miles per hour. As a cold front moves away from the north and west full of chances of thunderstorms overnight under 55. Showers early Thursday being cooler and 68. I’m K and SS meteorologist Dan holidays. Thanks Dan now mostly clear skies and 66 degrees and we have the south winds at twelve miles per hour. And here on Wednesday morning April 18 I breaking eight. Warmth on top of that thirty tire coffee. And if you’re not drinking prairie fire paltry at work. Your boss to supply if you that’s right not like art does which does like temperature yesterday 79 degrees normal high is 69 so. You think it was a little muggy it was about ten degrees warmer than usual for the date. Only state in 20044. Toed it a tornado struck southeast Kansas the strongest was an F three that struck downtown Parsons. A tornado warning gave officials time to evacuate an outdoor carnival. The twister caused major damage to 750 buildings and injured 27. People. It was on this to ease. In 2000. In the states and 1775. The American revolutionary war began but the battles of Lexington. And Concord. On this date in 1977. The US the Supreme Court in Ingrid Amber’s is right. Ruled five before that even severe spanking him schoolchildren by faculty members did not violate the ate them ended ban against cruel and unusual punishment. 1977. The Supreme Court affirmed that hey you give your kid a couple swaps that are. Severe spanking some years back spears pregnant or. Are a player do. Band dodge ball under the target gained from public schools. Has been scrapped by Louisiana’s top school board the prohibition was included it. In a new set of physical education benchmarks drawn up by nearly two dozen teachers and others on a standards committee. But members of the state board of Elementary and Secondary Education rejected the proposed ban yesterday. Board vice president holly Buffy said education leaders should be careful they don’t create regulations. That discourage students from enjoying physical education. But a member of the standards committee can’t be hills said the ban on human targeting games. Was an attempt to be sensitive about bullying. Lute. While to put on the head gear but on the pay as you glad the football practice and you see about that. Yeah it not bullet. Those of us who played football got bullet to looking at it but I still maintain that the sound that one of those red dodge balls makes when it hits somebody is one of the funniest surrounds Joker. We played it would volley balls and I was in junior high school and that. I got nailed a couple of times pretty good though my grandkids. There at their school they have dodge ball tournaments they love it yeah. But Newton put everything else. Don’t hurt anybody’s feelings yes expelled not. You know I had something this morning and then they don’t have a witness an eyewitness or anybody to back me up on this. But. Coming to work this morning I came off the Kellogg there he’s killing up to the Brock road and I looked at and what is that something running down the street. Who’s a dear dear all rock road running north bow but at the and Kellogg and you believe that. Year can Iraq a dear now I’ve seen here in town. In no residential areas in the city. Went on a little deer around Upton in the early eighties. Up around at thirteenth and drove up the northeast part of the city it was a deer got lease up there but black and rock road how far is that dear. From any place that you could call even you know sparsely wooded are so please review would be. I think is miles off track yeah and its new. More. It was interesting and I knocked ceremony Beckett is a Denver nobody know the cars are Vanilla but it. Probably traffic camera something in the picked him spotted at the year. Northbound. Okay. Northbound just added to north truck is trying to get them all at might have been going overdosed. What matches. And it could be in going could’ve been wrangling over the attitude. That was for me fair trial one of the mattress yeah if it but on that corner. Okay. Last evening. My grandson involved in his first accident. His car and he was driving his car collided with a pickup truck and it may use and and central and I happen to be right there with might have made other grand kids in my life on the scene we came account now that part let’s say there’s no one’s car. Just he each. Pretty much totaled is automobile. And his mom and dad are not available so I went ahead and it helped him out with that. The police officer build up that paperwork and everything and getting India. Is that really a tow truck yet what do you call it now they don’t really tell anymore they put on a flatbed. Wrecker yeah a wrecker. So record came out being picked up the car and a sawed. Got to oversee my grandsons first traffic accident not and again again fortunately he and the other young man the alien drivers neither one of them was hurt. But it looks like. Front and an old scars pretty good golf well is first car. And he totally public learned something there what was what was your first car accident. I wrecked my dad’s car about four times for a get well card that really got my own cars stuff wrecking cars. Yeah it. And it’s strange how that might work for it in digits and a all right 618. Now with the Stephen did Ted Woodward is in it in the house this morning a little windy out there but other than that it now. I guess your commute isn’t too bad was it Smart and wind is blowing out there’s already one blowout that this take a look at dead leadoff sports just yet but it’s. Morning royals a win in extra innings all their offense come from a guy who is an overhaul actually took a the giants won it in a jet giants sorry royal denial and make your apartment right now Francisco giants beat the royals who won last night. First time these teams have met since the when he fourteen World Series. And they get started their brief two game set. Royals just not get storing them last night’s royals and that using five pitchers out of the bullpen. But the longest didn’t get enough offensive support. Giants without their manager Bruce both cheap former Wichita wranglers skippered boats he underwent a minor. Procedure to correct his partner than you expected to return to the team later in the week. At Colorado. Royals went to the giants they’ll wrap up their brief two game set in Kansas City tonight. Listen to live cover the giants in the royals on Sports Radio cake at 81240 AM 975. FM coverage begins at 630 tonight teams seven. Fifteen. NCAA basketball news Wichita State. And the city of Wichita will host the NCAA men’s basketball tournament course we knew they were going to host when he eighteen it. Also host again in 20/20 one. Incidentally making that announcement yesterday so Wichita will be an NCAA tournament hosts to time’s coming up in the next four years. And reciting stuff trust bank arena will be hosting the NCAA tournament twice coming up in the short term future here or spin. In 23 years since Wichita State last hosted tournament game and get it three times in a four year span. The Wichita State baseball team’s home tonight shocker for home at that stadium thinking on their instate rival the Kansas Jayhawks. And that is that that game was at 6 o’clock tonight. Mike Kennedy and seen Dennis will be on the air with pregame beginning at 5:30 PM game at 6 o’clock with some lives soccer baseball deceiving right here. On 987. In thirteen 38 in S and us. College bowling at the end national tournament is underway in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Yesterday was the beginning of singles competition. The second highest qualifying score on the women’s side came from Wichita State’s Sydney Brahma. 213 average he goes straight into the sweet sixteen bracket which begins today and fellow shocker also involved. Is is it’s upon you Cobo fee is in the sweet sixteen as well for singles play. After they at play couple around the singles play today to see who advanced to the final four it will begin team play. At the intercollegiate bowling championships. Shocker men and women are involved as are the Newman men and women among the field that let them as they get that started today. And the breaking news in sports today. Former National Football League star Aaron Hernandez has hanged himself in his cell dead at the age of 27. Serving a life sentence for murder. I was one of the great rising stars in the National Football League just few years ago but. It’s awful decisions as it troubled troubled me up and up and his of his life. Donned the age of 27. Aaron Hernandez has killed himself. That’s fortunes even Ted KE NSS six Tony one now keep it here for Fox News commentator Todd stars thought about a controversial jacket. In West Virginia plus traffic and weather coming up Stevens had the morning on K and a sense.




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