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Tipplers pose a big challenge to airport security

Coimbatore [1] Tipplers Pose A Big Challenge To Airport Security Wilson Thomas [2] COIMBATORE April 18, 2017 08:20 IST

Updated: April 18, 2017 08:23 IST

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While protests opposing the relocation of closed down Tasmac outlets are gaining momentum, the outlet operating close to the compound wall of the Coimbatore International Airport on SIHS Colony road is raising security concerns. Highly placed official sources said two incidents of stone hurling at the airport s tarmac were reported in the last four days. While one was reported on Friday night, another one was on Saturday. According to senior officials of agencies concerning the airport security, the stone hurling incidents were not isolated cases. Similar incidents were reported in the past too. Intelligence officials had also raised concern in the past.

However, senior officials of the airport contended that they were not aware of stones hurled at the tarmac. Security officers have not conveyed any instance of stone hurling, a senior official said. Apart from the high grade fencing above the compound wall, CISF personnel at four watch towers also look after the security. Residents in the locality say that the number of customers in the liquor outlet has increased at least five times as around five Tasmac shops on Avinashi Road near airport junction were closed down following Supreme Court order. They also alleged that liquor was being sold at the shop from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Authorities seem to be ignoring the violations as it has become a revenue generating outlet. Women and children of SIHS Colony are afraid of walking along the road in the late hours because of tipplers squatting on roadside and consuming alcohol, said a resident of SIHS Colony, seeking anonymity. When the bar facility get crowded, tipplers take liquor to places close to the compound wall of airport that is a few metres away. A senior official with Tasmac in Coimbatore said operation of the outlet before and after the stipulated time will be controlled. He said that he has not received any complaint against the outlet , especially those concerning security of the airport.


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