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FCC security guards manhandle reporter, eject him from meeting for asking questions

CQ Roll Call, owned by the Economist Group, publishes a variety of news products focused on policy and politics in Washington. It s known for researched, unbiased reporting. Donnelly, a well-known specialist in defense and military affairs, serves as president of the Military Reporters and Editors Association. He has previously headed the National Press Club s Board of Governors and served on the Standing Committee of Correspondents for the U.S. Congress. Thursday s meeting involved a discussion of a range of proposed FCC rules, including a proposal to roll back net neutrality regulations[7] adopted during the Obama administration. Several pro-net neutrality groups demonstrated[8] outside the FCC s headquarters in the morning.

An FCC spokesman told The Washington Post in an email: We apologized to Mr. Donnelly more than once and let him know that the FCC was on heightened alert today based on several threats. The incident comes at a time of growing and undisguised hostility toward the press in the upper ranks of government. Since taking office, President Trump has called news organizations the enemy of the people[9], and Stephen K. Bannon, his chief strategist, has described the media as the opposition party[10]. On Wednesday, when Trump was presented with ceremonial sword at a U.S. Coast Guard commencement ceremony, Secretary of Homeland Security John F. Kelly told him, You can use that on the press[11].

Just last week, Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price defended the arrest of a reporter[12] who tried to question him about the Republican health care bill in a hallway at the West Virginia state capitol. The reporter, Dan Heyman of Public News Service, was jailed on a charge of willful disruption of state government processes. Price said police did what they felt was appropriate.

. @FCC[13] guards manhandled me, forced me out of building when I tried to ask @AjitPaiFCC[14] & @mikeofcc[15] questions.[16] 1

John M. Donnelly (@johnmdonnelly) May 18, 2017[17]

Donnelly said he noticed at Thursday s FCC meeting that security guards were following him around the building as if he were a security threat, even though he was wearing his press badge and carrying a notebook and recorder. At one point, he said, guards waited for him outside the restroom.

I thought they were just doing it to prevent anyone from getting too close to the commissioners, which I would understand as a security measure, Donnelly told Mic. But then it became apparent that they were singling me out as if I were someone who was some sort of trouble. The National Press Club s statement identified the guard who ejected Donnelly as Frederick Bucher, head of the FCC s security operations center[18]. According to the National Press Club, Bucher took a press badge from Bloomberg reporter Todd Shields last year after Shields spoke with a protester at an FCC meeting.

FCC security takes visitor pass from Bloomberg reporter Todd Shields for speaking to a protestor at meeting.[19]

Jim Puzzanghera (@JimPuzzanghera) July 14, 2016[20]

Jeff Ballou, the National Press Club s president, condemned the guards actions on Thursday.

Donnelly was doing his job and doing it with his characteristic civility, Ballou said in a statement. Reporters can ask questions in any area of a public building that is not marked off as restricted to them. Officials who are fielding the questions don t have to answer. But it is completely unacceptable to physically restrain a reporter who has done nothing wrong or force him or her to leave a public building as if a crime had been committed.

Others came to Donnelly s defense as well:

Outrageous and offensive. John is an accomplished veteran reporter and knows how to do his job in DC. This and WV arrest are ominous.[21]

carl hulse (@hillhulse) May 18, 2017[22]

it’s outrageous that a total professional like @johnmdonnelly should be removed under “implied threat of force” for trying to ask a question[23][24]

geof koss (@geofkoss) May 19, 2017[25]

Would also like to add @johnmdonnelly is one of the NICEST, most respectful people you’ll ever meet in the press corps or otherwise.[26][27]

Oriana Pawlyk (@Oriana0214) May 19, 2017[28]

I worked with @johnmdonnelly at CQ when I covered the @FCC for them. This is disturbing news about how a professional reporter was treated.[29][30][31]

Alisha Green (@alisha_writes) May 19, 2017[32]

Paul Farhi contributed to this report.

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