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FEMA turns down Oregon aid request

FEMA Turns Down Oregon Aid RequestFEMA Turns Down Oregon Aid RequestFEMA Turns Down Oregon Aid Request FEMA Turns Down Oregon Aid RequestSnow piles up on roads near Cove. Oregon. Photo via Oregon Department of Transportation.

SALEM, Oregon The Federal Emergency Management Agency has turned down Oregon s request for assistance following the severe winter weather that caused millions of dollars worth of damage, primarily in the Ontario area. The letter of refusal stated that Oregon should be able to cover the cost of damages on its own. A warehouse collapsed in northeast Oregon, destroying their entire crop of stored onions. Several other building many of them businesses had roof collapses from the weight of the snow. Gov. Kate Brown traveled to Malheur County to assess the destruction and promised to seek help from the federal government. Farmers their said their damaged crops and structures runs into millions of dollars. The letter of refusal was first reported by Oregon Public Broadcasting. In a statement to OPB, Brown said she intends to appeal the ruling. She has 30 days to do that.

FEMA is one of the agencies that is anticipating dramatic budget cuts from the Trump Administration. The agency has also denied a majority of relief funds requested by the state of North Carolina due to damage by Hurricane Matthew in October.

The Boston Globe reports that the Trump administration is considering taking money from FEMA, the U.S. Coast Guard, and the Transportation Security Administration to bolster immigration enforcement.

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