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Joanne Giannini – What’s In, What’s Out May 19 2017

by Joanne Giannini

What s In

The Ireland West International Centre Open House Looking for something interesting to do this week? There will be an open house and reception on Tuesday, May 23, 2017 from 5:30 PM to 7:00 PM at the Ireland West International Trade Centre at 77 North Main Street, Providence, RI. The Centre provides both real and virtual space for Irish companies looking to enter or expand in the United States market. The centre serves as an international base for them to promote events, and also provides a meeting space, email address, mail address and phone number. The companies range from software companies, furniture manufacturers, worksite training programs, a craft beer company and also a travel agency that offers culture and heritage tours of Ireland and so much more. This open house precedes the starting of direct flights between Rhode Island and Ireland starting the first week in June. Stop by to get promotional brochures and or email

The Quonset Air Show The RI National Guard Air Show in North Kingstown kicks off this weekend on Saturday and Sunday from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM. This is always a great family event and they will be providing free parking for and train service to Quonset Point. For more info on train service, visit[2]

Joanne Giannini – What's In, What's Out May 19 2017

The PawSox Stadium It s Back! The new proposal is in and it promises jobs, job, jobs! But what kind of jobs? Will Rhode Islanders be given the first choice for these jobs or will former Boston Red Sox employees come to Rhode Island and be given the first chance? I d like to see several safeguards in legislation. One is a guarantee of Rhode Island jobs, not just the minimum wage employees, but living wage employees, also. How about some Rhode Islanders who live in Rhode Island being given the first opportunity? It means nothing to say we will have jobs if they do not go to Rhode Islanders. Maybe it s just me, but if I were pitching a proposal for a new ballpark, I would be looking for other ways to make up the $38 million needed in state and city funding. Seeing the PawSox are the farm team for the Boston Red Sox, one of the most profitable ball clubs in the US, shouldn t they pitch in toward this stadium. After all it will host their farm team. The people of RI have made it abundantly clear that they do not want any state money used. As for Pawtucket, they will have to go to the state in other ways to raise their $15 million such as increased state aid, increased payment in lieu of taxes, increased school aid and increased revenue sharing. Either way, this proposal may be put on hold. Speaker Nicholas Mattiello is right when he says there are so many other irons in the fire and this cannot be rushed. Looks like this one will be put on the back burner until many changes are made.

What s out

Human Trafficking Happens in All RI Communities A recent report by WPRI s Kim Kalunian reports that Human Trafficking is in every RI community. That s no surprise to me since I introduced the first Human Trafficking bill in 2007. The facts are that in RI most of the victims are between 14 and 15 years old. The US Department of Homeland security reports hundreds of people being trafficked throughput RI every year. The original bill I introduced to make Human Trafficking illegal passed in 2007 in the RI House of Representatives and died in the Senate. It then passed both chambers in 2008 and became law. It was them amended and passed with an indoor prostitution bill I introduced in 2009 which became law. Steep penalties were placed for traffickers and pimps that were never included. I wish I could say that it was easy for me. But it was not and one of the most trying times in my legislative career. I guess you could say, All good things come to those who wait .

Pot holes, pot holes, and more pot holes It s no secret that we have always had pot holes but this year they look like ditches. Let s hope that the expected monies from the tolls can fix our roads. It really isn t safe driving and then hitting a pot hole that is really a ditch. And while we are speaking about roads, please open the Pleasant Valley Parkway bridge! Long overdue!


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