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K&C – Mut shaves his chest; Gerry thinks Derek Jeter is overrated 5-15-17

Skirt. The entire team. Arriving at an all black maybe the Celtics going to the wizards funeral date day. Play well because bill that would give him. So why not let it. Your old game with Gerry Callahan but that’s obstruction of justice should focus that I did. Absolutely nothing now. Of course he rolled his ice possibly sacks this definitely what I called trumpet student. Clone hole would move the whole country. Quite put out that’s right fights you back there. That crew committing Hannity who. Brutal week put them and made it through we did that in no way is that good of a passer great passing aboard this is more. Receive people pick and I says hiker now and now we can go all the time. Super hot item that was on whine whine he was a bartender in San Sebastian so long with a heavy heavy war. I guess a month at the podcast voided but really suck this week on Sports Radio W. What’s a 1000. So she’s there were people there were zero mile back. Who people in this building people in our lives who worried it may be Kirkwood. Come back and be able. The soft you know us. Here is heartbroken as our ripped though he gave giving great eulogy. Cried a lot more than I thought he would why that was not as sad sources tell I mean did sitting close the producers have both those guys were. Ball out of control to you ball was gone and seen it. Have you that you can know for what he current four. Impertinent militia and the whole place tonight how old place in the slot overtime held together and cry at all you know you credit card in the you do it did homicide tangling in Yemen if you. It’s good to know we have lost your edge came in here as hateful as I could talk shows so far good show. So well I’m mapped all of the dollars she’s at Michelob we cannot settle on a teacher we should take a poll enter that he should say good week and yeah it is like your personal famous quote like music and being horrible Kirk and Callahan the showed that killed. Aaron Hernandez like we killed there since it’s can we killed there isn’t Landis who think shorter is better. Sun tomorrow Treasury’s review tomorrow and we we have an element Anil week at summoned column right. We blow killed an evil man true. He killed bin Laden we kill Aaron Hernandez does Alex think we should do it there robbery and you should pay for months and money. And they’ve been definitely has plenty of monitors on the shore yes do you think. Do you think that management will have a problem with that do you think like in my about a few critics view they got newswire authorities say yes touched on the other data sheet though it was not our greatest moment you were. I was here. Things like that that doesn’t make us look could we do we drove and that we killed there and that doesn’t make it look good he’s a murder I’m talking about the issue she was and I think the best Wendy trumpeting Anderson yet she says the yet sure which cost sure she’s got to be proud or she’s out. We. In the coming out there. That’s fine. The flashy stuff enough problem I guess that the first apartment I know you’ve had to say and even and he confirmed kills brother or otherwise. No we want our friend Robert O’Neill writes in the book. That they don’t even know what that is they go and he goes who confirms them. As we don’t have confirmed kills for Chris house line he writes I don’t think Chris Kyle’s brag about is can Howard Stern was lined but no rights indeed tell Obama’s first kill. And how it fell and he and he writes that he is durable remains Manitoba and lie about we will join us tomorrow the man killed bin Laden to the number of other guys. But he said they don’t even know he and his fellow seals. It’s funny that they redact things the department of years allows certain things and one of the things they reject is the six and seal team six. Says seal team with a black I watched the whole book. He can never. Right sticks. Which is insane because. Even eat easily meet know that seal team six was a ruse from the beginning the only two teams rate one and six. But it was designed to make our enemies and you know and I don’t rich that would be Vietnam I think there’s Mario or wherever to think. Or maybe it was the Russians of those then the red rooted. Russians come to think we had sixteen right where he obviously has right. So everyone knows that but they’ve reject the number six in every ref I’m sorry the book today does he do shower test. These these questions he’s crazy coaches you have to be you know he’s crazy. And he’s normal look and would you say Iran has never think you guys elected another you know heavy brick and I see Netflix. He’s he’s been at the same size as I am. He’s the same look as I have. Andes where in mobile very very tough guys comparing yourself property he killed bin Laden I killed Aron and spectacle credit though he knew it and and Coke it’s I was I was partial but he should takes credit to my great. She’s a woman gave us the story I agree I mean no one wrote about it because there shipments from Newsweek. Not a speck of adoration I don’t know on our show boats started the rumor he felt principles. Was on the fact right. Fellow prisoners started. Punting him yes and the only way out was components or even when we may find out more today in whatever six hours so what does Dr. Phil on Jenkins. So with the doctor of 3 o’clock today were just over yes 3 o’clock. A season pass and the it’s a welcome watching expedited budget lot of families we teased these two things a predictable it real quick. Again pirate Steve are everything I think they’re from Steve Harvey’s perspective which I’m guessing the people. Our pain in the ass team trying to talk to me on funny or whatever and he just wants to go to work and go home I have no problem the list. My guess the list came after late weeks and weeks and months of people you know. Being a pain in the yes. I would agree but there’s other ways to handle a mean it may be tried this is fun this is finally if you could had a meeting you get together. Spell out the rules like maybe limit to as much as he’s doing is he’s had not started yet patriotism before any taping yet this year. Kind of a so it’s got to San Jose and leave me alone I’m you know trying to. To my job he put a doorbell and use the security Tina and from his office climate YE by the money out of no problem doing non candidate you had the money yes well. I think you have for why you wanna doorbell look at some sort of security guard for reversal would be beat as a customers on or somebody who she would pillow around Gregory’s life down the stairs Byron neck that there was security guard who witnessed that so we have yet to see who’s a security Dennis hopes to secure it hurts. Obviously Freddie kept mum protecting yeah. He says I want all the ambushing to stop now this includes TV staff. You feel like you get ambushed by people who did you ever like would somewhat tomorrow office. After the show ever if they wanna commend them like a commando supply and sometimes there’s no not me enough of fun. I believe in the ever you know like anybody you don’t like anyone except much. Much only guy you right now what do you know lobbies for and either true. You must schedule appointments like the idea that yes. I do not come to our our room and let’s invite I like that cannot open the door I like that. Do not wait in any hallway to speak to me I hate being ambushed please make an appointment I promise you. I will not entertain you in the hallway. And do not attempt to walk with me. She’s doing a pretty easily written so it is unbelievable I sound exactly and you don’t get bothered that much of letting people know darkest of the month you missed it there joke around 48 among you guys usually guys I’m not right head down eyes before walk through this grunt grunt. And I am not there right Diane thanks that thing right yes yeah I am number two is a somebody told us we’re having. Food after the funeral. And somebody said they saw much sure was kind of open. The the future you remember this. They say it’s pretty clear that month she’s black shirt off in studio look audits of these that you looked on the that you don’t have enough to Hillary yes. I’d shave my chest and stomach race. But more reasonable to wonder yes and yes yes well I always in this planet we funeral sort of look is why do you shave your chest it’s it’s more comfortable. So outside try to explain it more comfortable having heritage west is uncomfortable music yes it feels good I have here right here between might be too mad breast by pressure plates yet I’ve hare race here if you ever few know but when neither of us greens and a mistake that hair those of us who have that access care how often you have to shape your chest. I do apply once every six weeks he do it for the meter. With what do it with a felt like Mir no I have a sink Mir my doubt I’ll stand there is Agassi the top party your chest and use like one of those. Clippers. Electric craze apple. Electric clippers a few he’s getting flee her bus when you’re kick vitamin I bought into what do you do you profits this. I think there is no heroin your principal off immediately some area down there are not a local fully owns your hair everywhere I have I have in the past international bic razor and on full bear down you have not yet won I. I don’t feel as a college field. Feels awesome. It’s it feeling that you re unhappy with Carol. I did a couple pieces of metal you guys to point it became too much to keep feeling cooler that it feels smooth his talent is a good feeling to resolute more imposing. So when you are smaller Siam you do whenever you can to get to make a look pagers he cut the bush around it. So now all of a sudden my man who looks larger than it is is that true yes all the years Europe. We’ll have a lifetime of your penis looks huge what do you particularly cared a lot different looks a lot bigger of that we have Paul has a lot has a lot of my achieving try to better sums going on there’s some news not belittling at a slower on an honest or I’m Melvin has done as early as salsa is going on here’s what I mean I can’t speculate what’s on YouTube and I try to do everything I try to do cardinals some lifter and stretch and some yogurt. You guys are opposite and I don’t know who allowed a for the so to our producers and it was because of that one. Who’s in better shape month or Kirk Kirk of run twenty miles right now he’s fast he sees thin. He’s got no muscle putting better shape now Mike what that was she would generate mean he’s got more muscle yet that way he’s probably better so that she let it shape I think of conditioning unit Kirk’s and better health and shattered lysine that are helpful you have neighboring. Yeah that’s terrified of ours Claude LYYY. Otters are from ship this what does that mean no audio. Party know is a right now if you read the magazines like if you read men’s journal and then you know how’s Guerrero says you’re I was ahead a year and the president doesn’t respect cardinals’ order for your heart though. Do you think. Lifting as much to this month with some and his week three this week that’s hit Monday when he didn’t have a four days. You’ve just gotta attract a much like my present you only exercised through unions who you know I do obviously the name for your next worst month achievement could do. She’s nice homes and home to hunt that’s that’s a valid press card was less Hamas is not the other is gonna get is this what Jessica what are your latest are gonna TM and conducted. Thanks what. My pick good name for your next forced my achievement could do 11 pitch. Timonen. Might actually owns Portugal at a horse together you would I joke by a race horse. Total of the caveman could do for her that. And all the Kentucky Derby. Connection. To want to. So subjects we’ve thought that never mind actually China and influencing caveman can do because I Hughes as the morning talk about hair repair. You know we’ve sent out wild never. He’s he’s in on the joke. And now he’s not so much now only one way this makes any sense for your host because we can make additional pair is as your allergies and want to. Said to him say how much you’re here on Hillary knuckle also hairy tend to buy back. I should acknowledge on the broadcast why yes because a baseball games being played it spoke on the same race correct. Our show and yes seek a talk on our show about shaping your your primary be catering to Red Sox in because that’s sacred ground to admit I guess the middle eighties and it’s not because guys hitting a ball of I just you got a place in that spot I picked watts guys like here’s saw. I was studio Tim’s approach every return refreshing it’s different and we can’t do this can’t do this is just a man is throwing a ball and 92 miles an hour right talked of yes it’s just one round and you’re right your your pubic garden but this guy. I don’t know I don’t know the answer who’s. In better shape my. Kirk to answer it’s the best they can. I think. My public could run a mile I would agree my guess is that you can’t I can’t let. I thought I was gonna push ups on hot Hollywood moment let’s run a mile long row you can’t run a mile adult day Akamai an alliance can you bench 200 iced. Yes again and you know now I don’t think so what part about it. Rubbing mud is stronger than it probably against us he’s got at least there’s compact yet muscular he took a short these are problems. You take a shared a from new look and say it’s extra for it looks like these polls but again like I can you know I did that five Indian today whether or 21 minutes. When he to it would take him April 22 L-3 I saw you 3.3. Utilities 3.3 that’s because I was running around people like it the same thing. And another round of whale oops. The fastest falcons that he credits thanks to him in that five day plea I really had his revenge is a beat them last straw. But telling what for a 35 can take them you know forthrightly answer is sick come combination likened to a five K and I convinced to let him toss audiences as a round about ways he’s the most and he gets it I’m in the direction of sudden death. To be the shape yet to be right. I can do that and you can’t eat it I believe I believe he’s OK I want it. I can do it can’t what’s the what’s the time I get an eight minute mile you write it can you say I would say for some durations in decent shape at each meal and I might. To thank yes. You’re inches that’s four laps on the track clicks six point force on the treadmill. It’s a good question should I guess I did I can run and I got I don’t deny that tackles and just the not really an article from what I do that I’m rather tired it’s not a good agreement should that should not telling the idea view sheep yourself from Amir’s creepy as you decrease our critics say it’s as to why — like it’s a she does she’s big fan I would do Everett took to keep my cause you are homely man and mark the front attractive wife yes I think since she has — problems like I think she was looking around at the now we know the waves was a college you’d call it everything’s kind of — confuse you can be people for the first time she’s a record she’s in her thirties it’s the time to fund. To move on from the number two. So he’s had one on femininity she’s happy feeling numbers you recognize who loves to do to us is that teaching that you looks a little wild who you think she’s wounds teaches it ends up efforts to yes yes I do think it’s a chance of what a great data out by allowed either way if you’re makes me laugh and militants set off. I don’t wanna focus on who’s in better shape I think to me or best shape. But I did you see over the week in a couple pins one in The Herald about how. We’ve made great progress now. President of a country in France as macro on an apple whose wife was twenty. Five years old who went 25 years older and that’s progress. Because in. And guys would younger women no big deal trumps what is 23 years younger than he has. They don’t point out that he was fifteen when he matter and she should it’s it’s it’s not liberals not just models like moral. OUG William and Jerry’s for right to call and say boy this is not moral. But I’d laugh it’s right it’s to talk. All the excuses you know that she is its progress that the president of a country. Met his wife when he was fifteen I would say was low she was forty that she dumped her husband and family we eat and eat. When they beat when it’s her AT and they suddenly became an IQ tunnel. A tease shall think she’s wild she’s she’s forty he’s fifteen she’s following one and two of that happened and what do you think that’s France. But that’s progress he had a teacher raped her student we things progress or didn’t he say they’re reaping kids you reduce our you don’t sit there and was added we judge him. It says. But she’s hot you’re plotting a ticket and saying other kids are applauding him if you are I kid and you’re seventy. And with a 24 year old teacher and smoke or not. Europe gone under state to be fair degree when it happens I think that you gave your wife name lives. It. A giro I’m I’d like does not need to go down that road Cheney’s not very happy you know whether the shape husband very happens at the track on Thursday. This year as she tolerant you. Most women don’t want shortcuts and he very our heels to save a very nice marriage they do. The way she’s why would you like that we have a very nice merry cannot announce a topic none and I were you saying any pinkish way why are you saying some defect usually don’t say give a good marriage. She’s your age that 37. Years younger 36. So she ends of sixteen year old. It’s like a process that’s not yes progress prices show. That’s about it. Over it feeds. Hurt and Callahan. How Sports Radio telling you we. What a thrill it is to be here tonight as the Yankees honor not only one of the greatest players in yankees history but one of the greatest players. In the history of the game. Get all life. Covering this team and I’d never seen a player more below than Derek. Probably because as great as a player has it was on the field he’s an even better person. All. This case or. Don’t want to rob Pratt. Michael Cain had a few conducted its test that. The drill my US ahead and you might suggest six class person preponderance of which he went on the bonds. This case. She pieces that was a late game I though it was Mother’s Day everyone you know. Maybe to book is how to edit he had called you brilliant and a view that NAFTA yeah I’m here one more time. It’s also interesting in this as the jets’ possession. So that’s even close that’s like prognostication. Definitely should you asked at 6 o’clock who’s more overrated investment right you never know either way you do so Derek has undergone. So he’s right. About things when the ten best players ever gone amuck and do this again will he mixes sound that way about put into the top you know thirty or forty. I don’t care what they choose to hand and history of baseball I also okay then his reputation as a matchup with it because he has a reputation that he’s one of the best. Five or six players don’t that’s not the heat up pretty basic RG five wrestlers ever yes New York now say well you I don’t know I think of his current generation enable him yes and I asked out of all the current generation you think he’s won the five pistons are generally less when he first yard and true somewhere and see half the argument that’s that’s what he introduced. I think I might is frown there’s. This generation and these other knowledge that you. I’m nine years struck that you wanted to steroid guys they count too sure I’m saying as he added right on terror Jeter play from ninety odd deathly bonds about Hitler. Okay script he’s a better player that Iran has a better case for these very I don’t know if we count on them and yet he’s a better player who hosts. Schools better for. Com try to put a great 300 different January 20 would you use my different Jeter different generations. Of people is not a Gigi are like days. Yes they played the same here I contemporaries. Doctor do you think you could of Tom Brady playing mantle. He’s operating James generation hits errors very go to Martinsville. Aren’t there are. Here’s the thing. If you would ask people particularly New Yorkers that sees one of the ten best players ever what does that say would opt out of our I don’t know if there’s justice called him the perfect player by definition to it if you from New York. And you played. Twenty years just played shorts and all our Dave justice and you lead off for a second you get to number retired by definition you’re overrated this what civil writers. If you write in New York by definition are over and all the guys. And I argued in the hallway Luke Booker two weeks ago. Have to talk to a BC yeah for a while on the Oscars about guys like red Smith overrated. To make a bad. He was good Jimmy Canon David Anderson that he Iraq’s high school kids who think the richness. Over the right. That conversation without making medicinal slept last hope and mean as so many him mad at me as I’ve pointed out that Jimmy Breslin was over. Raided China is that if he wants because he’s in New York Yankees. They win. Yankees by definition over rated you Joseph DiMaggio was overrated. Yes and obliterated in a way on all the gear was overshadowed right bye bye big group but in a way yes I’ve DiMaggio. It’s overrated not on the radar data flu that was in yes not well known. I would say we look at Jeter’s career is a want to get a table Jeter front make you overeat argument. He is going to get in the hall of fame the wife senator votes of all time I think even our fingers. Yes. In Covina neighborhood that we top five. No no question what do Griffey get 90% at 9% and this is the only thing you’d ever best player in baseball history. No one illegal and he ever led league and his hips. It’s teacher in the league in runs in the his problems that means guys throw them in. It’s hard it will be seven run well good that he’s playing on a good team and so you’re coming years like 1999 plate apparently had a 134 runs 219 hits twice former hundred RBIs hit 349. It’s a great year. That’s great yeah and so it wasn’t a match your reloading and hits yet he could that BP he never won the MVP no but he is he never led the league and anything else that is about Jeter consistent top. Top ten in the meantime a top ten and have that athletic wealth. They do you think he deserved a legal gloves. No no no we don’t know that that’s the definition all capricious pockets. Agree XP lap followed five gold gloves he deserved none I’ll say that’s none of them and by the way I we’ll call glee there’s only gets locked up Merrill’s gold on the Red Sox guys I don’t know. The Red Sox. Shortstop Alex I don’t remember Alice also race color never won but he won zero engineer who contemporary contemporary Jupiter or player Derek K you’re much much better feel better play here I don’t close the five that gold gloves Jerry. Alex Gonzales 10 as a matter of application for tax kick that was eligible lady and a better place that you deserve those gold gloves now and of itself but these guys are why why did he get them as he’s thirteen he’s over heat that’s why he’s had just made the baseball pitchers I just typical of so does that just right I just prove the case he’s overrated literally can not what he’s article glove illegally get nothing didn’t win an MVP sorts. And you Dave Ortiz say it when he’s yes OK he never won MVP. It’s against top three and MVP voting three different times and good burdens is I think he’s won her tennis players ever know. If you did know I really don’t nobody else can never be a world of a die hard Yankee fans America that’s a yeah yes you have lots of people say lots of people. And then he wasn’t half the player Alex Rodriguez was in their prime. It was half a player right. Correct again for a public issues who’s not as good as Iraq I agree with that. But so you scored a hundred runs every year the tour hits basically every year O’Neill and you’ll write he’ll get 90% sure. And Alex Rodriguez who get like 42% of you think Derek Jeter should get a 100% whole thing but I do. Sure of course yes of course Tim were Arabs saying and what not Griffey always generational revolt for guys for now I did. Was your voting what’s average percentage is up for a game seven tonight we’re talking what their achievements preview game sucks donkey balls at the lessons never lost the game seven that’s true. And you’re predicting if Washington is now he’s making seven an eagle on finals those are my dad. Oh the crying in. The mock because my dad. Element dabbling about yours and you could say that now yesterday that I did this or that and make for Obama did the eulogy you did. Actually it is dead corset god overlap as of yet I mean minus 99 point 3% for Eaton who really. Hi Deborah 43744. So three Grand Prix in those those guys are looking for I don’t have to now. I’d if you will be rhetoric on her skills and an underdog and I mean I’ve precisely you can make arteries ovaries are again how you look at these numbers and say you know what. But no this is shouldn’t Mike hey great post he’s right of course he was great you know the definition of overrated yes tell me have you. From that enough on the Coleman do we got a river as far overrated doesn’t unreal correct enough for the sympathy garbage here and it’s kind of console this show without Jack on that Jeter essentially played a year of post season baseball 158 game 734 point oh congratulations sodas and and you know in his numbers for the Singh at 30 wait. It twenty home runs he was the same amounts postseason games. 58 in twenty home runs while it’s GCC 300. They’re better at the end since and his record is on. Great season which means he’s not a great player always agree to sort. He played 165 championships seven notice most of us players when he talked a ball and so high time that holds great. Hi Gerri it was very I can’t think right now lightly yeah February off if I got to do you could do all know you don’t play that compare that to like Griffey’s. It’s mostly lower court you know Jackie Bradley’s ideas about all of his position I’ll flip gas had managed he could throw air mailed to different kind of guys yeah he ran all the numbers baseline and made the play out of jail plus all of some play a couple of he’s a great player of course I think he’s great and understand. The definition of overrated I think that. I think Kuerten in hand is overrated and if you play for the whistle crew not in the practicing at a greater cuts in a big part of public record upstairs on. Every big market. We played well off I guess you don’t actually yes overeat. Yes it will not in the last fifteen years of his career I would say. Longevity was being Parnell same computer. Right. It’s ever gonna call you as one of the ten best players ever by the way he had an important. Peter Lutz and people striving to lots of people work a lot yeah. What is agility at best players ever if not then darling it other than you know RD from beyond who’s well. Paula is a guy who called the best Yankee we have dismantled the white. Who remember it but we have we have Bob Ryan on randomly called him on every break the yankees’ yes all right Peter Odom and yet tiger have you had a DiMaggio and mantle. Or generic or something and Garrick forget it roofs and Lola. Jeter walks on the if I’m breaking the Yankees are Jeter six or seven that’s again good that’s pretty damn good but you I mean I understand it yet but root. Gehrig DiMaggio mantle Rivera okay that’s five all ahead yogi Bear’s club also definitely as the saints are six separate. Com and and I guarantee might make accurate. Guarantee you. That a lot of fans New York fans and other fans would put him ahead in the top five all time how bright is Bob Bryan wrote I considered her to the best pure baseball player of the last quarter century. Which is absurd head of Griffey. And her bonds torso he purest of your lenses and puts an itemized that doesn’t matter I I got a good strategy we resort stories trying to sort of remove this steroid guys right. Well wise including Griffey right Chris because he knows the number two greatest shortstop of all time Peru. Barbara as well number two greatest short hops Wagner. Yes. Annoyed Eric who Wheaties and Alex Rodriguez. Steroid guy and the leader homes Wagner the only go. I mean number doesn’t notice right answer the second shortstop ever. Ripken. Is their primary. Similar accident rate is not that longevity that’s not overrated and identity is too it’s just two of us. Jeter’s numbers blow it reviewed last year leaders’ top five Yankee ticket so try to hit it I was. John McCain no way to Kabul itself Babe Ruth Gehrig DiMaggio Jeter mantle was Jeter had a mental nature’s big show that’s insane I mean yeah there are not the top five. I met this one mainly meant as horrified as players that this could be could be the biggest open world and you can you just look at the numbers I’d call it you can’t put Jeter had a mental or DiMaggio mantle at three in the peace. And he was on the super crown pillar. Right he can’t. But he’s a great player was never spectacular. W.’s damn good for a long time. Well we just like it is a shower I guess a lot of ways you know right right but no one would ever say jazz jazz jazz cheater and as combine them. It’s like top twenty all time a widget which Jeter had yes. Now I think he’s better for a longer period time has sucked the last 56 years in stock great to defensive player she was knocked. He has a great defensive player for apps career. When he played left who owns it was a great first baseman was a great way to jump all right. John Wall is the ninth best player in the MB OK it points you scored right. He’s gonna score 21. Peels and scored thirty and you love he we’ll or wouldn’t you watched the last game guess not all was when they play pretty good report all got all the critics he had that bond for 27 feet but you had a better game. By the way we backed mouton I’d bet you’ve open shots right in supposed to do 33 push to appeal outscored as an honest forty. Those guys you can tell he’s okay thanks a lot times. I’m trying to fool you meted. My mantel bat for you it’s I would I almost had you fooled that was that I would I thought we’d bet that. But can thirtieth for you really are these talks a pop application of doping movement and I believe weren’t. Jerry is on Twitter check Gerry Callahan. No more of Kurt can Callahan fox Sports Radio W we. I’ve been a busy day tomorrow Robert O’Neill made you feel bin Laden would drive just. We got some different skills tomorrow. They sometimes seven days and actress sometimes react to our game seven tough loss so I could shoot someone to actually. Drive some drives someone to suicide and I think she should not work through its top of the filing your book you wrote a book on the killing her name is killing American man who killed who will have to react to. Mr. Jenkins appearance they are that’s true too because. You have the assault is getting eliminated tonight I mutt and I have them winning by double digits correct level that you went with the elements as I’m echoing yes yes he’s been right all along since the beginning of 24 hours a hard place I was was deposited before picnics so. They gonna win tonight which gives them a right to go on its corporate Cleveland on that they get the first pick in the draft. Which we can use them and so I would take that I would definitely take that must react to this you know cars are just came up where Brady talks about a bunch of stuff I guess. Also picked that gets that might have been busy ourselves as saying yes. You’ve really as soon. Make him crazy little videos TV twelve you know they’re B. Twitter you know preakness going Roman outline yes it’s good to have you back Turkey got my secret lover you can this limit to what is wrong. So yeah I’m honored I got that for me that’s true next Monday marked next with the rest of the week. Wednesday is threatened Thursday is Raymer Friday’s loss in tomorrow at some point mr. Robert much upside is no way. Answers that the surprised it’s not see enjoy. So let’s game tonight will be wizards won seventeen Celtics 82. We relaxing tomorrow at 6 o’clock to. Derek was the products out of his cage and all the work plus always seeming to come up big in the biggest box right guys they want done about we were both.

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