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Rambus Tips IoT Security Service

SAN JOSE, Calif. Rambus is extending its existing security software to include a service that manages cloud connections for nodes on the Internet of Things (IoT). STMicroelectronics and Qualcomm are the first two chip makers showing support for the Rambus IoT Device Management service. The new offering adds software modules for managing encrypted services such as authentication and over-the-air updates to Rambus CryptoManager, its existing software for provisioning IoT keys. It will be available at the end of the year for an undisclosed price. The Rambus offering aims to ease the job of securing IoT nodes to cloud services to prevent breaches such as distributed-denial-of-service attacks. The Mirai attack late last year raised attention on the need for better IoT security, an issue being addressed by an increasing number of products and industry initiatives[1] and expected increases in spending[2] on IoT security.

The Rambus approach competes with an offering that ARM rolled out last year[3] combining new cores and cloud services for IoT security. Details of both offerings are sketchy, making initial comparisons difficult. Rambus aims to integrate code for its service in SDKs of chip sets and the cloud services, but it did not provide a list of what chip sets or cloud services it aims to support. The company did say that it is demonstrating its IoT Device Management service on STM32 processors as well as the Qualcomm QCA 4010 and Snapdragon 820. The service will support secure booting, certificate refreshes, and security disaster recovery. Its memory and CPU requirements vary depending on the used chipset s architecture and available hardware cryptographic resources, Rambus said. In addition, it is independent of the physical network used.

The Rambus service can leverage existing hardware root-of-trust capabilities that the company said its CryptoManager provides to more than a billion chip sets. Alternatively, it can use third-party root-of-trust services that the chip maker uses.

The new service is one of several security offerings that Rambus has launched since it acquired a cryptography specialist in 2011.

Rick Merritt, Silicon Valley Bureau Chief, EE Times Rambus Tips IoT Security Service[4]

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