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River North Security Guard Punched Helping Man Gets GoFundMe Help (VIDEO)

CHICAGO, IL A security guard at a River North residential building was punched in the face after she tried to help a man who was vomiting in front of the complex, according to WGN-TV News. Chicago police are looking for the man who hit Zoa Stigler, a guard at the condo building in the 600 block of of Franklin Street, at around 2 a.m. Sunday, the report added. The building’s security video captured the incident, and it shows Stigler approaching the man after he sits down outside the complex. She told WGN that she offered him help, but she eventually called 911, and a patrol car passes by, but no officers exit the vehicle.

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Later, the man is joined by three other people, and he then throws up on the sidewalk. Stigler rolls out a mop and bucket to clean up the man’s vomit, and she told the news station that she asked the group to leave[4]. That’s when the footage shows the man throwing water from a plastic bottle at Stigler before he punches her in the face. The blow staggered Stigler, who is seen stumbling into the mop bucket she rolled outside. It also fractured her right eye socket and the the bridge of her nose, according to Asad Khan, the board president of the condo complex where Stigler works. Khan who started a GoFundMe campaign[5] for the guard.

WATCH: Security guard Zoa Stigler is punched by a man she tried to help Sunday in front of a River North residential building:

[embedded content]

“Zoa was unable to spend Mother’s day with her 2 beautiful daughters as she is a Single mother who works part time to make ends meet and is going to school part time to finish her Business Finance degree,” Khan wrote on the GoFundMe page, explaining the fundraising effort. “She may require surgery on her eye to fix the damage and may have to take time off work and school for recovery.”

The campaign has a goal of $5,000 and has already raised more than $2,500 after only being up for around four hours Monday.

More via WGN-TV News

Video footage shows a man punching guard Zoa Stigler in front of a River North residential building. (Screen capture from video via NP | YouTube[7])

The punch fractured Zoa Stigler’s eye socket and bridge of her nose. (Photo via GoFundMe page[8])

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