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Sierra Leone News: SLP prepares for hand-to-hand combat

Sierra Leone News: SLP prepares for hand-to-hand combat

Sierra Leone News: SLP Prepares For Hand-to-hand Combat

SLP trainees with certificates

Over 100 members of the Sierra Leone police from Kenema, Kono and Kailahun districts have been trained in unarmed or hand-to-hand combat, baton use and close protection services.
The National Training Instructor from the United Nations mission in Darfur, Idrissa Massaquoi, said, The training covers the following modules; the use of minimum force, unarmed combat, hand-to-hand resistance, tactical defense techniques, police baton/close protection details and escort team work.
He maintained that the police personnel are now physically and tactically fit. They can be confident in executing their duties without the use of arms.
In his statement, the Assistant Inspector General of Police, east, Alfred Karrow Kamara, thanked the participants for undergoing the training under difficult circumstances. He said their knowledge is very important in crowd control and called on them to pass on the knowledge to their colleagues in their divisions. He described the training as good for the SLP adding it is appropriate and necessary and called for it to be in the training curriculum of the SLP.
The ceremony was chaired by Antony Kamara acting chairman Local Policing Partnership Board Kenema district who said the training is meant to increase the value of SLP and not to make the public hate SLP.
By Saffa B. Moriba
Tuesday May 16, 2017.

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