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AK-47-Wielding Video Crew Rounded Up In Minneapolis

MINNEAPOLIS, MI A private security guard in Minneapolis had some anxious moments Thursday and an intense manhunt ensued for a group of men who had pointed an AK-47 assault rifle at the guard, police said. Police arrested 11 people and seized about $80,000 cash, drugs and at least 10 vehicles. The drama unfolded about 10:25 p.m. in the area of Dowling Avenue North and Port of Minneapolis Drive, just east of Interstate 94. The security guard called 911 and said the men were trespassing on private property and had pointed the assault rifle at him, the Minneapolis Star-Tribune reported.

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The 911 call prompted an intense manhunt[4] involving about 18 officers and a Minnesota State Patrol helicopter, Sgt. Catherine Michal of the Minneapolis Police Department told the Star-Tribune. The 11 people arrested, who included two juveniles, were released. They told the security guard, who was patrolling an industrial property, that they were shooting a video. When the guard asked the group to leave, one of the men pointed the AK-47 at the guard, Michal said.

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Originally published June 16, 2017.


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