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Another Puyallup Security Guard Assaulted, This Time At Home Depot: Police

PUYALLUP, WA – It’s certainly not easy being a loss prevention worker at a big-box store. According to the Puyallup police blotter, a loss prevention officer at the Puyallup Home Depot was assaulted during a robbery this week. That follows news of two men who allegedly assaulted a loss prevention officer[1] at Target during a liquor robbery (luckily, police have identified those suspects).

According to Puyallup police, a man tried to steal a number of items from Home Depot on Wednesday by wrapping them in tin foil. When the security officer confronted him, he pepper sprayed the guard. Bystanders were able to subdue and detain him until police could arrive.

Here are the other incidents from the Wednesday edition of the Puyallup police blotter:

Car Theft and Assault
2700 blk S. Meridian
Two males were inside one of the male’s vehicle. The two exited the vehicle momentarily and then male 1 stole the vehicle, a yellow 2010 Hyundai Genesis. Coincidentally, male 1 stole male 2 car before and was wanted in relation to a shooting wherein male 1 was the suspect and the same vehicle was involved. Male 2 also alleged male 1 is in possession of a stolen gun. Male 2 sustained facial injuries but was cleared at the scene by Fire. Male 2 was obviously under the influence of something and this was likely drug related. Male 1 and the vehicle are outstanding….. and not in a good way.

1000 blk 7th Ave. NW
Overnight on 6/6/17 a Honda weed eater was stolen from the backyard.

Vehicle Prowl/Theft
200 blk 7th St Ne
A male was caught inside the victim s truck. As the male fled on foot; he threw some stolen items and continued running until he fell and was detained by the victim and a witness. The male was booked. Sometimes you just have to laugh…….

3500 blk S. Meridian
Two females entered the store with one selecting multiple items ($1500 worth) and fleeing out the emergency exit door. The second female casually walked out of the store to a Green Acura sedan and fled the area.

False Statement/Suspended License/Warrants
200 blk 10th Ave Se
A male lied about his name to an officer. Another officer arrived with his mobile fingerprint scanner and positively identified the male. This is the second time the same male has tried this with us and both times has been identified with the scanner. He went to jail. Like we said before, sometimes you just have to laugh. We did tell him NOT to try for “third time is charm.”

Vehicle Prowl
400 31 AVE SE
Between 0640 and 0655 hours the victim placed her purse in her trunk and entered the store. A male and female in their early twenties approached the vehicle with the female acting as a lookout while the male opened the unlocked driver s door and used the trunk release latch inside the car to open the trunk and steal the purse from inside. The suspects then left the area in a 1990s model dark blue or black Honda Civic. For those who like crime prevention tips in the blotter here is a tip: Great move here to secure the purse in the trunk, but better move to also lock the door to the car.

Stolen Car Recovery
4600 blk S. Meridian
A blue 2005 Nissan Sentra originally stolen on 6/6/17 from 4603 S. Meridian was recovered by Lakewood PD at the Park & Ride, 10617 S. Tacoma Way, drivable with both plates attached.

Vehicle Prowl
1800 blk S. Fruitland
The victim was at Fruitland Elementary while his car was parked on S. Fruitland. His window was smashed and a purse was stolen from inside.

300 blk 14th St. SW
At 1504 hours, a white male in his sixties with gray hair and wearing a gray sweatshirt, operating a silver 2000s Toyota RAV4 or similar vehicle, yelled at a 13 year old boy to get into his vehicle. The boy ran, called his family, and they attempted to locate the suspect with no success. The report to PD was delayed.

Vehicle Prowl Follow Up
400 blk 31 AVE SE
The victim of a prowl that occurred on 4/13/17 has been receiving calls from a male identifying himself as Mr. McKnight demanding $300 in storage fees in order to have his stolen items returned. The suspect caller has even identified some of the victim s stolen property. Report to Detectives.

DV Malicious Mischief/Warrant
2700 blk 13th Ave Nw
A male was arrested for punching a hole in the wall of his mothers house during an argument. He also had a juvenile pick up order for Assault 4. He was booked.

DV Assault
1500 blk 9th St Se
A female slapped and punched her husband after she found out he had been having an affair. The female decided to jump out of the moving truck which broke her ankle. After she was treated for her injuries; she was booked. We know what you are thinking, but the law mandates arrests in DV incidents.

Stolen Vehicle
1500 blk 9th St Se
A friend of the victim s called in reporting he was following his friends stolen White 2006 Ford F250 n/b on 9th St Se. The vehicle was now stopped and the suspect was standing outside. An officer arrived and contacted the female who initially said she purchased the vehicle a week ago from the victim however the victim arrived and gave a different story (this creates a problem when you are lying to us). The suspect changed her story and was booked for possession of a stolen vehicle. The vehicle was cleared and released to the victim.

Vehicle Prowl
600 blk River Rd
The victim called to report that her vehicle had been broken into sometime between 2215-2358. The driver side door lock was punched and items were stolen from inside.

Image via Puyallup police

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Originally published June 9, 2017.


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