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Army offering up to $90000 reenlistment bonus

The U.S. Army is offering up to $90,000 to soldiers who reenlist as the military looks to add tens of thousands to its ranks. The Army plans to spend some $380 million on bonuses this year, triple the amount paid in a typical year, the AP reported.[1] The bonuses – ranging from $50,000 to $90,000 – would be paid to select soldiers who commit to at least four years. The highest amounts would go towards soldiers in sought-after positions such as cyber security, cryptologist, language skills and Special Forces. Bonuses for lower-level entry posts would be less than $2,000.

The bonuses are part of a campaign to shore up the ranks after years of downsizing. President Trump’s plan calls to grow the Army to 540,000 soldiers, with 16,000 added this year to reach 476,000 by October. According to the AP, the Army must find 6,000 new soldiers and 1,000 new officers, as well as convince 9,000 current soldiers to reenlist, to meet that goal. The National Guard and Army Reserve will also be adding personnel. The bonus offer is good through Oct. 1.


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