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Can you spot anything wrong with this woman’s outfit?

Oh please, this is utterly ridiculous!

According to Today[1], a woman from Michigan, USA has taken to social media to express her views after being kicked out of a mall for wearing an ‘inappropriate’ outfit. She was wearing a tank top reading “Just Keep Swimming” with a picture from Finding Nemo at the front and shorts. I mean seriously, have you ever?! Read: Model puts presenter in place after touching her inappropriately[2]

Hannah Pewee, 20, was approached by a security guard who had requested that she leave the mall because of what she was wearing. I mean, it was blistering hot and she decided to dress comfortably. I don’t see anything wrong with that, do you?

Today Style[3] has reported that the mall had an issue with the length of her shorts, adding that their policy states that everything needs to be covered up and not exposed. After her post went viral, the mall ended up apologising and even agreed to re-look at their policy with regards to clothing. Read: Doctor does something inappropriate to sleeping patient[4]

Sometimes I think people are only happy when they are being vocal about being unhappy?

Check out her outfit below.


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