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David Krayden: Trudeau’s objective is to destroy Harper’s national …

David Krayden: Trudeau's Objective Is To Destroy Harper's National ...Justin Trudeau Article David Krayden: Trudeau's Objective Is To Destroy Harper's National ...

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It s not so much that Justin Trudeau has a clearly enunciated policy vision as prime minister as he exists to erode Stephen Harper s legacy.
His recent announcement that all Canadian foreign aid will be tethered to reproductive rights, or abortion, is a clear repudiation of Harper s one gift to social conservatives: that tax dollars would not be used to fund abortions in Third World countries. Last week, he doled out $20 million to some organization called Women Deliver, specifically to promote overseas abortion.
Trudeau is also out to erode Harper s national security accomplishments, and this week Canada s running gag of a public safety minister, Ralph Goodale, will unveil changes to Harper s C-51 legislation, which has made Canada a safer country and has not endangered anyone s civil liberties, despite Trudeau and his gang telling you every other day that the previous government endowed the Canadian Security Intelligence Service with draconian powers that have done nothing to combat terrorism.
C-51 gave CSIS the power to directly insert itself into counter-terrorist operations, instead of just being an information-gathering mechanism that passes on intelligence to the RCMP. That is precisely what it should be doing. Since C-51 passed, CSIS has used its powers about two dozen times without violating the Charter of Rights or establishing concentration camps. We will probably never know how many potential terrorist incidents were squashed in these last two years thanks to an emboldened CSIS.
It must be remembered that the Harper legislation was introduced in response to the terrorist attack at the cenotaph and Parliament Hill that could have been not only tragic, but a larger calamity. It was certainly also an embarrassment as a lone-wolf wingnut killed a soldier standing guard at the war monument and then raced across the street to the House of Commons. He would have gone on a killing spree had not sergeant-at-arms Kevin Vickers been adept at using a gun to shoot criminals.
Now Goodale wants to dial it all back, and he has the nerve to claim the coming changes are a result of public consultation no doubt with like-minded liberals who share this government s pusillanimous approach to security.
Most galling is the fact that the legislation will overrule a current provision in Canadian law that allows the government to strip terrorists of their Canadian citizenship. How these Liberals can even attempt to justify this change is beyond comprehension. Citizenship is not some sacrosanct right and certainly never should be for a terrorist who exhibits contempt for everything that Canada represents: that terrorist has lost the right to be called a Canadian.
Trudeau remains oblivious to terrorist attacks in Europe that occur in democratic societies like our own that have the same concern for civil rights that we have in Canada; they are just growing weary of terrorist attacks. His insouciant attitude toward security remains one of his most annoying political characteristics.
As the Sun reported last week, Trudeau s pledge to fast-track Syrian refugees coming to Canada resulted in huge administrative errors of misspelled names and incorrect birth dates that you can just bet led to no or improper background checks being conducted on many.
In the wake of the Manchester attack, former CSIS director and Harper national security adviser Richard Fadden urged the Liberal government to take a sober second look at its desire to water down national security.
I believe the government should move with caution in removing some of the authorities Parliament has given to national security agencies, he said. First, because the threat remains real, secondly, because the additional powers that might be scaled back had not to my knowledge either been abused or overused.
It is sagacious advice and a sound assessment. Pity Goodale didn t consult with Fadden when preparing his potentially catastrophic exercise in national non-security.

David Krayden is an Ottawa-based former Air Force public affairs officer and Parliament Hill communications manager.

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