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Five years’ imprisonment sought for former maritime security board official

Prosecutors have demanded the Jakarta Corruption Court sentence former Maritime Security Board (Bakamla) deputy chairman Eko Susilo Hadi to five years in prison and fine him Rp 250 million (US$18,808) for alleged bribery. Corruption Eradication Commission prosecutors led by Kresno Anto Wibowo accused Eko of accepting US$88,500, ‘ 10,000 and S$100,000 from businessman Fahmi Damawansyah as a reward for him winning a bid for the procurement of satellite monitoring equipment, Antara reported Monday. Eko has confessed and handed over US$88,500 and ‘ 10,000 to the KPK while the S$100,000 was seized during his arrest.

Eko will read his defense statement on June 17.

In the same case, prosecutors also demanded that defendants Muhammad Adami Okta and Hardy Stevanus, both staff members of tech firm PT Melati Technofo Indonesia, be sentenced to two years in prison and fined Rp 100 million.

Bakamla chief Vice Adm. Arie Soedewo has also been implicated in the case. (yon/dmr)

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