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Manti National Guard unit receives national award

MANTI Bravo Battery, 1st Battalion, 145th Field Artillery Regiment located in the beautiful and quiet town of Manti, was recently selected as the 2016 recipient of the national-level Hamilton Award. Bravo Battery being celebrated with this award was presented by Brig. Gen. Stephen Maranian, chief of the Field Artillery and commandant of the Field Artillery School, as the best U.S. Army National Guard Field Artillery Battery from units across the entire nation for its superb mission accomplishment and overall unit excellence.

The members of Bravo Battery can stand a little taller today with this recognition of their invaluable part in our national security and pivotal role in the safety and security of our local communities, said Lt. Col. Steven Fairbourn, commander of 1st Battalion, 145th Field Artillery. It is phenomenal that we hereby recognize that patriotism, self-less service, and professionalism are alive and well in small town U.S.A. Bravo Battery, not only part of the vital national Field Artillery assets of our nation s military, is also part of the FEMA Region VIII Homeland Response Force (HRF) emergency-response elements of the Utah National Guard. In support of the HRF mission, Bravo Battery trains Soldiers to support security and decontamination efforts for potential chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and enhanced conventional weapons (CBRNE) environment threats.

It is a phenomenal achievement of the battery leadership and unit members to not only complete both of these challenging assignments with excellence and precision, but to do so while maintaining superior manning and readiness, Fairbourn said.

The Alexander Hamilton Award was created in 2002 and is named after American Statesman and Continental Army Artilleryman Alexander Hamilton. Alexander Hamilton was an outstanding Artillery battery commander and a skilled cohort of General George Washington during the Revolutionary War. Hamilton helped frame the U.S. Constitution and also served as the Nation s first Secretary of the Treasury.

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