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Read every new Louisiana law

The Louisiana Legislature[1] recorded one big success[2] and one big failure[3] during its 2017 regular session[4]. In between the House and Senate approved, and Gov. John Bel Edwards[5] signed, dozens of smaller laws that will draw little to middling notice. Create the Louisiana Patriot Guard Riders specialty license plate? That’s Act 2[6]. Alter the rules for “group insurance premiums of the Plaquemines Parish[7] Sheriff’s Office and distributions to the Plaquemines Parish Retired Employees’ Insurance Fund”? It’s in Act 27[8].

Establish an “individual income tax checkoff for the Louisiana Horse Rescue Association”? That’s Act 67[9]. As of Saturday (June 10), Edwards had endorsed 69 bills. There’s more to come this week as he continues signing, vetoing or taking no action on legislation. During the 60-day session that ended Thursday, the Legislature adopted a comprehensive package of criminal justice reform[10] measures. The new laws are designed to reduce the state’s incarceration rate, now the highest in the world.

But the House and Senate failed to agree on a budget[11] for the fiscal year that begins July 1. So now they’re in an 11-day special session. The most intensely lobbied measure? Not the budget or any of the criminal justice items. Legislators say it was Senate Bill 1, to affix the name of Rep. Jimmy Long Sr., D-Natchitoches, to the Louisiana School for the Math, Sciences and the Arts, a public boarding school for advanced students. Long died in a car wreck in August. You can read about all of the successful legislation (minus the failed budget bill, of course), in Acts of the 2017 Regular Session[12]. Check back for updates.


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