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Some Tennessee lawmakers say capital isn’t secure enough in …


Police are on high alert at the Tennessee State Capital following the Virginia shooting Wednesday morning.

Some state lawmakers said the grounds aren’t secure enough in today’s politically charged climate. Armed Troopers provide security at Tennessee Capital Complex which includes Legislative Plaza, the Supreme Court and the capital.

“We have a heightened sense of alert at all times,” said THP Captain Tommy Fyke of the Department of Homeland Security. “We don’t ever let her guard down.”

State Lawmakers are also on alert after GOP Lawmakers at a charity baseball practice in Virginia on Wednesday morning.

“Very concerned because while we have dedicated people, we don’t have very much security here,” said Rep. Johnny Shaw, D-Bolivar. “Someone could just walk in at any time so I’m very concerned.”

This year, run-ins with angry constituents prompted some lawmakers to hire private security.

“Security is becoming the utmost importance to all of us down here,” said Rep. Charles Sargent, R-Franklin. “I don’t care if you’re in Congress are here in the house or the Senate here.”

State Troopers had their first active shooter training at the state capital last fall.

“That type scenario was an active shooter that had a bomb a bomb vest on,” said Captain Fyke. “We had role players playing people screaming people being shot that kind of thing make it as realistic as possible.”

It’s that training many lawmakers fear officers may have to use in today’s highly-charged political climate.

“Sad story, and I expect it’s going to happen again at some point in time,” Rep. Shaw said. “I don’t see these incidents going away.”

“If we’re getting that much hatred, I think politics is to start all over,” said Rep. Sargent.

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