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State briefs for June 10

Energy project could surpass renewable goal

LIHUE, Kauai (AP) An energy project on Kauai could set the island on track to surpass the new goal of 70 percent energy generation from renewable resources by 2030. Kauai Island Utility Cooperative officials presented a progress report on the pumped storage hydro project this week. The project would store power like a battery. It would use electrical power from photovoltaic panels to push water up a hill from a lower reservoir during the day. Then, in the evening, the water would flow back down the hill, through turbines.

The project is expected to cost $80 million to $100 million. The cooperative has worked on the project for a few years and land agreements are expected to take a few months. If the agreements are solidified, three years of engineering, studying and permitting is expected. There were concerns about whether trout would be impacted by the project, but cooperative representative Jason Heinz said he expects the project to help the fish.

Dave Bissell, the cooperative s president, emphasized the project isn t a done deal because economics must be worked out each step of the way. If the project continues to move forward, the cooperative could supply more than 15 percent of the island s electricity, Heinz said. Security guard who shot dog will not be charged

HONOLULU (AP) A private security guard who in March fatally shot a family dog at the Daniel K. Inouye International Airport in Honolulu will not face criminal charges at least for now, state Attorney General Doug Chin said.

The decision to not press charges followed an independent review and an evaluation of relevant criminal laws and legal defenses available in the state of Hawaii, Chin said. The guards company, Securitas Security Services USA Inc., declined to comment but previously said the dog was aggressively barking and lunging at tourists in the area. The company said the 2-year-old pit bull mix was loose in an unauthorized public area near the international arrivals terminal and the Hawaiian Airlines drive-thru check-in area when it tried to attack the officer, who was injured while trying to avoid the dog. The security officer had no immediate comment after hearing about Chin s announcement.

The dog s owner, Leisha Ramos, 25, said Chin s decision is very unfair.

It s heart breaking and discouraging, Ramos said. I would have thought it s the airport, they seem so high on security but they don t have cameras. It s just unfortunate.

Chin apologized and was really nice about the situation, Ramos said.

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