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WATCH: Carowinds responds after fight in park caught on video

by: Greg Suskin Updated: Jun 15, 2017 – 6:51 AM

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – A fight on a busy weekend at Carowinds was caught on video.

The video shows at least a half-dozen people involved in a scuffle on June 3.

(Click play to watch video captured of fight at Carowinds)

One man is seen on the ground, while others throw punches. There’s a shoving match once the man is able to get up. It appears to stop, but then continues for about 50 seconds.

WATCH: Carowinds Responds After Fight In Park Caught On Video

A security officer watches closely, but he doesn’t step in or try to break up the fight. That was a shock to people who watched the video.

“That’s completely not safe, Kayla Kahlout said. I think they definitely need better people working for them.

Dwayne Burris was on his way to take his 11-year-old son into the park when Channel 9 showed him the clip.

“It should have been stopped, Burris said. It should never have gone on that long. (Security) definitely needed to do something.

WATCH: Carowinds Responds After Fight In Park Caught On Video

Channel 9 contacted Carowinds to ask about the security officer in the video, and also e-mailed the video to Carowinds parent company Cedar Fair in Sandusky, Ohio.

“The security officer responded immediately and appropriately to the situation, spokesperson Laurie Tardif said. Channel 9 asked Tardif if it was the policy for security officers not to get involved in this kind of incident, and what the appropriate response is.

WATCH: Carowinds Responds After Fight In Park Caught On Video

“We don’t discuss policy and our procedures when it comes to security, Tardif said. Tardif said Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department officers responded as well, and those involved in the fight were ejected from the park.

Last year on July 4, several teens were ejected after they caused a chaotic scene. Witnesses said they were running through the park, looking for someone to fight.

Carowinds said it was a minor disturbance inside Harmony Hall and there were no injuries.

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