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Could differing facility security standards put Regina public at risk …

It s a security qualification issue that some say could put the public at risk at huge upcoming Regina stadium events such as the Grey Cup and the Paul McCartney concert.

But Evraz Place management insists there s no shortcomings with its security personnel, even though they re not put through the same provincial licensing requirements as their third-party, contracted counterparts.

We re just not required to do it, Neil Donnelly, Evraz Place s vice-president of events, told Metro of the Saskatchewan government s licensing for contracted security personnel.

We have our own standards that we use internally for our own training.

The provincial Justice Ministry confirmed that Evraz Place security staff whom Donnelly said could be used at Mosaic Stadium, to some extent, during the Grey Cup game in November and at the McCartney show there next month don t face the same qualification standards and need for licensing as employees of independent security contractors.

Because of that difference in standards, an employee in the local security field charges that patrons at Evraz Place events and at other facilities such as the stadium when those same staff are used there are at greater risk when security problems arise.

If they go out and make a mistake at the Brandt Centre, that s a bad image on all security guards. We want a higher standard. We want to make sure people are properly trained, the security staffer said, requesting anonymity for the sake of business interests of firms he deals with.

A security guard is a security guard.

I don t care if they re in-house, third-party, contracted, hired out whatever the case may be.

Justice Ministry spokesman Drew Wilby said the difference in licensing is legal under Saskatchewan s Private Investigators and Security Guards Act, which took effect in 1997, though he added it s likely confusing for some.

They re hired by themselves for their own purposes.

They don t need to be licensed as other security guards would have to be, Wilby said of Evraz Place security staff.

The flip side would be that any private security company that s contracting their services out needs to have their personnel licensed.

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News Release Security Guard Registration Update

Posted on Jun 28, 2013 in News Releases1


News Advisory

NEIL ABERCROMBIEGOVERNOR_________________________________________________________________________________________________

KEALII S. LOPEZDIRECTORPhone: (808) 586-2850Fax: (808) 586-2856_________________________________________________________________________________________________


DCCA to Open This Weekend for Applicants FacingSecurity Guard Registration Deadline

Offices Open on Oahu, Kauai, Maui and Hawaii Island

HONOLULU As a Monday deadline for security guard registration draws close, the Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs (DCCA) will open this weekend to receive applications.

The deadline for security guard applications with the Professional and Vocational Licensing Division is July 1, 2013.

DCCA will be open at several locations around the state to help applicants process their required paperwork. The hours and locations are on the attached document.

Several trainers have also provided their time to hold the required training classes over the weekend.

Applicants needing to take the courses can email and visit the websites provided on the attached training schedule.

For those attending the training at the Capitol, entrance must be made from the Miller Street lower entrance.

Fieldprint Hawaii will provide appointments this weekend to allow applicants the chance to get their required FBI criminal background checks. Applicants can go online to to schedule an appointment. The office management said they suggest calling 532-3911 to see if there are any openings in case the online schedule is full.

Applicants can download an application at DCCA s website:

The application process for the estimated 10,000 security guards in the state began in January.

The Legislature passed the law requiring the registration in 2010.

PVL is responsible for 25 professional boards and commissions and 23 licensing programs.

In total, the Division licenses 48 different professions and vocations.



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Alleged Shoplifter To Store Security: I Have HIV And I'll …

christopher carr texaschristopher carr texasA 34-year-old Texas man was arrested after police claim he shoplifted items at a department store and shouted that he had HIV and threatened to bit store securit , KTRE-TV 9 reports1.

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Christopher Lee Carr, of Lufkin, allegedly entered a Sears department store Tuesday when security guards, who were watching via real-time surveillance footage, spotted him stealing six ratchet sets valued at $218.94 each and hiding them in a bag.

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When Carr tried leaving the store without paying for the tools, two security guards confronted him and tried to detain him until the cops arrived, according to a police report. Carr then tried to flee the scene and fighting ensued; he allegedly pushed both officers.

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Here is more from KTRE-TV 9:

The security supervisor told the Lufkin Police officer that she had been in her office when she heard a loud crash caused by Carr knocking over a trash can and rushed to help the security guards.

While she was trying to subdue the subject, who has a lengthy criminal history for theft, Carr yelled at her that he has AIDS and began barking and trying to bit the security supervisor, the report stated.

Eventually, the security supervisor was able to handcuff Carr.

Carr was charged with robbery because several witnesses said he tried to bite one of the security guards. In addition, Carr allegedly put the security guard in imminent fear of bodily injury because of the possibility of bodily fluids being transferred.

KTRE-TV 9 says the police report stated that, Carr is in fact HIV positive at his own admission.

Carr is being held in the Angelina County jail.

Bail has not been set.


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