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Tenacious Braves security guard takes ball from young fan

Let s start with this: Yes, the fan probably should have been ejected from the game. You can t interfere with a ball that is in play. But, man, this security guard at the Atlanta Braves game on Wednesday night blew it by then taking the ball from the little kid. The Braves were playing the Pirates when Atlanta s Rio Ruiz hit a ball down the first-base line. A fan with a glove leaned over the wall and grabbed the ball, which is a no-no. The fan then handed it to a young boy, who was overjoyed to get the souvenir.

That excitement lasted all of 6 seconds. The tenacious security guard was leading the man up the stairs when he went back and retrieved the ball. I think the Braves announcer who quoted a line from the movie Stripes said it best: Lighten up, Francis. [1]

ESPN reported[2] that the Braves gave a baseball autographed by All-Star Freddie Freeman to the boy, and that he was invited back to a game for his birthday. The man who got the ball also was allowed back to his seat, ESPN said. I m not sure why the kid didn t get to keep the original ball.

Hat tip: Deadspin[3].


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Jail accused of ignoring "medically-vulnerable" inmate’s pleas before he died

The above video includes footage that may be disturbing to watch.

The family of an Arkansas man is suing the jail he died in, claiming he was denied adequate medical care. Michael Sabbie died in 2015, just days after he was locked up at the bi-state justice center. He had been arrested over a verbal dispute with his wife. Sabbie’s attorney gave CBS News videos from inside the jail that appear to show the state he was in about 12 hours before he was found dead. CBS News hasn’t been able to independently confirm the videos.

Sabbie’s family says the jail knew he had serious medical conditions and failed to get him proper help when he was clearly struggling, reports CBS News correspondent Omar Villafranca. Surveillance video given to CBS News from Sabbie’s attorney appears to show a security guard at the justice center throw Sabbie to the ground.

According to the lawsuit, Sabbie wasn’t feeling well and had stopped to lean against the wall before attempting to enter the booking area to make a phone call.

A second video, taken by a jail employee, purportedly shows what happens after Sabbie is on the floor. He’s held down by six guards and pepper-sprayed, brought to a jail nurse for less than a minute, rinsed off and returned to his cell.

During the nine-and-a-half minute video, Sabbie says he can’t breathe at least 19 times and asks for water.

The next morning, jail guards found the 35-year-old dead on his jail cell floor.

“He is a medically-vulnerable person. So he reported at intake that he had hypertension, diabetes, heart disease and asthma,” said Erik Heipt, who is representing Sabbie’s family in the lawsuit against the jail filed earlier this week.

The suit claims jail staff didn’t give Sabbie his medications, ignored his labored breathing and used excessive force.

LaSalle Corrections runs this privately-owned jail and 17 other facilities across four states.

They said they do not make comments on pending litigation, but told a local news station last October that they comply with Texas Jail Commission standards.

Heipt says the family wants justice and answers for the father of four.

“They want to expose what happened in the hopes that this sort of thing doesn’t happen to anyone else,” Heipt said.

According to jail protocol, somebody was supposed to check on Sabbie every 30 minutes overnight. The suit claims that a guard said she did and then later admitted to lying.

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Man accused of shooting security guard

A Kansas City man accused of attempted murder is being held at the Pottawattamie County Jail on $100,000 bond in connection to a New Year s Day shooting at a Council Bluffs bar. Jordan Williams, 25, was arrested on May 16 and is also charged with several felonies including reckless use of a firearm resulting in serious injury, willful injury, intimidation with a dangerous weapon and going armed with intent. According to the police report, officers were dispatched to The Underground Bar & Grill, 28 South 29th St. at 1 a.m. after receiving reports of a shooting.

On scene, officers learned a security guard had been shot in the back while breaking up a disturbance in the parking lot. Police interviewed the man later, who told officers he had been working security and had handled several small disturbances that night, but nothing out of the ordinary. Until a disturbance in the hallway leading to the exit door began. The man and his supervisor tried to move the situation to the parking lot outside when a second fight began in the parking lot nearby, he said.

The security guard decided to use his can of pepper spray. While spraying, he heard a gunshot behind him and felt pain in his back and side, he told police. Knowing he had been shot, the guard ran into the bar and took cover. He told officers he didn t see who had shot him, reports said. The suspect, later identified as Williams, is a rap musician who was performing at the bar, according to authorities.

The guard later said he had kicked Williams out of the bar earlier that night because Williams tried to bring in his own alcohol to the bar. Going by the street name of Bean , police found a flyer for Williams music group.

Williams is not a documented gang member but appeared to claim a gang called 68th St Swampside, police said, which is a subset of a larger gang called the 68th Street Gang. Williams arraignment is set for June 26. His jury trial is set for Aug. 1.