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Skyhigh Becomes First Cloud Access Security Broker in Cooperative Purchasing Program

Skyhigh Networks, the first cloud access security broker to achieve cybersecurity compliance across the federal government, has entered into a partnership with the government purchasing cooperative CIS CyberMarket. The company offers a security layer for cloud services in the form of control points. Using Skyhigh, information technology workers can define user roles, set permissions and track data. Security has been a concern[1] of government officials looking[2] to move systems to the cloud, especially when it comes to sensitive or personally identifiable information. It s the first time CIS CyberMarket[3], which serves state, local and tribal governments, has offered a cloud access security broker (CASB) to its members.

When organizations move to the cloud, they leave behind the network perimeter and need a new point of control for all their users, devices and cloud applications, said Jon Fyffe, Skyhigh s director of U.S. state, local and education, in a press release[4]. Skyhigh s CASB evolves security from prevention to protection, enforcing context and content-aware policies wherever data travels in the cloud.

Most members of the cooperative purchasing group have plans to move to the cloud, according to the statement, but need security assurances before they can do so. As part of the partnership, CIS CyberMarket has negotiated discount rates for Skyhigh.

Skyhigh s CASB allows us to strategically use the cloud without compromising security and governance, said Missouri Chief Information Security Officer Michael Roling in the statement.

Skyhigh is the only[5] CASB to achieve authorization through the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program[6], which federal agencies use to assess cloud vendors. State and local governments also often use FedRAMP as a proxy standard for buying cloud services.


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An entire Kansas Guard division deploys for the first time since WWII

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Updated: Tue 4:27 PM, Apr 25, 2017

TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) — The last time the entire 35th Infantry Division Headquarters was deployed America had not yet dropped the bombs that ended WWII, the Cold War was still on the horizon, and the fight against terrorism had not taken center stage.

But, all that doesn’t matter this weekend, when the brave men and women of the 35th head to the Levant and Persian Gulf as part of Operation Spartan Shield. Approximately 500 soldiers are heading to the Middle East to enhance ongoing security operations. According to the U.S. Army, this is the first time since 1944 the entire 35th Infantry Division Headquarters has been activated. Elements of the unit were sent to Bosnia and Kosovo in 2003, 2007, 2013, and 2014. A deployment ceremony for the 35th Infantry Division is set for this Saturday, April 29, at Lansing High School, 1412 147th Street. Doors will open at 11 a.m. and events begin an hour later.

The division is just a few months away from marking 100 years since most of the Kansas Guard, and members of the Missouri Guard, were combined and federalized into the 35th Infantry Division, the Army noted. The first commemoration was held a few weeks ago at the Liberty Memorial in Kansas City, with representatives from dozens of countries in attendance.

Jim Harbaugh Reprimanded by Italian Mall Security Guard for Throwing Football

Kyle Rowland @KyleRowland

Jim Harbaugh gets scolded by security inside shopping mall for playing catch.

4/24/2017, 7:46:52 AM[1]

No stranger to scolding players, peers and officials, Jim Harbaugh[2] found himself in trouble with an authority figure during the Michigan football team’s trip to Italy.

The Wolverines head coach played catch in the middle of a shopping mall, which drew the ire of a security guard. He pointed toward the exit sign, either kicking Harbaugh out or asking him to toss the pigskin outside.

The typically uptight leader appears to be enjoying his time abroad. Kyle Rowland of the Toledo Blade also provided footage of Harbaugh fighting to keep his khakis clean in a paintball battle:

In an ultimate “How do you do, fellow kids[3]?” moment, he tried out a newly purchased selfie stick:

Kyle Rowland @KyleRowland

Jim Harbaugh just bought a selfie stick. “Who wouldn’t want one of these things. This is awesome.”

4/24/2017, 8:59:29 AM[4]

When the team met with refugees[5] on Sunday morning, Harbaugh struggled to explain how a sport that revolves around throwing adopted the “football” name:

Kyle Rowland @KyleRowland

A Nigerian refugee, talking with Jim Harbaugh, is utterly baffled at why it’s called football.

4/23/2017, 2:15:00 PM[6]

Paintball, selfie sticks and playing ball in the house. Just how everyone would envision a football getaway with Harbaugh.

[Kyle Rowland]


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