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Accused Fresno shooter to undergo psych evaluation

By Charlene Muhammad[1] -National Correspondent- | Last updated: Apr 25, 2017 – 2:55:53 PM

Accused Fresno Shooter To Undergo Psych Evaluation

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Accused Fresno Shooter To Undergo Psych Evaluation

Alleged shooter Kori Ali Muhammad

Kori Ali Muhammad, accused of killing three White men in Fresno, Calif., will undergo a psych evaluation before arraignment on those and other charges in a previous shooting. The accused has a troubled past and previous concern about mental issues in court cases.

He is scheduled to return to court May 12.

Let Black people go with reparations, the 39-year-old yelled out in court on April 21, as his attorney Eric Christensen of the Public Defender s Office was asking Judge W. Kent Hamlin to delay the hearing so he could be tested. He may not be mentally competent to proceed with the case, said his lawyer, who referred to him as Kori Taylor Muhammad, per court documents. He was arrested for the April 18 shooting of three White men at random according to police, a Pacific Gas & Electric worker sitting in a truck and two men who had come out of a Catholic Charities building, said the Associated Press. He was charged April 21 with the killing of an unarmed security guard Carl Williams at a Motel 6 a week earlier. Authorities have said the Williams killing was the first of four by Mr. Taylor Muhammad.

Police have said he told them that learning he was wanted for the Williams killing spurred him to try to kill as many White people as possible before he was caught.

Accused Fresno Shooter To Undergo Psych Evaluation

Pastors and church leaders from the Pastor Clusters of the Fresno/Clovis area met outside Catholic Charities in Fresno, Calif., during a prayer walk vigil for the three victims of Tuesday s shooting, on April 20. David Jackson, 58, who was one of the alleged victims of Kori Ali Muhammad, was shot and killed outside Catholic Charities. Mark Gassett, 37, had just picked up groceries at a Catholic Charities building when Muhammad allegedly shot him in the chest, and fired twice more after he fell to make sure he was dead. Photo: AP/Wide World Photo

Mr. Taylor Muhammad fired 17 rounds in less than two minutes, police said. Officers with help from acoustic sensors posted in the area arrested him less than five minutes after the rampage began. Police say he surrendered when confronted by officers.

Fresno County Superior Court Judge W. Kent Hamlin assigned a doctor to examine Mr. Taylor Muhammad s mental state. Judge Hamlin set bail at $2.6 million. The accused is facing one count of murder and one count of attempted murder. After allegedly murdering Carl Williams, III and attempting to murder another guard, Oscar Menjivar on April 13, Mr. Taylor Muhammad allegedly went on a one minute shooting rampage, killing Mark Gassett, David Jackson and Zack Randalls, all White men. He shot at a fourth, but missed, according to police. Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer has called the shootings random acts of race hatred, not terrorist attacks. His conclusions stem from posts on Mr. Taylor Muhammad s social media accounts, said officials. Based on Mr. Taylor Muhammad saying Alli Akbar, police contacted the Federal Bureau of Investigations and will be working with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives to locate the origin of the gun, he said. Chief Dyer said Mr. Taylor Muhammad threw the weapon away after the April 18 shooting and shortly before being arrested. Was the same weapon used in the Williams shooting? The Final Call asked Detective David Madrigal via email. There was no reply. He directed questions to the Fresno County District Attorney s Office.

More charges were expected to be filed. It could be a death penalty case, because of the number of victims, defense attorney Christensen said. After meeting for about five minutes with his client April 21, Atty. Christensen told The Final Call, the accused was relatively calm and generally polite.

Just after that brief conversation, it was clear to me that there may be some mental issues involved, said Atty. Christensen, who added he s handled mental health cases for over 30 years. In 2005, lawyers in a federal criminal case found Mr. Taylor Muhammad unfit to stand trial due to mental deficiency.

Accused Fresno Shooter To Undergo Psych Evaluation According to Gun Violence Archive, an online archive of gun violence incidents collected from over 2,000 media, law enforcement, government and commercial sources, there were 104 mass shootings in the U.S. as of April 21.

You can t look at this brother s situation, and separate it from the larger society which uses violence as a way to resolve its issues, said Davey D, a hip hop journalist, talk show host and activist.

For a long time, people have spoken about the importance of deescalation, conflict resolution, and other means to resolve touchy situations, but not anywhere else, he said.

We don t want to do it in Syria. We don t want to do it in North Korea. We don t want to do it with the police departments when they re brutalizing us. In fact, they want to ratchet things up, Davey D said.

You don t want to do that with undocumented folks. We want to put down the hammer. We want to hit hard. We pride ourselves on it. We sing songs about it. We glorify it. We romanticize it, and, so, when you have somebody who, if we follow the reports, had a hatred and acted on that hatred, we shouldn t be surprised, he told The Final Call. There are plenty of examples, from Dylan Roof, who slaughtered innocent Black churchgoers in South Carolina to the some 500 mass school shootings in the past 15 years or so, said the writer and analyst.

If this brother had shot three Black people in a fit of rage, we would have heard stories about Black-on-Black crime. Nothing really would have been done. If we said mental health challenges, we would have had society say, Well, he needs to be more responsible, Davey D added.

Accused Fresno Shooter To Undergo Psych Evaluation

Alleged shooter Kori Ali Muhammad

Black sell-outs would be on TV blaming parents and preachers, but now, it s viewed a bit more differently, and people want to punish an entire community, he argued.

Automatically, the false narrative becomes Mr. Taylor Muhammad is probably one of those Nation of Islam people, and oh, what does Farrakhan say? said Davey D. The anger, chaos and confusion sweeping across America is certainly not unusual, nor to be unexpected, observed Demetric Muhammad, a student minister in the Nation of Islam in Memphis, Tenn., researcher and author.

When I first heard about the shootings, I thought here we go once again where the Nation of Islam and its teachings are dragged into a scenario of violence to hopefully connect the episode of violence to the ideas and the teachings of the Nation of Islam, Min. Demetric Muhammad stated.

There have been prior attempts. For instance, during coverage of the April 19, 1995 Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building bombing by White Christian Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols, KABC talk radio station erroneously reported that a member of the Nation of Islam took credit for the bombing, even though it cautioned that the claim might have been a crank call, recalled Terry Muhammad, coordinator for the Nation of Islam Study Group in Oklahoma City, Okla.

I was on my way to the bakery I laughed to myself, I said we don t do stuff like that, he said. Other news outlets reported, then retracted the early and false report. Micah Xavier Johnson, described as a troubled Afghanistan War veteran, allegedly killed five officers and injured nine others last July 7 in Dallas. Police said he was upset about Black Lives Matter, police shootings of Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge, La. And Philando Castille in the Falcon Heights suburb of Minnesota. Police used a bomb attached to a robot to kill him.

Is he connected to Public Enemy because he had a fan picture that thousands of people have standing next to Professor Griff? They wanted to know who his daddy knew? Who his mama knew? All that sort of stuff, but we didn t have that when Dylan Roof slaughtered nine people in South Carolina, Davey D observed.

We didn t go, what music is he listening to? What did his preacher say? We didn t have any of those conversations, so there s a double standard in terms of how things are accepted and not accepted, but more importantly, I think we have a problem with society and general violence, and there s a rationale for that violence depending on where you sit.

Compare how they re reacting to him versus the White boy that came up from Baltimore and killed the older Black guy in New York City and said he was hunting. Most people couldn t even tell you his name, Davey D continued.

Twenty-eight-year-old James Harris Jackson, a Caucasian, U.S. Army vet, hated Black men since he was a kid and was bent on killing a Black man, media reported. Police said he took a bus from Washington to New York, picked at random, and March 22 fatally stabbed Timothy Caughman, a 66-year-old Black man, with a sword, according to police. According to CNN Newswire, Mr. Taylor Muhammad was indicted in 2005 on charges of possession with intent to distribute cocaine and possession of two rifles and a semi-automatic handgun, according to federal court documents. After a psychiatric evaluation, he was found not competent to stand trial in July 2005.

His public defender at the time raised questions about whether Muhammad was mentally fit to stand trial, according to court records. He appeared eccentric with some bizarre beliefs and appeared to have hallucinations, and he had at least two mental health hospitalizations, court records show. In June 2006, Muhammad was found competent to stand trial. He pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 110 months in prison, which was later reduced to 92 months. ABC News reported that the accused told investigators that he hid out in a ravine and practiced voodoo rituals after the Motel 6 slayings. He also told investigators he is Muslim, but he prays to seven different gods and hasn t been to a mosque in 25 years.

Muhammad is really an honorific title in Islam. It s more than just a name. It is a title that designates someone who is commendable or who commits praiseworthy actions, Min. Demetric Muhammad said.

It is proven that the Nation of Islam has a long history of not only being a peaceful community of people, but social activism and stopping crime, he said. We re not a carnal army. We re not to carry weapons. Our Restrictive Laws of Islam say we are to be kind and do good to all. It says obey those in authority and even nonbelievers in authority over you, he said. Members of the Nation can be put out of the community for carrying weapons and are forbidden to commit acts of violence on self or others.

(Final Call staffers and the Associated Press contributed to this report.)

Accused Fresno Shooter To Undergo Psych Evaluation


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Dedicated Fans Follow Their Hearts to Engelbert Humperdinck’s 50th Anniversary Concert LIVE! at BergenPAC

Dedicated Fans Follow Their Hearts To Engelbert Humperdinck's 50th Anniversary Concert LIVE! At BergenPAC

It s Friday, April 7, 2017, and excitement is in the air as we, along with so many others, traverse bustling North Van Brunt Street in Englewood, NJ.

We reach address #30 and join the throng of people filing into the lobby of the Bergen Performing Arts Center (BergenPAC), anxious to experience tonight s special event Engelbert Humperdinck s 50th anniversary concert celebrating the release of his 1967 hit, Please Release Me.

As we make our way inside, we meet Annette from Hamilton, NJ who tells us she s been a devoted fan of Engelbert s since the 1960s.

Noting that her mother was also a fan, Annette discloses, This is my annual spring pilgrimage. I ve seen Engelbert about 30 times two times every year once every spring and once every fall.

Annette shows us a 50th anniversary gift she s brought for Engelbert a box of Godiva chocolates and a card telling us about the accompanying message she wrote him which reads, Dear Engelbert, All those singers out there today think they re performers? They re not. You are.

As fans continue to make their way through the lobby, Annette introduces us to her friend, Anna, from Yardville, a relatively new fan of Humperdinck s. Anna tells us she had never even heard Humperdinck s music until just a few years ago when, as she explains, Annette told me she wanted to go to an Engelbert concert, and said she needed a ride.

Ever since, Anna s husband, Ray, has volunteered to drive both women to numerous Humperdinck concerts. Now an enthusiastic fan, Anna reveals, I find Engelbert s songs to be very soothing very loving. In fact, Ray and I even celebrated our 50th anniversary to one of his songs.

Walking from the busy lobby into the rapidly-filling BergenPAC auditorium, we come upon Samia and Elias, who tell us they came to see Engelbert Humperdinck here in Englewood, NJ all the way from Kuwait!

A long-time fan, Samia exclaims with a smile, I married Elias because he looked like a young Engelbert.

Moreover, Samia discloses that her father was also a fan of Humperdinck s for nearly a half century and always kept with him a photo of himself taken with Engelbert back in the 1970s.

Why do you like him so much? we ask the couple, who traveled nearly 7000 miles to see their musical hero.

Replies Samia, When Engelbert sings, it feels like he s singing every song personally to me. Elias further adds, Engelbert Humperdinck is one of the very few performers still around who sings music that will stand the test of time.

Inside the auditorium, we also meet Linn, a young man from Moorestown, NJ, who tells us he s seen Humperdinck in person between 30 and 40 times since I was a bottle baby, he reveals.

Linn tells us that both his mother and grandmother were fans of Engelbert and that his mother was even a member of a fan club which, as Linn explains, used to decorate Mr. Humperdinck s dressing room whenever he performed in Atlantic City.

According to Linn, his mom would follow Engelbert to concerts around the country, and Linn remembers making pilgrimages to Las Vegas, New York, and South Carolina with his mother while growing up. In fact, Linn tells us that when he was five, he was even brought up on stage with Engelbert when Humperdinck performed at Resorts International Casino in Atlantic City.

Linn recalls that once he got on stage, Engelbert s drummer, Tony Savage, gave him a pair of drumsticks and asked him if he would like to sing on the microphone.

Regarding that experience, Linn now states, I was terrified. I jumped off the stage and hid under a table, and my poor mother and everyone else spent the entire night trying to convince me to come out from under it!

That early childhood trauma notwithstanding, Linn still loves Mr. Humperdinck, declaring, Engelbert transcends generations. He s still going strong still touring and the number one reason is because he appreciates his fans; he just adores his fan base.

Linn takes a moment to introduce us to his friend, Emily, from Hainsport, NJ whom he s asked to accompany him to this special Engelbert Humperdinck 50th anniversary concert at BergenPAC.

Reveals Emily, This is my very first time at an Engelbert concert. I don t really know his music at all, smiling while admitting, I usually listen to country and metal.

As we ponder just how this first-time concert-goer will find tonight s performance, the house lights dim and the packed house begins to cheer as the members of Engelbert Humperdinck s band make their way onto the stage.

On a large screen overhead, we re treated to a classic TV clip of singer Dean Martin doing a comedy sketch where he mispronounces Engelbert Humperdinck s name each time he tries to introduce Humperdinck to his television audience.

As the BergenPAC crowd chuckles, the clip finishes and a sign flashes, The Legend Continues At this point, Humperdinck s talented band begins to play a medley of 50 years of Engelbert Humperdinck hits.

Soon, the stage glows red, and the audience can hear emanating from off-stage that famous full-sounding baritone voice of Engelbert Humperdinck, never sounding better.

Within moments, Engelbert enters, singing the lyrics, I m crazy for loving you, from Willie Nelson s Crazy, to which an enthusiastic fan screams, Oh my God, I love you!

Dedicated Fans Follow Their Hearts To Engelbert Humperdinck's 50th Anniversary Concert LIVE! At BergenPAC

After moving on to a memorable rendition of Am I That Easy to Forget? the crowd cheers and Humperdinck uses one hand to acknowledge his music director, David Arana, while with his other hand, he blows a kiss to his adoring fans.

I m celebrating my 50th anniversary, Humperdinck explains to the audience, so I m going to do everything like I m 50!

Going on to introduce his next number, Humperdinck says, This next song says everything a performer wants to say to an audience.

Launching into Gladys Knight s You re the Best Thing that Ever Happened To Me, Humperdinck points directly to his fans in the audience and warmly sings directly to them.

Dedicated Fans Follow Their Hearts To Engelbert Humperdinck's 50th Anniversary Concert LIVE! At BergenPAC

Next, Engelbert invites the crowd to sing along with him on two of his biggest hits, Man Without Love and After the Lovin , to which the entire house happily obliges.

Lights flashing, the room starts to shake when Engelbert s band plays The Stripper, and Humperdinck starts to remove his jacket and strut his stuff. There are cat calls from the audience, one fan enthusiastically screaming out, Give it to me!

Dedicated Fans Follow Their Hearts To Engelbert Humperdinck's 50th Anniversary Concert LIVE! At BergenPAC

Smiling, Mr. Humperdinck proposes a toast to all of his loyal fans saying, Here s to you and here s to me. Shall we always be friends.

On his next classic Humperdinck number, Quando, Quando, Quando, the famous baritone invites his back-up singers to dance with him while ace band member Johann Frank plays a rockin electric guitar solo.

Dedicated Fans Follow Their Hearts To Engelbert Humperdinck's 50th Anniversary Concert LIVE! At BergenPAC

As the lyrics to another Humperdinck song, Girl of Mine, flash on the screen behind him, Engelbert invites the audience to sing along with him yet again.

Then, he performs one of two songs which he says may soon be released as his 50th anniversary single. In the first of these two new numbers, he sings, I can hear the sounds of words so softly spoken/I don t want to call it goodbye, the audience cheering mightily in response to the song.

Humperdinck and the band follow this up with a medley of several more of Engelbert s classic hits This Moment in Time, The Way it Used to Be, Les Bicyclettes de Belsize, There Goes My Everything, Spanish Eyes, and Love is All I Have to Give after which he receives a well-deserved standing ovation.

Dedicated Fans Follow Their Hearts To Engelbert Humperdinck's 50th Anniversary Concert LIVE! At BergenPAC

I m so proud of all of those songs, exclaims Engelbert, before launching into a tune which, he says, is played in every dance hall around the world at the end of the night The Last Waltz.

Making fun of his own name calling himself both Humpy and Engy Humperdinck performs a world-class vocal rendition of Paul Simon s Bridge Over Troubled Water, for which he not only earns a standing ovation from the crowd but an earnest round of applause from his band members as well.

Acknowledging, It s every artist s dream to appear on Broadway, Humperdinck presents an energetic version of On Broadway, and follows that up by spotlighting the members of his top-notch band as they play I Can t Stop Loving You.

Dedicated Fans Follow Their Hearts To Engelbert Humperdinck's 50th Anniversary Concert LIVE! At BergenPAC

Announcing, Now it s time for the celebration song, Engelbert sings his 1967 #1 worldwide hit, Release Me, still sounding as good as he did on the legendary recording he made a half-century earlier!

After receiving yet another standing ovation, Humperdinck returns to the stage to sing the second number he says could be released as his 50th anniversary single, I Followed My Heart.

Dedicated Fans Follow Their Hearts To Engelbert Humperdinck's 50th Anniversary Concert LIVE! At BergenPAC

As the audience cheers, Humperdinck closes his magical evening of song with You re My World. Afterwards, he takes leave of the stage for a moment, but soon returns sporting a red robe and, then at the tender age of 82 vigorously shadow boxes for the crowd!

Following the performance, we catch up with Annette the woman we first met in the lobby standing in the front row, tossing her gift of candy and a card up and on to the stage.

After a few moments, when Annette notices it hasn t yet been picked up by Engelbert or a member of his band, Toni, a friendly security guard, comes to her rescue and offers to deliver it to Mr. Humperdinck for her.

Thank you so much! exclaims Annette, before disclosing, I always bring him chocolates now but I used to bring him cigars.

Lucky to have had seats in the front row, Annette exclaims, I throughly enjoyed this concert; there s no way I would ever want to sit in the back!

Annette s friend, Anna, agrees and adds, Obviously, Engelbert Humperdinck is an icon. You have to respect his talent. It s a privilege to see him perform his whole body just sings.

Making our way up the aisle, we also catch up with Samia from Kuwait. She tells us that, at the end of the show, she ran down to try to meet Engelbert, acknowledging, Even though I couldn t get a picture or an autograph, I still love him.

We also come upon Emily invited by her friend, Linn, to experience her very first Engelbert concert who asserts, I really liked it! You can be sure I ll be coming back for more!

And Linn who s seen Humperdinck so many times since childhood chimes in, declaring, He hasn t lost his touch at all! He still sounds great!

As we make our way back through to the lobby, we come upon two fans whom we hadn t yet met before Gail and Meredith a mother and daughter who traveled from Atlanta, GA by train to BergenPAC just for this evening s special 50th anniversary performance by Engelbert Humperdinck.

Says Gail, who s been a fan of Humperdinck s for over 40 years, This concert was a Christmas gift from my daughter. I ve been going to shows with her since she was a little girl. In fact, in Wheeling, West Virginia, when Meredith was six years old, she was kissed on-stage by Engelbert and a photo of the pair was published in the local newspaper.

And as if right on cue, Gail s daughter, Meredith, takes out her mobile phone and shows us that very photo and article, admitting with a smile, I m a fan because of my mom but I really do love Engelbert and his music.

As a result of our presence here at Engelbert Humperdinck s momentous 50 year concert celebration at BergenPAC, it occurs to us that, for all of the devoted fans who traveled here from places in New Jersey in addition to those who made the pilgrimage from elsewhere in this country and from around the world experiencing Engelbert Humperdinck live is more than merely attending a concert.

For them, it s a profound tribute to the man which comes from following their hearts.

And that is something which even after a half-century Engelbert Humperdinck recognizes and appreciates, because he feels the exact same way, particularly as evidenced when he earnestly sings to them from his potential 50th anniversary single:

This one thing is true

I followed my heart

Every single part

From the very start

I followed my heart.

Dedicated Fans Follow Their Hearts To Engelbert Humperdinck's 50th Anniversary Concert LIVE! At BergenPAC

For more information about Engelbert Humperdinck s 50th anniversary concert tour, please go to[1]. To learn more about upcoming concerts at BergenPAC including David Crosby on May 16, Donovan on June 1, and Blood, Sweat & Tears with Bo Bice on June 15 please go to[2].


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Jim Harbaugh Reprimanded by Italian Mall Security Guard for Throwing Football

Kyle Rowland @KyleRowland

Jim Harbaugh gets scolded by security inside shopping mall for playing catch.

4/24/2017, 7:46:52 AM[1]

No stranger to scolding players, peers and officials, Jim Harbaugh[2] found himself in trouble with an authority figure during the Michigan football team’s trip to Italy.

The Wolverines head coach played catch in the middle of a shopping mall, which drew the ire of a security guard. He pointed toward the exit sign, either kicking Harbaugh out or asking him to toss the pigskin outside.

The typically uptight leader appears to be enjoying his time abroad. Kyle Rowland of the Toledo Blade also provided footage of Harbaugh fighting to keep his khakis clean in a paintball battle:

In an ultimate “How do you do, fellow kids[3]?” moment, he tried out a newly purchased selfie stick:

Kyle Rowland @KyleRowland

Jim Harbaugh just bought a selfie stick. “Who wouldn’t want one of these things. This is awesome.”

4/24/2017, 8:59:29 AM[4]

When the team met with refugees[5] on Sunday morning, Harbaugh struggled to explain how a sport that revolves around throwing adopted the “football” name:

Kyle Rowland @KyleRowland

A Nigerian refugee, talking with Jim Harbaugh, is utterly baffled at why it’s called football.

4/23/2017, 2:15:00 PM[6]

Paintball, selfie sticks and playing ball in the house. Just how everyone would envision a football getaway with Harbaugh.

[Kyle Rowland]


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