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Video: Planned Parenthood security guard 'assaults' police officer …

NEW YORK, October 24 (C-Fam) Pictures of mothers and their forcibly aborted babies ricochet across the Internet. Family planning agents extort massive fines from peasants. An attorney is tortured and jailed for defending mothers.

Zhang Yimou, China s acclaimed film producer is fined $1.24 million for violating his quota of children.

Over the past six years, evidence has mounted of China s brutal enforcement of its one-child policy. Now a U.S. congressman is accusing Obama s top officials of breaking U.S.

laws and aiding China s forced abortions policies.

Obama has given $227 million to a UN agency that facilitates the one-child policy, and visas to Chinese officials with ties to brutal acts of forced abortions, charged Rep. Chris Smith (R-NJ).

The U.S. bars federal funding of organizations complicit with China s forced abortion and sterilization policies, or allowing foreigners directly involved in its enforcement into the U.S.

Only a handful of abusers have been denied visas, Smith said.

Smith gave a litany of China s abuses and how Obama officials enable them in a speech1 last week.

China s harsh penalties for having a child without government permission range from abduction and forced abortion, jail, lost jobs, destroyed homes and fines up to ten-times the parents annual income.

In just 24 provinces, more than $3 billion a year was collected in fines, often pocketed by local bureaucrats.

Lately, Chinese leaders have bent to pressure as victims posted pictures on the Internet and described abuses, sparking international fury. In some cases enforcers have been fired and families paid assistance.

Rather than heaping on pressure, Obama officials signal they endorse China s policy.

Vice President Joe Biden told a Chinese audience he fully understood the one-child policy and was not second-guessing the government for imposing it. Smith pointed out Biden s record backed up his callous sentiment: as a member of the U.S.

Senate, he rejected an amendment condemning the one-child policy.

Chen Guangcheng the blind self-taught lawyer jailed and tortured for defending women from forced abortions called Smith during a congressional hearing from a Beijing hospital room in fear. His daring escape from house imprisonment and journey to the U.S. embassy in Beijing captured the world s attention even more so when Secretary of State Hillary Clinton s aides sent him from the protection of the embassy to the police-infested hospital.

After intense criticism, Obama officials allowed Chen to flee to the U.S.

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When Clinton was asked if she or President Obama brought up China s forced abortions with President Hu Jintao, she refused to answer.

Not only do Obama officials wink at China s abuses, they give tax dollars to an organization that funds and gives guidance to China s family planning agency, including training personnel.

UNFPA works exclusively in China with the family planning agency, which is better funded than China s other health bureaucracies and despised by citizens for its corruption and brute practices.

That tie was strengthened when UNFPA sided with China when the U.S.

stopped funding the UN agency over its work supporting the one-child policy.

For over three decades, the UNFPA has consistently heaped praise on China s population control program and repeatedly urged other countries to embrace similar policies, Smith said.

When Smith challenged China s top population control officer Peng Peiyun to end coercion, she told him the UNFPA was very supportive of the one child per couple program and adamantly agrees with her that the program is voluntary and that coercion doesn t exist.

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Security Companies In NJ Security St Francis New Jersey

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Security Guard Companies in NJ?

With the increasing rates of crimes in different countries and states, including New Jersey, the importance of hiring security guard companies in NJ has increased several folds. Whether you need it at home or for business, working with a professional company is among the best ways to guarantee that your properties and belongings are safe and well protected.

How do you go about choosing the best security companies in NJ1?


The kind of training that the company offers to their men and women is also very important. Different groups may have undergone different trainings so it is essential to ask about these things before making a final decision.

Those who have advanced trainings are much more reliable and will surely give you better performances.

Past Experiences

When choosing a company to work with, it is very important to check out their previous works and experiences. Only through their portfolios will you know if they are fit or qualified to do the same work as what you need. You can be sure of their performance and services if you would see how well they did in their past commitments.


In relation to the first criteria, reliable security guard companies in NJ would always give you references as a proof of their excellence and work ethics.

It is very important to establish trust and confidence.


All security2 guard companies in NJ are required to get general liability insurance to secure every operation, but, the amount may differ from one group to another. You sure want to know first the specifications and amount involved per company before making a final decision.

Licenses and Registration

Every security company should abide the rules and regulations of the state and their affiliations. All work or services must be safe and based on standards.

Regular Monitoring and Reports

Security guard companies in NJ can do both incident and patrol reports.

What s the difference between the two? Incident reports are specific for incidents that have occurred in properties while patrol reports are about the activities logged on a regular basis; most of the time it is per hour. Reputable companies must give all this information as it proves reliability.

Good Communication Skills

Good and open communication is very important in any business.

Guards must be able to speak and understand English fluently.


Being professional would also mean being presentable. Guards can wear different kinds of uniforms. Others use black jackets or blazers, while some choose a more visible and attractive shade like green or yellow.

Several security guard3 companies in NJ can cater to your needs immediately.

Nonetheless, it is very important to assess if the one that you are looking at is fit for the project. The group must perceive the importance of the work and your purpose of hiring them.

Only by then can you be satisfied with their services and get the best value for your investment. What are you waiting for?

Protect your properties and business in NJ!

Call the best security guard group now!


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Racy calendar maker issues statement on Utah National Guard flap …

Racy calendar maker issues statement on Utah National Guard flap

SALT LAKE CITY The maker of the risque swimsuit calendar that used state equipment and personnel in a shoot at Camp Williams issued a statement on the issue.

In a statement to FOX 13 on Sunday1, the Hot Shots Calendar avoided stepping into the controversy that has ensnared both the Utah National Guard and Utah Department of Public Safety.

It s harmless pin-up entertainment that over the years has helped raise awareness and donations for injured veteran charities in both the UK and USA, the statement said.

The British-based calendar maker says each year, we attempt to find interesting assets, and exciting new venues to shoot its annual theme but did not address the film shoot that involved members of the Utah National Guard or Utah Department of Public Safety.

Read the full statement here:

Hot Shots statement

The Utah National Guard said a non-commissioned officer allowed the buxom British models and their crew onto Camp Williams,2 where they were filmed riding around on a tank.

The Guard said no official authorization was given for the calendar shoot.

The House Minority Leader questioned the security at Camp Williams if their security protocols aren t robust enough to keep a bunch of calendar girls and their crew and assorted groupies out.

The Utah Department of Public Safety launched its own investigation after two of its officers were seen in a promotional video for the calendar3, helping the models fire guns at a private shooting range.

DPS said the officers, who were in uniform, did so without the authorization of the agency.


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