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Sheriff to cut sentences of inmates who helped save guard’s life

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POLK COUNTY, Ga. – A group of Georgia inmates who helped save the life of a correctional officer will have time knocked off their sentences, WXIA[1] reports. On Monday morning, the officer, who was in charge of security for the sheriff s office, collapsed during a work detail amid high temperatures and 100 percent humidity. The six inmates decided to act one used the guard s work phone to call 911 while others removed the correctional officer s bulletproof vest so they could perform CPR[2] and help cool him off. One of the inmates, identified as Greg Williams, told the station that the officer then started breathing real heavy and real fast.

EMS arrived quickly and treated the officer at the scene, but officials are expressing their gratitude for the inmates quick actions. On Monday, the sheriff s office treated the six men to lunch in the park and desserts prepared by the officer s family members. In addition, Polk County Sheriff Johnny Moates says he will take off about one-fourth[3] of each inmates’ sentences.

Anytime we have a trustee or inmate crew, that goes beyond normal duties, we cut them some extra time off, he told the station.


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‘All of us were angry,’ train rider recalls watching kitten die

An extreme act of violence against a kitten[1] at a metro-east MetroLink station Friday has residents rattled, including one rider who takes the train to work every day. Michael Hesse, a Washington University employee and Belleville resident, said he was sitting on the train around 7 a.m. when the incident began at the Belleville MetroLink station. While sitting about a foot away from Decalos Edwards Johnson-Foston, later identified by police, Hesse said a MetroLink security guard came over and asked Johnson-Foston to exit the train.

Hesse recalled Johnson-Foston asking the guard something along the lines of how he was supposed to ride the train with the kitten.

Then he grabbed the kitten resting on his shoulder from inside the train and threw it on the platform, Hesse said. That caused a commotion among us witnessing the whole thing. Three or four other people were in the train car with him, Hesse said.

He walked over to the kitten and stomped it once. I stood up and walked to the doors to the train which were about to close I could see the cat going into convulsions. He walked off, and the guard walked off in a different direction. Hesse said he later learned the guard went to alert police.

All of us were angry at the individual who did this, because it was a senseless act of violence toward this animal, Hesse said. It was a newborn kitten one of the women on the train even said she would take the cat.

In a press conference Monday morning, St. Clair County Sheriff s Department Capt. Bruce Fleshren said security guards notified police shortly after 7 a.m. to report the encounter with the 23-year-old St. Louis man that ended with the kitten s death.

Unfortunately, the kitten was killed and the security officer was unable to stop this as it happened so quickly in front of him, there was nothing he could do to prevent the injury, Fleshren said. The suspect boarded a train for the College Station and continued on the bus route and was stopped by deputies at the bus station and was taken into custody. Fleshren said Johnson-Foston was charged with aggravated cruelty to animals, a class 4 felony. On Friday morning, he remained in custody at the St. Clair County jail on a $75,000 bail.

I can t really speculate to what (Johnson-Foston s) mental health is, I mean obviously something senseless like this is hard to comprehend at times what would make somebody do this or why they would do this, Fleshren said. He said investigators are working on getting surveillance footage that should show the incident. They do not at this point know where the kitten was picked up from or how long he had the kitten with him.

We ve not had an animal cruelty case in a while that I can recall, the captain said. Certainly nothing like this where someone just blatantly kills an animal in front of people.

Fleshren said investigators are asking witnesses who have not spoken with police to call 618-825-3204.

It s unfortunate for anyone to have had to see it, Fleshren added. Johnson-Foston has no prior criminal history in Illinois; however, Fleshren said he was convicted of robbery in Missouri.

Historically obviously there s some research done that animal abuse does lead to other crimes of violence. Is that a scenario here? I don t know. You know, we don t know his full background, Fleshren said. Fleshren said Johnson-Foston is also alleged to have taken money from a wallet that went missing on the bus boarded after the incident. No charges have been filed in connection to that report, Fleshren said.

Is there an anger/violence issue to this? That s to be determined, the captain said.


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Jefferson County couple arrested on endangering the welfare of a child[1]
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Bartlett, Heather

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Cappuccetti, Dominic

State Police in Alexandria Bay arrested Dominic M. Cappuccetti, 52; and Heather M. Bartlett, 44, from Redwood, for endangering the welfare of a child, a class A misdemeanor. They are both accused of allowing their 9-year-old son to miss 46 full days of school and be tardy for 30 days during the 2016-2017 school year. Out of the 30 tardy days, 26 were unexcused. They were both issued appearance tickets returnable to the Town of Alexandria Court. Cappuccetti was also wanted by Watertown City PD on an arrest warrant for Petit Larceny. He was turned over to the Watertown PD without incident. Both were issued an appearance ticket for the Town of Alexandria Court and are scheduled to appear on June 27, 2017 at 7:00 p.m.

State Police were assisted by the Jefferson County Child Protective Services.

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