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06-23-17 Seg 2 – The Mens Room Has the Right to Remain Silent

Mens Room Question: What was your most memorable experience with an officer of the law?


This is dumb men’s room. Listening to the men’s room. Thrill always your most memorable experience when an officer on the loan. It’s our question 844999. Although we’ve got a team police volunteers stealing not one not two but three. Los Angeles to police department cars and crashing them involving high speed chases that we also have a story coming up here about. Two cops who ended up talking to a plainclothes officer. And then I got crazy as a police officer was shot in that instance. And we have a new poll loses 44% of Americans know someone who has been shot our question what was your most memorable experience and an officer of the law. If you’re there and I’m gonna play excerpts of our goalie echoed that last house that long when intent to go man. Apparently that’s just the plot to suit what he saw what it did eight that we don’t have my cousin was there Richard percent. That he just took cell phone back I got lost in his power to realize that and I don’t think it think of their own drummer was finally content. Isn’t. That unless there aren’t yet if they think everything I do think he’s just describe to overture if you know he’s not describes your observers feel super troopers is a comedy that was awful usually do these latest easy thing he should do asleep tape. And Tokyo just put your headphones on those than today’s star. You’re super troopers let me. All of you are out most memorable experience and an officer of the law Michael you still around. Jack blue leisure story from. Normally I’m all right start. So I’m at I’m not clear about thirteen or so much Franchione smuggle our lead and we asked all cautioned poll are cautioned all. The actual console and one thing I like that that big round Blackberry eight tunic and without you know foresee yourself okay and so Alito or hello. Those who like our integrated open it up on how to lift you know it’s great. And help the top of it put on them had duct tape on the bottom little hole and you know the whole reigniting a little like this full blown out of everything you know word. Lately like a long time and that it would go all they’ve older sister actually stole from us or whatever they took it like out view popularity due out where she error until I don’t get it back. If there are located back and I were walking back over its place on this I think you’re like oh my but it Alex Hathaway assurance that they’ll cost you don’t they know the other I don’t think like a guarantee a polar manic out of all of solar cycle I am I pulled over. It’s over this story and and so general we get pulled over you don’t need accurate I told them and goes right at the hotel they told that at that time. They’re gonna let that they’re Americans pool balls or land that the original Lotta light. Tobacco history and a healthy to back and you didn’t map like drums and I praying stuff like that. And. I didn’t Hernandez cigarettes them. And time. I’ll. Send you. Yeah I it’s. Like most ordinary Beirut so we got pulled over. And the Orioles are they OK this looks like arm when it’s not I don’t think normally would let cool under all that. The back though they know that they’re okay so it’s actually a school project that we have this outlet slow is they want cigarette or Larry you know that there’s much else thought this thing. A political story they look you do permits like REIT particular. You know my buddies I’m. My body count them nice and small. Our Larry I don’t about it is they took our long and then to ratchet down and still a little and luckily we have that out so well and at the time until we called and they ended horses or another sister they. Let’s go out so we call her the whole story. And so when the cops can knock on door she told him they act they are Soriano worked so where and your candidate or look on it okay go out and don’t want Hagan to. Trent well Don Mecca out. There on the emails or gallon here’s his guys on the west Coast Guard cannot accept anything free including coffee or food because it would be deemed as a bride. He’s goes I don’t know anything that’s true wife Brooke I hear you got any previous doors at every phase of Alaska who knows a lot of things recording quote. Can’t do and the fact that your husband has a job as we still choose to do you know remain so gov is still here when Amazon and often free couple golfer should racial. Well that’s outside limits on high laying there are stuck pal Meyer. I think. What’s here’s the deal I don’t know ER. Privately giving a cop cash trying to understand I run a corner store in a certain neighborhood that isn’t the best. Maybe. He likes the coffee here so he’ll come back in his crews will be out for sure I don’t know quite figured that his bribery right. I think it’s understood man I don’t from free golf apparel I just wanna walk into a sporting event or concert about pleasing to wherever I want. I think I think you could pull it off man think he really it’s got to depend on the event. Okay short of a different look we’ve made it all the way into an NFL field new and Baltimore at. We do not look like cops we did not look like anybody but we determined that if you walk quickly. Look angry and keep your head battles global that’s apparently what people do go to busy right yup and we made it all the way down to the final tunnel. The three get on the field in the last security guard. It’s god stopped as. But luckily another station miles out of the sky journey take of the storm could O’Meara and I remembered as oh my animal adjourn at Gillette is on the field. We saw on the uniform dressed as a cop. They’ll let our dirt bag as walk all the way through security are on to an end up I mean the players who commands like. Why are you here because obviously you have a look at how hook up because mild to give the guy tickets before the U would’ve been stopped at that point right biggest dollar bond and then everything went our way a bit about the phone pressed the cop. And here’s a guy work in security even if I just stood at the edge of the pummel. I think they’d let you stay there and watched again and exactly you know horror like you can run and I’d be like a Jason yeah. There are called are our guy and don’t stop Troy Dorsey days some more light. Just like me look I got on the field afford a college game store and more confident they’re not just drunk and cause clipboard really helps to the clipboard in a laminate. Now what was your most memorable experience of an officer of the law Miley takeaways don’t drink deemed Gator all yet do not do. Hello Thomas welcome to the men’s room. Oh rock and all right guys this might be a little long in my trying to keep it inside though all right okay is up our our Warsaw today though. Slow log me in my lady were our dog and her home before outfitted to work and she would not shoot handle and a little something in the old creator and and we started getting into a little bit of an argument now. Well imagine you’re being a little bit to get stabbed in the event aggression greater. I doubt though I’m younger are like fifteen over. Yeah Arianna headlight out and you know I have insurance but unfortunately I’ll leave that thing on my desk it’s still on my dad actually yeah not. Our big current deal I would like sixteen hour day of my you know men on the sweet you know Marty to. Yeah so. You know unless we on the road night C the the lights behind me you know my dog crap all right baby gear we ball along the block. Well I don’t worry about it all talk her way out of this everything’s going to be fine there’s people like almost surely still limit what they don’t even know what you meant about. Though I get pulled over you know I go through everything you know personal privilege Hank Elvis there’s so unfortunately I don’t have from insurance let me I know my head lights out. And I know I was speeding and I apologize you know to. Are gonna say hey man you just drop this on your windows are trying to give back. Why would all know the Arabs but but but. We now unfortunately. While luck obviously there was a lot of smelled marijuana in my car and I blew up pretty in earnings though he takes my information he had back through car and then another cup car sirens lights and everything blasts coming up parking lot. Black then. And he like pop sound card didn’t even say anything to me I just don’t get arrested right now because like my voice Don and although although the group concerned than I don’t know I don’t know Howard. Yeah really grabbed a cup I don’t are delighted and excited about somebody the first brick the second competition though does not excited about London. He negative karma black socks and then the other car the guy it will be overcome overhead and information with a big gas. The Arctic Mountain States and he’d just run right back into old guard them good night he did today then unlike what happened. What Yahoo! think. What do you think distracted them and have them that excite. You know I don’t know maybe some sort of super awesome bust because they both look like Elena bantam reduce free donuts I’m I’m not sure. Everything you said there smiling about it that’s right read a little dirt Luke woo yeah. Good news man that is always a good thing though man when you see the the cop who flips a UA. He’s coming back your direction elect column man and then they go past Jeff. Are you generally don’t they are gone thank god it’s such a so even if you’re just doing this for human does Mary still that feeling like okay well element. Always or most memorable bless you experience on an officer of the law. I will say this I don’t I don’t know the cops. Begin look better if you were smiling at the bad crime was going on but in the day your police officer right to grant you wanna sit around on paperwork was sure the most exciting times probably get those those calls. But I wanna ride along and found it blew my mind. I think you can use the lights all the time and it’s like no you can only use them for these priority calls highlight some big is happy and you could flip Montel. I put it but it your smiling about it you know to think the danger level is relatively low. And yet and a reward for this is going to be spectacular so it’s like. It’s not a shoot out could do not smiling about it not so it’s not. Your other call that you gonna give which is a naked drunk guy gives Americans rounded you have to go tackle make it I think it’s that those lab that was what. Is it rather doubtful all yeah we’ll go to displace them all smile on about a man. Good point about I don’t I do you commit their delight. But no notes because of them you might look bad to the rest of us that they’re probably excitement wanna close Alicea fire you get very scared. I imagine fired him and get called a big fire like they know there’s danger to there’s still kind of pumped 10 Everett. But for most people get laid back right firemen do I don’t know the firemen and smiling about it. When you are still looking happy man gotta yeah there’s free food right you’re right you’re strangling her sex I did that is simply but. A military to military might be some that you love to get fired at our rules are urine well it’s not yet a year that’s all signs. Lisa what are the crime you can commit comfortably cool man thank you we don’t want to do that for a while we bused into our yeah yeah yeah maybe that. What always your most memorable experience of an officer of the law. Hello Blake welcome to the men’s room. Or die. And go good like are you rub. They had no beautiful bear Yemen. RA. I’m prepared for a spot where are probably wanted to look what you people when it comes to get where we’re. You know getting all over it. You’ll stop. Well. You know you go to jail tonight mean yeah exactly that’s the Beckley we’re trying to do commencement. War is war could well. Oh. Oh my little. I end up Ghana and picked up it jumped over bring out who do we get food and ice well he comes from. Just about turning stone and being. But the dying and I’m wind outside their rolls out somewhere in the bigger earner friendly they’re girls and we’re gonna go you know fool around at night and obviously America throughout we’ve in my car guy. You know my barn in my fights and all that is in my car but I I had at all hitting her elect Scott patients that. What got them around any faith and up and down the road while the woman or make new wave of super long for them for no for no reason. You know the typical woman and the bill on the bay wow man. And but I and a freak now I certainly even cares you know I’m really so and then I didn’t know what the bill would we come back later in Europe on. And it’s up both nick and pulls me over in LA and they really like the Mike Currie got flashlight on football today. Feel barn on the ground and that’s when everything started out wedding and. I’m sure dad that you don’t travels alone some two birdies on school. Closure most memorable experience to an arms around the line 844999. Hole you are listening to the men’s or radio networks before. Israel was. That’s just coming up big as you know bad jokes ready to go 844999. All our questions they closure most memorable experience what an officer of the law. Hello Spencer welcome to the men’s room yeah. Quote gentlemen our job. They are what are gonna pick a movie quiet about it probably say he other super troopers not. Yeah I seventeen to merger presents a long and early dawn on the. Well no I don’t know it’s a funny movie guys suck so bad speaking and foolishly took a funny plot hinges related dole let almost an amazing here’s here’s vehemently we look at each other and here’s some days in today’s one of those days were look at age there we go. What’s going on is a prozac in the water and drug charge right castles like aim and I got a great story I’ll commit if you don’t want to believes idiots on the call today. If you’re like wow that’s not that is just the fact that we found that most people. Who are not Smart enough to get into interactions with police officers of bad times. May be you know there’s a correlation there on the question so to speak. And our peers hear yours yeah two miles of bright. All of back in a barrel and navy. Per election about our. And as this number of its earlier this dude you’re too long or wherever they are real Virginia. And so we drive out there you’re like a university. Along with university. I don’t know if you are doing Virginia seems a good talent into. You remember her from me it’s OK I. But what track so we’re we’re drug are trying to required political orange Jack. At the moment and you John includes due to the wing Jack I like your plan current each have bad about it. And we were gonna trial where are. We know we might have thought about it but what what our federal. So there are spirit her hair riding lawnmower. Garage. So it talks were couldn’t take a look at say there are. Repeated the now. Margaret group’s straw on this and yeah this is your buddies named boo. Okay. Yeah. And then you have your. You only live. So there. They nickname. Think he’s my belated remember her work apparently does not end don’t you think you were you as bad luck I don’t know and your fans I sitting in here a few years you know it happened these are. Bermuda but it climate security was real real hard is that is that who that’s. I’ll call it comedy musical I think that is how we have got it. Lippman who gives the apology lippold. Let me ground there’s a subsection on some porn category so that it’s I don’t know like Poppinga we’ll call for double knockout that little dessert that is that it did enjoy it while we nibbled I didn’t. Leading body doubles and yeah at least we go we’d sure he’s going to do a little of renewable. It has passed down like two hours Ayatollah whole bowl poker then it’s OK so what did you and nobody moves steel Lamar. They are who we are there buddy good. You don’t like torture Iraq knows he behind them in front of you in other words is is putting a pulls a president is your bag or we will none of them did for dear life or you are about stick. Read you. If the IR expo or maybe at Bob. And it so he sat down here. And our guarantees are so or are although I edit it I at orange mobile at least. Is there are groups that you are there any shifting gears and title aren’t there a real world by the spirit are like out. Or perhaps it L thought. Absolutely although they doubt but when Shaq everything here. Drove the way Jack on the lawn we are booed. Mom I’m okay how far away was doing Jack from the from the place. I did not turn out you could almost you could’ve walked but yes we’re we’re we’re curable we’re short they are so. You walk a simple walk our best six litre. RNA and you show dark days for. What is go to put behind a hedge our neighborhood dude named boo the other part of daylight this. Yeah I’d done that did did you restart Mazen does not even if we are orderly way NASDAQ still dress no story that ended the drunk dudes are riding mower at a wind place starts with Chardonnay right that’s left the town anyways did you guys. On them. I don’t I’ll probably probably twenty anybody’s pocket dot aren’t. But not everything smooth they’re already given it trouble so let it go down the street to the bar perhaps our did you write the more predictable. We’re out of our. After it. Now we have Arctic small Al that it ever hear it out there what. So we help you spirit and override I’ll ever ever driver I’ll were stopped 32 on the water are Andyaat. Don’t look go to the web at real at all our political decision. She’s so. Little what did you get this kid just look for the right. Like you did their OS. And just looked over at Eckerd you know so yeah I just used to you know he and I but it sure. And that that gave you what you do it out of a movie but gold I think cock cock you know real pride at about how what brand audit. Like 65 or so ever it’s an action that. Part of college out. It looks at us. We’ll start grant or opt for a spot already so we already marbles are very true beauty truck up what. But I can’t pierce stared escalates very dark haired girl you always Arafat thanked her. Early look like Jeff Sessions. As some imaginary United’s dramatic ads. And Ohio exactly but that all he said where does build up against isn’t belly button and. There have been. At it that’s stick her right cheek what those are all part jobs. And did you guys get arrested there are you are all right you can regain market the idea or our starter but we can’t let our. You have more perplexed about it but all that you derided back yeah. And would you buddy meant to be on the Lamar you’re in requesting her elbow and everybody else but our typical standard operation but we got back. Nice of that I can get your wings and it always Esther and more importantly. I like other story 100 Jimmy Chardonnay is to me in my body booed six foot three moved because water bottle and I’m gonna dig out of that event is huge poverty levels you did in years full nickname which was dumped when it’s classic. Posey are most memorable experience when an officer of the law. Hello JJ welcome to the men’s room. Well a lot of all our penalty area and not. So what is your manual interaction with a cup. So while most memorable interaction in earlier about 1617 members are. Or look library arrow group and we were weaponry beyond our heart rate expand its iron. About midnight 1 o’clock. Well I decided to get out there and ran a small leak you’re like okay pulled out five without leading without. So. One point we’re driving down the road and I look at you review an icy blue lights. I don’t like Adam were you pulled over Brill icy blue lights on or bust. Now there’s no Lou I am well. Two minutes later user insane now where did you donors and blue are rare. We’ll play don’t know when or pop boxed. So you I think Enron I don’t know I know going on Leno we are you the satellite were bad I mean there nugget now there’s word Don dude. Well. We get pulled over and we just decided sure you know single leaders and non passenger side note you’re gonna get double so it rolled down windows and ram I work. Driving or us. But I thought I’m done focal point oh yeah and it didn’t go. Our parent. So after awhile you know. Cup comes over and he notes we. Please tell miracles or he comes to a window my body out like any input the leading by bond here’s C Valero critic put my remarks. Well like I said ruled out the window cops ask where marijuana is and people what buddy and a lot of the RC. I’m like we know what’s going on unlike you bust it all right cool well. He comes to my window next up previous to the car talk adamant says hey man I need to deploy your hand on the dash and step out of vehicle license well. On one Q got to be kidding me. So. I get out of our new like where is it I’m like where’s what. They say don’t play stupid you know sit OK so we want it played dumb instead house I don’t know how close they can cause. Hello Glenn of this latest that if you don’t you don’t get on the Internet yeah he’s counting on the news or I’ll just I’ll meet somebody really affects you differently than what. All of the it is good to the council on Boehner and. Oh man knows I was so I one point I just didn’t care I knew we were phone well I know he was well. Turns out he gets back in the car early truck and drive thought. I’m I. Oh well let this happen. So drop comes to me you know and all is good stuff says they grade you good turnaround what transpired back I’d pick up. My birdie routed me out little we’re going. Okay. Yeah. You announce you’re out there that I Wear. No well we are at first I mean I was pretty deep but I didn’t know you get busted at the time. Or it being in your production at its under your seat so he got up and much. He told cops I don’t smoke and we need to spend known I don’t know I didn’t want to smoke and they execute so well note. His commitment to keep the windows up. There are well I listen ma’am there’s assault from Stevie Wonder Colin. Live for the city now and it teaches a very valuable lessons they’ve been involved drugs or complete stranger and so when Els as futile hold it. Don’t know told no don’t always or most memorable experience of an officer of the law. Activity that we shark right that they are like why do you think yesterday because he doesn’t wanna go to jail right. Hello Debbie welcome to the men’s room. Hello oh yeah. So Mike Berry and all of the being haven’t gotten old army or anything like that I was nineteen and living in Gig Harbor. And my boyfriend was playing is at a bar and critics comment that night and. I was dating Jerry catch her bedtime no word on excuse me. And this early before they are no longer anything yeah. Sold a matter of terrorism and that was fresh. It humble attitude you’re better as the night with the oh my god. Back to go to that could. I’m early inspiration or down and hold that we did. That and and man in the bottom zigzag. Tucson this is all about you Debbie. You know don’t think they’ll hook. Anyway I went I went out my carted stranding go to the show my car wouldn’t start and get harbor at that time with a small town and somehow I knew that. All of the cops there where part time cops but I’m mechanics that spears. How close and yet makes first there’s Roebuck PD Vermont. No I called the cops and won a little changed my house and I. If you do look at my car is like yeah we can’t really expect. Well where you don’t know if you ride and I bet I’m going all the way to the verdict comment is I guess the problem market erect and we like OK I’m competent cop car but look I’m thinking I’m not only 99 at stake idea and I have a copy dreading lead to a bar. And I drove up. Drop me off the front of the Bartlett you know what have you questioning looks from my friends like why the hell are you being dropped off at a bar and a cock but I’ve been. Yeah yeah yeah it collision and I really wanted to go to the show bam. Let’s sigh. Soul and no army laid before the ruse Hoover. I’d go to Sears is he would Scott might be available to give me live toolbar. I think Barack Obama. Called the police are permanent Garber. I’m Jim just called the police and give an idea of its original bar they are the police it’s huge new airport open. I’m done annualized that’s the deploy in the Maghreb knowledge on this on Domanick home sparkled cops then builds a new market. I cop once dropped off at church. Really it yet here. As we were doing a show and then I was gonna go to church needs to go to church road so I left early to go get jerk give my ashes on Ash Wednesday. Green church during his church out. And the you know go to my faith alone at the but yet the conflict pulls over. Like the lights and everything about the what with the hope that music again chip there middle digit Richard Quick amongst. The capitalists are Catholic hour gap until after the got a Cabot to pick up I guess that’s old school Boston you know. Yeah that’s well known New York it was always Italian balsam resort is Irish right let me know what to anti media do or die day. You’ll lose a wryly yeah that’s the that’s the New York cut them that you analysts Allah hand you know like we get them. Close your most memorable experience and an officer of the law out there yet I don’t know man I’m really. You got that over no. Hello Peter welcome to the bedroom. All our auto shop. OK so. Couple years ago price to you whenever whenever marijuana with first legalize being in the current state of Washington. I made it was going to the University of Washington at the time and I we’re seeing here and I I was living in the the aren’t yet some on campus housing. And across the street from the on campus housing I’m was pretty close off campus but it and there was a little. Alcove that wasn’t visible from the road bed I had smoked weed down there. Thousands thousands thousands thousands of times so. The one night and I’m back from an hour with some friends who were drinking Beers on both a little bit drunk and I decided that I wanted fewer and the night with the joint. So I grabbed the one and went outside instead of walking dual state squad and I know I was so. You know and art gallery just like I will be fine you know deteriorating here on the side of the bearer of the car and so the one time I do that I’m out there I am young you know I’m almost done with it. I hear an armed foot you Doug PD. Just kind of casually strolling towards me and I ain’t well I almost crap attempts to bomb us she’s a very sobering moment. Right standing there when your smoke and enjoy new hiccup walking toward you. Yeah you know I I’m glad you were respected that and I when I was 1000 and you know me man I was terrible. Thousand college the one time and I was confronted by a cop from the university of Mike. You know act chopped. President like no you’re not you like low bedroom and read them yeah I know you can add you know regularly now it is leave me alone might get you are you kidding me and a Corsican arrest me Fella records they gonna take me to jail. Of course the good though the whole thing medium like. They’re not our top cap. You know I know I got friends that are cops you’re not one of the bag which resonates with yeah it’s that it. I have well there’s campus security to write that NGOs and bottom of the two fighters that the 25 for this the problem is it too virus call the real cops are now with the due to Hollywood he wanted to learn. I don’t step back when I worked in restaurants but one have used to walk home I would get home about 2:30 in the morning. But I owned a dog dog weeks ago so still 30 in morning all of want to do is get home smoke a joint take dog Brett go home and relax. Go to the fourth floor of this building there was no goddamn element to walk up there I get the dog a walk down and as a walk out the front door eyes sparkle control. Was back in Baltimore through everything it’s all roll hall possible every block in for a definitively right so I’m walking down a take away maybe two to oaks. Don’t turn the corner of my dog he mark a more walking my dog with a two blocks away it was the park and turned a corner or four. By cops sitting there just chatting among but I mean like I base who will step into the middle. Of their conversation with the government that circle on a bike and I just have this joint in my hand. And it’s it’s weird awkward silence come to look at me like are you kidding me and I’m thinking you’ve got to be Jay so will agree on some level they might mess. So the looking relate is that a joint that’s a look man I’m not gonna fight it in to joint I was him smoke and it it’s been a long day and still much of close. What a dirty a stinks doesn’t take my every dog for the wall I was gonna smoke the joint to relax and then just go home so is relatively joke and said look. Just bought it out. We’re gonna watcher as go to the park which I do it may try to pick up after the Donald walking back they were still there I held up that the stub out joint. They were cool man when you have sort of don’t know if you’re not any you know bad activity I think they believe me goes man you know yeah I am because I had a long day and affiliate. Bracket story I have it in the NBA game rank some at an NBA game and I go out to the smoking sex and outs of cigarettes to me in my body light up a joint and I remember thinking and never really close to this arena new Buick right decided yeah. And the cubs stand right there on the right side the right reason that the cops came over and he’s like fell there’s. I don’t bloody do right and anyway he videotaped the same thing he just like come on. Mr. Joseph blow is doing an inaugural I think I Cilic who backed him we were like cool though don’t we always we just walked away. You don’t block the telegram comes to disappointment you’re an identity illegal that dumb I don’t realize that he didn’t take the joint or anything like that he’s a cut off. The company to better than us. You better than walk around the corner. What was your most memorable experience of an officer of the law 844999. Only you are listening to the men’s or radio networks and say gee it’s your. True plus Corzine and I tell us what was your most memorable experience the knobs are law here’s good story for you not an. Not all go but it ends up being good 91 year old woman named Mary Morgan. In a grocery store in Boynton beach Florida we just had been on the show today Casablanca. Now. Two guys now she’s 91 years old to guys Stoller walk her wallet out of her purse one of them distracted her while the other guy grabbed it out of there. And she doesn’t have a lot of money and all of her food stamps were also in there close about sixty bucks in cash and she was obviously very upset about this. But one of the cops who responded was a woman named Janelle. Judy bell. Us and she’s been an officer there for less than a year and it happened to be her last day of trading. She says she could tell how shaken up Marie was and just wanted to get her home so she talked to the manager at the store she didn’t pay for the groceries not clear how much they cost. She told Marie the store was covering it but she in fact of wanna pay for a I should call back later to pay for everything in her cart Marie was so floored by it she started crying right caregiver a big hug and in the whole thing was recorded on June l.s body on her care body armour canned so. That was a that was good and she helped her cancel all the credit cards were stolen. And then she and her partner went to Marie’s house to see here again. And his name is Evan Estevez he’s also police officer he bought her a sixty dollar gift card to cover the sixty dollars in cash that she lost. Ahmad signing comes cynic I’m saying and and a few days are gonna her about a 91 year old con artist who is Hank and I hate sites she did it again and a different story what was your most memorable experience of an officer of the law. Hello Scotty welcome to the men’s room. Oh wow oh wow. I saw it about a year ago and it happened amount enough Port Orchard. They’re not I was I’m acre residential area I’m here today area has been there for about a year at that time have really been in our town. And I’m await story five they’re here they are married yet where I go on I’m on about 35 miles an hour period is rather a very right. And this cup I see him come along the opposite direction. Roger in the corner and lonely old he’s right behind me. Apple overdose around next quarter. Become bring you all like you know you can tell you ought all Gilbert Michael I’m sorry I don’t you facts you know I knew the area utterly no you know it’s not very well posted well a lot. Sort of got my you know my information like art you know everything goes back to guard units I come back to the car. And now I’m I’m like you know I just got page. Just yesterday I got the money on we know what to do what go take your whatever they did some BS. And court out just right down the road so kinda like bill paid impersonate. We can’t look at it says it doesn’t look like to get in my hand yeah I was like holy crap I just talked my way out of take. Nice bash well done. Well done gap now both dribble talk themselves into one. I do remember this one point time in a party were having one night and it was get a little bit loud. Cops have been called I talked to them once they were decent they always stop by Anderson listen seriously to after midnight right. Turn this down. Guys it’s a Tuesday. You know there are always like your little bit easier on a Friday and Saturdays for the same point in time you know it is what it is when they walked down. To the living room all I can think about was. There’s this huge gas bongo I say it’s a huge as Bob we had a bong was like six feet tall and when someone had to light this thing for you. And it was really hard actually get a fix that is of course the lung power you know but yeah. It was just this guy who we live with if he saw six foot but are bought and that bad. And it wasn’t something that was really used it all mean we have all of the hat he just won the six foot. Long and it was in the living room and that’s where was Mosley town we smoke we would look at something else but every once in awhile like that bring got the six voter. So this huge ass bong is just sitting in the living room. And I just African remembered that the cop walked in because doors ovals screen door he just get a walks it was hands on his hips he looks does in the living room and I look at him. And he looks at that bar to goes. Oh my god. 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They use them for target practice to set the sites thorough apple actually find a way out yes exactly what target practice or is that just drunk rednecks driving by and shoot side both wanted to sign yeah. Sustained lenses. Out there is a dear. Visions an outside the window like that guy has exactly but there’s there always are most memorable experience to an officer of the law hello Nathan and welcome to the men’s room. All IA are not up their gas. So far about twenty years ago I was like two or one yeah about Elizabeth two bodies. And then move outside decided to go over your first three months. That’s like hey let’s go off half of we booklet you know we’ll be gone no more two to a room and we’ll come baffled. And your enemy when you get back up pay all lumpy doughnut that it was a break one million residents I’ve never thought about believe that aren’t that far yet here’s one guess and here’s some weeds that come back and we always fun position. At a news continues on the men’s room radio network.

Saving Lives in the Stacks

Saving Lives In The Stacks

On June 1, the Philadelphia Inquirer[1] broke the news that the Free Library of Philadelphia s McPherson Square Branch had a serious problem with opioid use among patrons. By June 3, everybody from the Washington Post[2] to National Public Radio[3] (NPR) had picked up the story.

As this nation s opioid crisis has exploded, the staff at the public library have become first responders, NPR s Scott Simon told listeners. And I gather the librarians there have been obliged to become involved in a way that well, become involved in a way librarians aren t usually asked to become involved. What Simon didn t say but what librarians far and wide know is that the McPherson Square branch is just one of many American libraries struggling with opioid-related issues such as discarded, contaminated needles; drug use in the library itself; and even on-site overdoses and fatalities. Libraries from California to Colorado, Pennsylvania to Missouri, are finding themselves on the front lines of a battle they never anticipated fighting. Of course, opiate use isn t limited to libraries. Neither is anyone claiming that the problem is more severe in libraries than it is anywhere else. Still, the fact that libraries are open to all, offer relative anonymity, and generally allow patrons to stay as long as they like make them uniquely vulnerable to those seeking a place to use drugs.

It s just like: What is going on? How can we stem this tide? says Kim Fender, director of the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County (PLCH).

A life at stake

In 2015, more Americans died from drug overdose than from car accidents and gun homicides combined[4], and more than six out of 10[5] of those overdoses involved an opioid. Preliminary data for 2016 suggests that drug overdose deaths for that year rose by about 19%[6] the largest annual increase the United States has ever seen. Among the opioids used illegally are heroin; prescription pain medications such as oxycodone; fentanyl, a synthetic opioid 50-100 times more potent than morphine; and carfentanil, an elephant tranquilizer 10,000 times stronger than morphine. Kitty Yancheff doesn t know exactly which opiate caused the overdose of the patron she encountered in the Humboldt County (Calif.) Library in Eureka last year. She just knows that without her intervention, he would almost certainly have died.

After noticing a man at a table near the reference desk who seemed to be sleeping, Yancheff, the library s public service division manager, tried to rouse him, first with words and then by banging on the table and his chair. As I m doing this, I noticed that he was sweating profusely, really dripping, she tells AL. He had mucus coming out of his nose, and his breathing was kind of gurgly, and his lips were blue, so I figured he was having an overdose. (The World Health Organization states that an opiate overdose can be identified by three symptoms: pinpoint pupils, unconsciousness, and respiratory depression.)

As another staff member called 911, Yancheff grabbed a dose of Narcan, a drug that reverses the effects of opiate overdose, and administered it to the man via injection in his thigh, through his clothing. (The local public health department had recently given the library a supply of Narcan and trained staff in its use.) When he didn t respond, she followed protocol by giving him a second dose, at which point his eyelids began to flutter. A few minutes later, the paramedics arrived. The man survived, though Yancheff hasn t seen him since.

It was surreal, Yancheff says. But I think to not have the Narcan, and sit idly by and watch someone die, would have been even worse.

To stock Narcan, or not

It s not clear how many libraries have joined Humboldt County Library in making Narcan available and training staff in its use. Among those who have is Denver Public Library s Central branch, which began stocking Narcan earlier this year after a homeless patron overdosed and died in the library s bathroom from a combination of heroin, methamphetamine, and other drugs. The library bought 12 Narcan kits in February. By May, it had used seven of them.

We have 13 staff members who are trained to use it our two social workers and then 11 security staff, explains Rachel Fewell, central library administrator. The library stocks a nasal-spray form of Narcan, rather than the injectable version. It s noninvasive, and there s a clear protocol around it. It costs us $75 per kit. If you can save somebody s life for $75, let s do it. But what if Narcan is mistakenly administered to someone who hasn t actually overdosed? It s not going to have any negative impact, Fewell explains. All it does is block opioids from hitting receptors in the brain, so even if you incorrectly use it on someone, there s no negative side to it. In addition, Narcan itself is not addictive, so libraries need not worry about any potential for abuse.

To the argument that administering Narcan falls outside the library s mission, Fewell responds: This is definitely scope creep for us, but we re the de facto day shelter for Denver. If that s how the city is going to see us, I d rather my staff has tools to deal with it. Yancheff agrees. Not stocking Narcan does not mean that that s going to keep folks [who use opioids] away, she points out. Some people are concerned that if you stock it, they re going to know they can come in there and overdose and know you ll be able to revive them. Personally, I don t believe that s the case. I just see it as a resource similar to CPR, just another thing in our first-aid resource kit. While other libraries consider whether to follow Denver s and Humboldt County s example regarding Narcan, some are resorting to other strategies, many of which center on library restrooms.

Needle Safety in the Library

By Roger A. Donaldson II

Whether discarded needles are found inside or outside the library facility, staff must be aware of their dangers and dispose of them safely. Conduct walkarounds in your facility at least once per day to look for discarded needles, and do not put your hands in trash cans or other areas in which you can t see what you re touching. If your facility crushes trash to conserve trash bags, use an object to do so, rather than your hands. Consider providing a sharps container in the restrooms for proper disposal of needles. Some sources recommend using tongs or other grabbing devices to pick up a discarded needle, but this may cause the needle to flick or fall, injuring yourself or others.

If you find a discarded needle:

  • Make sure to keep other people especially children away.
  • Don thin, disposable latex gloves.
  • Bring a container to the needle (rather than the other way around). The container should be sealable, with rigid, puncture-proof walls. These containers can be purchased through Amazon and other retailers; you can also consult your county health department. Do not use glass bottles for this purpose, as they can break.
  • Put the container on a stable surface, rather than holding it in your hand.
  • Make sure that you can clearly see the needle and your hands.
  • If you see more than one needle together, use a stick or similar object to separate them, and handle only one at a time.
  • Pick up the needle from the blunt end, avoiding the sharp point. Do not attempt to re-cap it.
  • Place the needle in the container and seal it.
  • Discard the gloves and wash your hands immediately.

Sharps containers should be discarded according to your local regulations. Some cities require the sharps containers to be placed with regular trash pickup in a visible manner, so that garbage collectors can handle the container safely. Other cities require sharps containers to be dropped off at the county health department or another designated point. Call your local health department or law enforcement department for information on proper disposal. If a needle-stick injury occurs, stay calm, and wash the area with soap and water as soon as possible. Apply antiseptic and a bandage, contact your supervisor, and promptly seek medical treatment.

ROGER A. DONALDSON II, CPLS, is IT administrator and technical services supervisor at Jackson (Ohio) City Library.

Keeping restrooms safe for all

It is unavoidable that people are going to use drugs in public bathrooms, says Dr. Alex Walley, director of the Addiction Medicine Fellowship Program at Boston Medical Center and associate professor of medicine at Boston University School of Medicine. The sooner that libraries accept that and try to prepare for it, the better off they re going to be. Philadelphia s McPherson branch has certainly accepted it. In May, after the branch experienced several overdoses, it began requiring patrons who wanted to use the bathroom to show identification.

That proved to be too much for the circulation desk to keep track of, says Judi Moore, the branch s library supervisor and children s librarian. So the library partnered with a local nonprofit, which now supplies volunteer bathroom monitors who sit by the bathroom door, take identification, and time people. If a person hasn t emerged from the bathroom after five minutes, a security guard knocks on the door. Since the new rules have been implemented, no overdoses have occurred in the branch s bathrooms.

The main branch of PLCH has experienced an astonishing number of overdoses in the past year about 50, or slightly fewer than one a week. As Fender points out, that s a relatively small number compared with the million-plus visits the branch gets each year, but it s still obviously a behavior we don t want in any way to continue. Because the branch is located extremely close to a fire station, which is the first to respond to 911 calls of any nature, the library has chosen not to stock Narcan, Fender says: They can get here very, very quickly. Instead, the library has taken measures such as having its 20-member security staff patrol bathrooms more often. Just having people walking in certainly helps deter any kinds of behaviors someone might do in a bathroom that you wouldn t want, she says. We had originally proposed closing off some of the restrooms, but building code requires a certain number of male and female toilets because of our occupancy. If the tide of overdoses doesn t ebb, she adds, the library will likely consider turning to Narcan. What other strategies can libraries consider to discourage drug use in restrooms? In the past, some institutions have installed blue lights in bathrooms, with the idea that doing so makes it more difficult for users of intravenous drugs to find a vein to inject. Per Walley, the physician at Boston Medical, this strategy is unwise. The worst-case scenario is that someone tries to use despite that lighting and hits an artery, so then there s pulsing blood in the bathroom, he says.

Instead, he recommends increasing bathroom monitoring, particularly for single-user bathrooms. One strategy is to keep the bathroom locked so that patrons have to ask for the key at the front desk. If the key hasn t come back after a short period of time, a security guard or other worker can be dispatched to check the bathroom. Another is to install an intercom and require bathroom users to respond through it when checked on. Steve Albrecht, a trainer and security consultant who has taught library security workshops for nearly 20 years, and who is the author of Library Security: Better Communication, Safer Facilities[7] (ALA Editions, 2015), has another suggestion: I like camera systems. He s not talking about video cameras in the bathroom itself, of course, but rather just outside it, along with signs noting that the area is under video surveillance. Banks still get robbed even though they have cameras, but it s a good deterrent, he says. Walley also recommends installing secure needle-disposal boxes in the bathroom. Otherwise, he says people will put their needles down the toilet. Indeed, Philadelphia s McPherson branch was forced to close for a few days earlier this year after its bathroom pipes were clogged with needles. The branch has since installed sharps containers.

And if the bathroom is especially small, the library should make sure that its door opens outward rather than inward. There have been cases where people have overdosed and fallen against the door and blocked the door so it can t be opened, Walley says. I imagine most libraries are ADA-compliant, so you wouldn t have that situation, but if you do, that s relatively easy to fix.

Hope on the horizon?

When and whether the opioid crisis will end is anything but clear. Preliminary data for 2017 indicates that the tide of drug deaths has yet to turn. Still, there are some signs of hope. The Federal Drug Administration recently asked[8] drug company Endo Pharmaceuticals to take the powerful medication Opana ER off the market, a move interpreted by some[9] as a sign that the agency is ramping up its efforts against the abuse of prescription opioids. And some states, including New York[10] and Maryland[11], have passed legislation aimed at combating the crisis, such as by making Narcan more widely available, requiring physicians who prescribe opioids to prescribe the lowest effective dose, or allowing prosecutors to seek longer prison sentences for drug dealers who knowingly sell fentanyl.

But until the opioid war has been won, libraries will surely continue to find themselves on its front lines. As Fender says: We re all struggling together.

Facts About Narcan

  • Narcan is the brand name of a drug called naloxone, a medication that reverses the effects of opioid overdose by preventing the opioid from reaching the brain.
  • If Narcan is given to someone who is not experiencing overdose, nothing will happen; there is no potential for harm. In addition, it is not possible to overdose on Narcan.
  • Narcan is available both as an injection and as a nasal spray. It works within two to eight minutes.
  • Libraries that stock Narcan typically administer it in conjunction with a call to professional emergency services (911).
  • For more information on Narcan, visit[12] or[13].


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London attack lets Muslims argue world is against them

London Attack Lets Muslims Argue World Is Against Them

The scene of the attack at the Finsbury Park Mosque in London June 18, 2017. It was a familiar sight early Monday morning in London. A man plowed his hired van into a crowd of people in Finsbury Park, leaving one dead and at least 10 injured. The attack came only two weeks after three Muslims drove a van into a crowd of pedestrians on London Bridge, then got out and stabbed bystanders in pubs and bars in Borough Market. In fact, vehicular attacks appear to have become an attack method of choice for Muslim terrorists in recent months.

A radicalized Muslim used a 19-ton cargo truck to mow down hundreds of pedestrians celebrating Bastille Day in Nice, France, last July. A Tunisian ISIS sympathizer plowed a truck into a Berlin Christmas market in December, killing 12 and injuring 56. And only three months ago, in March, a British Muslim drove a car into pedestrians near Westminster Bridge in London, then got out and fatally stabbed a police officer on the Westminster Palace grounds. But the Finsbury Park attack was different because this time it was a non-Muslim Welsh driver running over a crowd of Muslims leaving a mosque. Muslims now find themselves the victims, rather than the perpetrators, of a vehicular attack. It gives them a golden opportunity to paint themselves as a persecuted minority, according to former Department of Homeland Security officer Philip Haney. Haney told WND Muslim activists are always looking for every opportunity to prove that the non-Islamic world is Islamophobic, and this would just be one more example of it from their perspective. They have the attitude of an adversarial worldview, that the world is against Islam, and this would just be another example of it.

Haney, author of See Something, Say Nothing: A Homeland Security Officer Exposes the Government s Submission to Jihad, [1] said the idea that the world opposes the advancement of Islam provides the undercurrent of the global Islamic movement.

If you have an adversarial attitude toward the world you live in, you re going to have lots of occasions to find reasons to be upset, aren t you? he asked rhetorically. One Muslim witness to the van attack told Sky News the Muslim community did not feel safe going to the mosque anymore.[2] He complained the police had taken an hour to respond, although the London Metropolitan Police disputed that account. Harun Khan, secretary general of the Muslim Council of Britain, called for increased security outside British mosques as a matter of urgency after the attack. He claimed this crime was only the latest manifestation of the hugely worrying growth in Islamophobia directed against Muslims over the past several weeks and months.

The Finsbury Park attack may also be just what the left has been waiting for, according to WND news editor Leo Hohmann.

Leftists and globalists have been craving right-wing attacks against minorities for years, said Hohmann, author of Stealth Invasion: Muslim Conquest Through Immigration and the Resettlement Jihad. The dearth of such attacks has had them really striving to build up this Islamophobia narrative that is based on hateful speech and many false reports of physical abuse, such as a man pulling a Muslima s hijab off at a Louisiana university after the election of Donald Trump.[3][4]

But now we have an actual case of violence that appears to have targeted a group of Muslims simply because they are Muslim. I believe this is exactly what many of the globalists embedded in our Western governments have been hoping for for a long time. Why else would they be welcoming thousands of potential jihadists into the U.S., Canada and Europe every year, knowing full well that they have no intention of assimilating, and offering them full license to preach hatred in Western mosques? Such policy makes no rational sense. These migrants are building parallel societies within societies, and the results of that are always disastrous.

America is headed down a suicidal path but it s a subtle invasion, and not many Americans understand the full extent of the problem. Get all the details in Leo Hohmann s brand new book Stealth Invasion: Muslim Conquest Through Immigration and Resettlement Jihad, available now in hard copy or e-book at the WND Superstore.[5]

Hohmann, who has reported extensively on Islam and immigration, said when a Western city is flooded with non-assimilating migrants, the community automatically becomes divided. On one side are what Hohmann called the na ve welcomers, and on the other side are those who question why their community is being force-fed migrants who don t share the values of the culture in which they now live.

Over time, these cracks in the social cohesion become like gaping, open sores that fester into boils and eventually pop wide open, he explained. That s what you are seeing in London now with prospect of tit-for-tat violence between Muslims and non-Muslims. Darren Osborne, the man suspected of carrying out the Finsbury Park attack, has been described as a shouty and aggressive person known for flipping his lid when he drank too much. His mother claimed he was disturbed and had been on medication for mental health problems. According to The Telegraph,[6] after Osborne plowed down the Muslims outside the mosque, he jumped out of his van and shouted, I m going to kill all Muslims I did my bit.

He had reportedly expressed increasingly antagonistic views toward Muslims in the weeks since the London Bridge attack. Not only were Osborne s actions disgraceful, but they were foolish, in Hohmann s view.

People like Mr. Osborne who perpetrate acts of violence against Muslims are really stupid, he declared. ISIS will definitely use him as the poster boy for anti-Muslim persecution in the West. And the Quran teaches that fitnah is worse than killing. [Quran 2:191] Fitnah is a persecution or trial fomented upon the Muslim ummah, and the recommended reaction is often interpreted to be more killing, because fitnah is worse than killing. Haney also expects ISIS to take full advantage of Osborne s attack.

It reinforces their basic underlying premise that they are in a conflict with the non-Islamic world, he said.

British Prime Minister Theresa May, in her statement following Osborne s attack, chalked up his actions to Islamophobia, which she labeled a form of extremism.[7]

Hohmann does not like the term Islamophobia.

Let s call it terrorism, extremism, whatever, but not Islamophobia because no other religion, including the most persecuted religion in the world, Christianity, has a comparable word to describe its haters, he implored. We have a confirmed genocide going on against Christians by Muslims in the Middle East, so until the world figures out how to handle Christophobia, I really don t think it s fair to use the term Islamophobia.’

Nevertheless, Hohmann recognizes Osborne clearly harbored a hatred of Muslims. In Hohmann s view, Christians should share the gospel with Muslims, not reciprocate their attacks. He pointed out major physical attacks against Muslims have been rare in the U.S., but he fears they could occur here if the U.S. government doesn t rein in out-of-control immigration. After all, it is government policy that has divided Americans into pro-mass migration and anti-mass migration camps.

We should remember that it is governments inviting these migrants to our shores and not requiring them to assimilate that causes the divisions, not hate groups as the SPLC and CAIR would have us believe, Hohmann advised. When you looked at those out protesting the arrival of Syrian refugees in Rutland, Vermont, last year,[8] these were regular Americans in a liberal section of our country that just could not see the logic in this policy and did not approve of it. They were pitted against others who said, Yes, let s welcome them and label everyone who opposes this policy racists.

It s very sad how Americans are being pitted against Americans by refugee resettlement contractors getting rich off government grants and fees. Let s hope and pray it does not end in violence here like it has in London. Haney similarly believes Western governments can forestall potential terrorists like Osborne if they take the Islamic terror threat seriously. If not, they will create space for vigilantes to lash out with rash, devastating actions.

Most people are satisfied to allow the government to do what their job is, which is to protect the citizens of their country, and people are pretty reasonable, he said. If they see that their government is making a real, true, fair effort, an honest effort, then they re going to give the government the space to do it, the support they need to do it. But if they begin to lose confidence in the government, then yes, you will see more individuals or groups taking matters into their own hands.

Your government is not doing all it can to protect you hear it straight from a DHS whistleblower. Get See Something, Say Nothing: A Homeland Security Officer Exposes the Government s Submission to Jihad now at the WND Superstore![9]

London Attack Lets Muslims Argue World Is Against ThemClick here for reuse options![10]


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