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Sandy addresses Weirton Rotary

Sandy Addresses Weirton Rotary

GUEST SPEAKER Jeff Sandy, Department of Military Affairs and Public Safety cabinet secretary, spoke at the March 15 Weirton Rotary Club meeting. — Contributed

WEIRTON Jeff S. Sandy, West Virginia Department of Military Affairs and Public Safety cabinet secretary, spoke about the state economy and balancing a $33 million budget that is divided among the West Virginia State Police, state prison system, West Virginia National Guard and state fire marshals during the Weirton Rotary Club s March 15 meeting. Sandy is a 1976 Parkersburg High School graduate, a 1979 Marshall University graduate and a 1980 Federal Law Enforcement Training Center graduate with a designation of special agent with the U.S. Department of the Treasury, Criminal Investigations Division. He is designated as a certified fraud examiner and a certified anti-money laundering specialist. From 1982 to 1993, he was assigned to the Presidential Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force in the Northern Judicial District of West Virginia. Sandy received the Attorney General Award, West Virginia U.S. Treasury Employee of the Year and Mid-Ohio Valley Law Enforcement Officer of the Year. In 1991, he became the first West Virginia law enforcement officer to be nationally recognized as an expert in the field of money laundering. He has trained federal, state, county and local law enforcement officers, and was selected to train dignitaries from Russia and the Baltic countries in the field of money laundering. In 1993, he accepted the supervisory special agent position for the Southern Judicial District of West Virginia in Charleston. By 1996, his group was recognized as one of the top agencies in the U.S. in a major university study. In 2000, Attorney General Janet Reno and U.S. Attorney Rebecca Betts commended his office for their investigative work on the Keystone Bank failure.

After the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, the Office of the Secretary of the Treasury designated Sandy as the special agent in charge of the security of a secure facility in the eastern U.S. for 24 days. Sandy volunteered to work on counter-terrorism efforts and worked in Baghdad, Iraq, and Doha, Qatar. He received the honor award from Secretary of the Treasury John Snow and the Department of Defense achievement medal for his investigative work in the Middle East. Sandy cited one of his proudest career moments as when he secured the cooperation of Tariq Aziz, the deputy prime minister of Iraq, and when the U.S. Department of Defense and United States Army Major General Keith W. Dayton said the following about his work in Baghdad: Agent Sandy participated in dangerous, high stress missions to meet with sources that resulted in actionable intelligence. He conducted a financial investigation of the sale of billions of dollars of Iraqi oil throughout the Middle East, Africa, Europe and Asia. Agent Sandy used all legal means to freeze the former Iraqi regime s assets and protect them from being used by terrorists.

In 2005, he became a member of the U.S. Department of Justice State and Local Anti-Terrorism Training Program. Sandy has been involved in the training of more than 146,000 law enforcement officers in 50 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. He has guest lectured for the Drug Enforcement Administration, FBI Joint Terrorism Task Forces, West Virginia State Police and Fusion Center and dozens of state, county, and local law enforcement agencies. Sandy was elected sheriff of Wood County in 2008. Sandy modernized modernized the office with new investigative techniques and equipment; established an intelligence unit; and started intelligence-based policing. While sheriff, he was selected by Gov. Joe Manchin to serve on the Board of the Regional Jail Authority and was elected Regional Jail Board chair in 2012. He also served on the Board of the West Virginia Sheriff s Association. In 2012, he was named the Marshall University Distinguished Alumnus of the year. In May 2015, he was selected as a speaker at the 10th-annual National Anti-Terrorism Conference in Orlando. He is the author of a training manual for law enforcement, Trace It, that has been provided free of charge to more than 85,000 law enforcement officers in the U.S.

Sandy is married to Renee Moffit of Akron, Ohio, and they have three children.

This country’s government to announce legal weed is coming next year

Justin Trudeau and bride Sophie Gregoire leave the Sainte-Madeleine D’Outremont Church, Montreal, after their wedding ceremony here, May 28, 2005. The car a 1959 Mercedez 300SL, was Pierre Trudeua’s car and was recently renovated and given its original silver grey colour.

(Bernard Weil/Toronto Star via Getty Images)

With son Justin in her lap; Margaret Trudeau; wife of Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau; sits in a car outside the Inn on the Park just before a lunchtime visit to the home of friends. Star photographers Dick Loek had been waiting in the Don Mills hotel’s lobby hoping the family might emerge. Mrs. Trudeau; with Justin in her arms; walked to her car accompanied by three security men. At the time; her husband was visiting an Etobicoke Ukrainian home for the elderly.

(Photo by Dick Loek/Toronto Star via Getty Images)

Justin steals the show. Margaret Trudeau; the Prime Minister’s wife; and son Justin walk along the lake at Mont Tremblant.

(Photo by Graham Bezant/Toronto Star via Getty Images)

Tracking the track stars. Drama of the pole-vaulting at Toronto Star Maple Leaf Indoor Games last night in Maple Leaf Gardens captured Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau and his wife; Margaret; but their 2-year-old son; Justin; was a little overwhelmed by it all. Although their two-day visit to Metro was on a crowded schedule; Trudeaus stayed ‘at games for more than an hour. They had hoped to st for all events; but Justin tired and wouldn’t sleep they left before halfway mark.

(Photo by Boris Spremo/Toronto Star via Getty Images)

Justin Trudeaus (R)

(Photo by Boris Spremo/Toronto Star via Getty Images)

Canadian Prime Minister Pierre E. Trudeau joins sons Justin, Sacha, and Michel in this photo for his 1980 Christmas card. Justin and Sacha will be nine and seven years, respectively on Christmas Day. Michel is five

(Bettmann via Getty Images)

Justin Trudeau pictured at age 14 in December, 1986.

(Boris Spremo/Toronto Star via Getty Images)

Justin Trudeau, the eldest son of former Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, speaks about the loss of his brother Michel as he is accompanied by his mother Margaret, as they launch an awareness campaign with the Canadian Avalanche Foundation, January 14 on Mt. Seymour. As a result of the loss of Michel in an Avalanche accident in 1998, the Trudeau family is helping support avalanche safety awareness.

(Reuters Photographer / Reuters)

Sacha(L) and Justin Trudeau(C) and former wife Margaret Kemper(R) of former Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau look over his casket in the Hall of Honor on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Canada 30 September, 2000. The former prime minister died 28 September after a a battle with prostate cancer.


Justin Trudeau (L) and his brother Alexandre, sons of the late Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, pose with a stamp honouring their father at it’s unveiling in Montreal, July 3, 2001. Pierre Trudeau, one of Canada’s most popular politicians, died in September 2000.

(Shaun Best / Reuters)

Justin Trudeau speaks at the countdown to World Youth Day 2002at Nathan Philips Square. The international youth conference and papal visit to Canada from July 18-28, 2002 will be held at the old Downsview airport.

(Photo by Jim Ross/Toronto Star via Getty Images)

Justin Trudeau, on stage, during the tribute to Jean Chretien at the ACC.

(Rick Madonik/Toronto Star via Getty Images)

His Holiness the Dalai Lama of Tibet (R) greets Justin Trudeau, son of former Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, at the Kalachakra Teachings at the Sky Dome in Toronto, April 25, 2004. His Holiness will confer the Kalachakra Initiation for World Peace, the largest Buddhist ritual and initiation regularly conferred by the Dalai Lama.

(REUTERS/Mike Cassese MC/HB)

Justin and Alexandre Trudeau stand by the plaque which offically renames Dorval Airport in honor of their late father former Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau in Montreal on September 9, 2003. The new name “The Montreal Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport” will be effective January 1, 2004.

(REUTERS/Christinne Muschi)

Justin Trudeau and bride Sophie Gregoire share a kiss as Margaret Trudeau looks on as they leave the Sainte-Madeleine D’Outremont Church, Montreal, after their wedding ceremony here, May 28, 2005.

(Bernard Weil/Toronto Star via Getty Images)

Justin Trudeau introduces Liberal leadership candidate Gerard Kennedy at the Liberal convention in Montreal, December 1, 2006.

(REUTERS/Shaun Best)

Liberal leadership candidate Gerard Kennedy and Justin Trudeau, son of former Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, attend the Liberal convention in Montreal, November 29, 2006. The Liberal Party will elect a new leader later in the week.

(REUTERS/J.P. Moczulski)

Justin Trudeau, son of former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, talks to supporters after winning the Liberal nomination for the Montreal riding of Papineau April 29, 2007.

(REUTERS/Shaun Best)

Justin Trudeau, son of former Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau and candidate for the Liberal Party in Montreal, is seen during an interview in his campaign office on October 12, 2008 in Montreal, two days before the federal elections on October 14. One of three sons of Pierre Elliott Trudeau, prime minister of Canada from 1968 to 1979, and 1980 to 1984, Justin Trudeau swapped a teaching career for a chance to represent his father’s Liberals in the Montreal electoral district of Papineau, and win it back from the separatists who took it in 2006.

(DAVID BOILY/AFP/Getty Images)

Mia Farrow and Justin Trudeau

(Colin McConnell/Toronto Star via Getty Images)

Liberal MP Justin Trudeau is pictured during an event to mark the end of ‘Movember’ on Parliament Hill in Ottawa November 30, 2010. A group of MPs and staff who grew moustaches during the month of November raised more than CDN $30,000 for prostate cancer research.

(REUTERS/Chris Wattie)

Canadian Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff serves pancakes with Liberal MP Justin Trudeau as they attend a pancake breakfast in Frampton, July 21, 2010.

(REUTERS/Mathieu Belanger)

Lui Temkovski the Liberal candidate for Oak Ridges-Markham gets a visit from Justin Trudeau during his Liberal Party’s auxiliary tour around the GTA today. They go mainstreeting in the town of Markham.

(Photo by David Cooper/Toronto Star via Getty Images)

Liberal Party leadership candidate Justin Trudeau speaks to supporters at a rally in Mississauga, October 4, 2012.

(REUTERS/Mike Cassese)

Liberal leadership candidate Justin Trudeau smiles during his speech at the Dashmesh Culture Senior Citizen Society in Calgary, Alberta, October 3, 2012. Calgary was his first stop after announcing he will seek the leadership of the Liberal party of Canada.

(REUTERS/Todd Korol)

Sophie Gregoire and Justin Trudeau arrive at the ‘Midnight’s Children’ Premiere at the 2012 Toronto International Film Festival at Roy Thomson Hall on September 9, 2012 in Toronto, Canada.

(Photo by Jemal Countess/Getty Images)

Liberal Member of Parliament Justin Trudeau meets liberal supporters at a Stampede breakfast during the 100th anniversary of the Calgary Stampede in Calgary, Alberta, July 7, 2012.

(REUTERS/Todd Korol)

Justin Trudeau speaks as Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada, 2013

Liberal leader Justin Trudeau dumps a bucket of ice water onto Liberal MP Sean Casey for the ALS ice bucket challenge during a break in the Federal Liberal summer caucus meetings in Edmonton August 19, 2014.

(REUTERS/Dan Riedlhuber/File Photo)

French President Francois Hollande welcomes Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau prior to attending a meeting at the Elysee Presidential Palace on November 29, 2015 in Paris, France. France will host climate change conference COP21 in Paris from November 30 to December 11, 2015.

(Photo by Chesnot/Getty Images)

Canada’s Prime Minister-designate Justin Trudeau arrives at a ceremony to commemorate the October 2014 attack on Parliament Hill, at the National War Memorial in Ottawa, Canada October 22, 2015. The event also honoured the lives of Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent and Corporal Nathan Cirillo, two soldiers killed in a pair of separate attacks police said were carried out independently by radical recent converts to Islam.

(REUTERS/Chris Wattie)

Canadian Liberal Party leader Justin Trudeau waits with his son Xavier to cast his ballot in Montreal on October 19, 2015. The first of 65,000 polling stations opened Monday on Canada’s Atlantic seaboard for legislative elections that pitted Prime Minister Stephen’s Tories against liberal and social democratic parties. Up to 26.4 million electors are expected to vote in 338 electoral districts. Some 3.6 million already cast a ballot in advance voting a week ago, and the turnout Monday is expected to be high.


The Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada, Justin Trudeau, visits Paul Brown Boxfit boxing gym for a photo opportunity on August 6, 2015 in Toronto.

(Carlos Osorio/Toronto Star via Getty Images)

Premier Kathleen Wynne joined Liberal Party of Canada leader Justin Trudeau for an election rally in Toronto Centre Monday night.

(Lucas Oleniuk/Toronto Star via Getty Images)

Liberal Party leader Justin Trudeau waves to supporters as he arrives for the first federal leaders debate of the 2015 Canadian election campaign on August 6, 2015 in Toronto, Canada. The federal election is set for October 19, 2015.


Canadian Liberal Party leader Justin Trudeau and his wife Sophie wave on stage in Montreal on October 20, 2015 after winning the general elections.


Liberal leader Justin Trudeau meets with the editorial board at the Toronto Star in Toronto.

(Todd Korol/Toronto Star via Getty Images)

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is greeted by British Prime Minister David Cameron prior to their meeting in Downing Street on November 25, 2015 in London, England.

(Photo by Tolga Akmen/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images)

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau poses with Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard and Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre as they visit the site of the Universite de Montreal’s new Science Complex in Montreal, December 16, 2016.

(REUTERS/Christinne Muschi)

Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau talks with Prince George following the arrival of Britain’s Prince William, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, Prince George and Princess Charlotte at the Victoria International Airport for the start of their eight day royal tour to Canada in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, September 24, 2016.

(REUTERS/Chris Wattie)

Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau shakes hands with U.S. Vice President Joe Biden during a meeting in Trudeau’s office on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, December 9, 2016.

(REUTERS/Chris Wattie)

Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau takes part in a news conference in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, December 12, 2016.

(REUTERS/Chris Wattie)

Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau and US President Barack Obama exit the Hall of Honour on Parliament Hill following the North American Leaders Summit in Ottawa, June 28, 2016.


(L-R) Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Prince William the Duke of Cambridge, Sophie Gregoire Trudeau, and Catherine the Duchess of Cambridge take a walk at the Kitsilano Coast Guard station, in Vancouver, British Columbia on September 25, 2016.


Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau speaks during a meeting with representatives of the Congress of Aboriginal Peoples on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, January 10, 2017.

(REUTERS/Chris Wattie)

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Remarks by the Vice President in West Virginia

Charleston, West Virginia

2:18 P.M. EDT

THE VICE PRESIDENT: Hello, West Virginia! It is great to be back, if only just to say thanks. Thanks to your hard work, your support, and your prayers — West Virginia voted overwhelmingly to make Donald Trump the 45th President of the United States — and we will never forget it. (Applause.)

Let me thank our host today — Ronald Reagan Foster and Nancy Reagan Foster. I just said a little bit ago they re my second favorite Ron and Nancys I’ve ever met. (Applause.) I want to thank them. I want to thank the whole Foster s Supply team and all the great employees who came out today. You ve been building this state and building the American Dream since 1981.

In fact, Ron, I just heard that you have a wall division here at Foster s. Maybe we need to talk. (Applause.)

What you do and what you ve done here since 1981 is what makes this country great. And the President and I are truly grateful for you and for all the good people who are part of the Foster Supply team and all the neighbors and friends who ve gathered here today to stand with us. Give yourselves a round of applause for coming out on a Saturday afternoon. (Applause.) We couldn’t be more grateful

And Congressman Evan Jenkins, thank you for being with us. We’re so grateful for your support. And to Congressman Alex Mooney, thank you for your service to this country. It is great to be in your district. (Applause.) It truly is.

You know, it is so humbling for me to stand before you today in this role. I’m just a small-town guy from southern Indiana. My grandfather immigrated to this country, and to think that I had the privilege to raise my right hand on January 20th and accept the oath of office to serve as the 48th Vice President of the United States is the greatest privilege of my life. And let me just say, on behalf of my whole family, thank you, West Virginia, for giving us the opportunity to serve. (Applause.)

I’ll tell you, it is the greatest privilege of my life to be Vice President to President Donald Trump. President Trump is my friend. He loves his family and he loves this country, with boundless energy, optimism, courage and determination. And let me be clear on one thing — President Donald Trump is going to be the best friend American small business will ever have. (Applause.)

That s why he picked Linda McMahon to lead the Small Business Administration. Isn’t she amazing? (Applause.) Linda McMahon knows an awful lot about small business. Linda and her husband started their company as a small business back in the 1970s, as Titan Sports, and they built it into an international entertainment enterprise — the WWE. Any fans in the house? (Applause.) I’m one. Now she s bringing that great business experience to building a business to help small businesses across America grow and thrive.

You know, Linda, we’re grateful for your leadership. But maybe we could have used a few of your WWE superstars on Capitol Hill yesterday. (Applause.) Give her another round of applause for leading the Small Business Administration with such great qualities. (Applause.) With Linda McMahon at the SBA, we re listening to small business owners — and that hadn’t been happening for a while in Washington, D.C. — been listening to people just like many who are with us today. Would you join me in thanking all the great small business owners who are gathered here today — people that make West Virginia such a great place to live, to work and to raise their family. (Applause.) Thank you all.

We just had a great conversation. We talked with these job-creators here in West Virginia about the President s pro-business agenda of less regulations, lower taxes, fair trade, better infrastructure, and a renewed focus on American energy. And I heard again from these West Virginia small business owners about the need to repeal and replace Obamacare. (Applause.) They told me how Obamacare stands in the way and stifles growth. It s a burden not just to job creators, it s also a burden to the American people.

Folks, I wasn t surprised to hear it because every promise of Obamacare has been broken. You all remember what they were. Seven years ago, after Obamacare was signed into law, they told us if you like your doctor, you can keep them — not true. They said if you like your health plan, you can keep it — not true. We were all told that the cost of health insurance would go down. Well, that one wasn t true either. And West Virginia knows this better than most. It’s heartbreaking to say that last year alone, Obamacare premiums here in West Virginia spiked by a stunning 32 percent. Over 40 percent of the state doesn t have any choice of an insurance provider on the Obamacare exchange.

West Virginians, and President Trump, we all know the truth about this failed law that every day Obamacare survives is another day that America suffers. That s why the President worked tirelessly over the last several weeks to get Congress to repeal and replace Obamacare. You saw his resolve to work with whoever he needed to work with, to call whoever he needed to call to get our plan across the finish line this week on Capitol Hill.

I got to tell you, I was inspired by President Trump s determination and commitment to keep his promise to the American people. (Applause.) And the President and I are grateful for Speaker Paul Ryan and all the House Republicans who stood with us in this effort to begin the end of Obamacare. But as we all learned yesterday, Congress just wasn t ready. You saw it — with 100 percent of House Democrats — every single one — and a handful of Republicans actually standing in the way of President Trump s plans to repeal and replace Obamacare. We’re back to the drawing board.

You know, Nancy Pelosi, the leader of the Democrats in Congress, actually said yesterday was a victory for the American people. But West Virginia knows better. Yesterday wasn t a victory for the American people. It was a victory for the status quo in Washington, D.C. And it was a victory for the disaster of Obamacare.

But I promise you that victory won’t last very long. (Applause.) The American people want Obamacare gone. And as the President said today, don’t worry, America. He just tweeted this morning. Obamacare is going to continue to explode. And when Republicans and Democrats finally decide to come together and to repeal and replace Obamacare, we ll be ready to get the job done. (Applause.)

And as the President promised just this morning, we ll all get together and piece together a great healthcare plan for the people. We will end the Obamacare nightmare and give the American people the world-class healthcare that they deserve. (Applause.) Until then, I can promise you, President Trump is never going to stop fighting to keep his promises to the American people — and we will Make America Great Again. (Applause.)

And we re moving forward. Next up, we re going to get back to the President s three-part agenda — jobs, jobs, and jobs — for every American, in West Virginia and across this country. (Applause.)

And the great news is we’ve actually been on that agenda from the very day President Trump was elected. It’s been amazing to see jobs coming back to this country — even since the day after the election. Last month the economy added 235,000 jobs. Construction and manufacturing are booming again. Companies are canceling plans to move jobs and factories overseas — and they re building them right here in America once again. (Applause.) It’s true. Businesses and consumers haven t been this confident in years — and by some measures, for more than a decade.

Folks, the era of slow growth is over — and a new era of American growth and jobs has already begun. (Applause.) And it s all because the American people know President Donald Trump is a man of his word and he s a man of action. In fact, on day one, President Trump went straight to work rolling back reams of red tape that have been killing jobs and small business America across this country. He instructed every bureaucracy in Washington, D.C. to find two regulations to get rid of before issuing any new regulations out of our nation s capital. (Applause.) He s already taken decisive action to protect American jobs and American workers — and we will not stop until we end illegal immigration once and for all. (Applause.)

Just this week, the President authorized the Keystone pipeline, creating tens of thousands of jobs and protecting our energy future. (Applause.)

And, folks, we re just getting started. Next up, as the President said yesterday, we re going to roll our sleeves up and we’re going to cut taxes across the board for working families, small businesses, and family farms. (Applause.) Working with this Congress, President Trump is going to pass the largest tax cut since the days of Ronald Reagan. And we re going to get this American economy moving again. (Applause.) We’re going to reform the tax code and make it flatter and simpler and fairer.

I guarantee you there isn t anyone here, including the Fosters, who can make sense of the tax code. You know, there s an old joke — there s an old joke about how the tax code in this country is 10 times the size of the Bible with none of the good news. (Applause.) Right? The truth is our taxes makes it far too difficult for job-creators and hardworking people all across this country get ahead and to achieve the American Dream.

That s why our tax plan will make American businesses and American opportunities more competitive all over this country. We re going to also cut the corporate tax rate in America. We have one of the highest business taxes in America — we’re going to cut it to 15 percent so American companies will invest in American operations to create American jobs. (Applause.)

So we’re going to cut taxes for every American, and we’re going to cut taxes for free enterprise. But we re going to get this economy moving with less regulation, and more American energy. Let me make you a promise — right after we dropped our right hands on January 20th, it was official: The war on coal is over. (Applause.) And a new era of American energy has begun. (Applause.)

For far too long, politicians and bureaucrats in Washington, D.C. have crippled our nation s economy and crippled West Virginia s economy, without regard to the impact that it has on people s utility bills, and the impact it has on jobs of hardworking Americans. Right here in West Virginia, they ve pushed mining companies to the breaking point. They jeopardized thousands of good-paying jobs, and cut off a brighter future for countless West Virginia families. It s heartbreaking to think that West Virginia has lost more than a third of its mining jobs over the last few years alone , and that over 130 mines have been shut down since 2009.

Folks, that s not right. The hardworking men and women of this state have been forgotten for too long — and they will be forgotten no more under President Donald Trump. (Applause.) From the first day of this administration, President Donald Trump has been fighting for West Virginia and fighting for American energy. We re working with leaders in Congress and we’re working with the new director over at the EPA Scott Pruitt, to slash through red tape to make sure that unelected bureaucrats can t kill your jobs and cripple your economy from the comfort of their taxpayer-funded metal desks in Washington, D.C. (Applause.)

We re going to bring back jobs. We re going to get Washington out of the way of energy producers and coal miners — because energy means growth for America, and President Trump digs coal. (Applause.) Our country is going to be stronger, and West Virginia will be stronger and more prosperous because of the President s leadership.

When you get right down to it, President Trump is going to create jobs and opportunity and prosperity in this country like never before. But Making America Great Again isn t just about our economy. It also means protecting our nation and defending our way of life.

And let me tell you, I’m with him every day — President Trump has no higher priority than the safety and security of the American people. And that will always be true. (Applause.) That s why, from the first day of this administration, President Donald Trump has been standing with the men and women in law enforcement all across America. And we always will. (Applause.) We’ll work with the Congress to make sure those who protect our families and our communities have the resources and training they need to do their jobs and to come home safe to their families.

You know, there s a fair number of law enforcement personnel that are with us today. I know most of you are standing, but would all of you just take a minute to show the men and women in law enforcement here in West Virginia just how much we all truly appreciate the job that they do protecting our families. (Applause.)

President Trump is putting our security first and our safety first. That’s why he s strengthening our borders. This President is going to build a wall, enforce our laws, and as he told the Congress, we re acting right now to take gang members, drug dealers, and criminals that threaten our communities and prey on our citizens off the streets of West Virginia and off the streets of America. (Applause.)

And as the father of a United States Marine, let me say this, from my heart — (applause) — I couldn t be more proud and grateful to say that we have a President who will rebuild our military, restore the arsenal of democracy, give our soldiers, sailors, airmen, Marines, and Coast Guard the resources and training they need to accomplish their mission and come home safe at last. (Applause.) He s going to do it.

So it s about jobs; it’s about energy; it’s about our national defense. And President Trump is also keeping one more promise I want to mention, and that’s the promise that he made to nominate to the Supreme Court someone who will be faithful to our Constitution. By nominating Judge Neil Gorsuch, President Trump has kept his word to appoint a justice to the Supreme Court who will keep faith with the Constitution and who will uphold the God-given liberties that are enshrined there. (Applause.)

You saw it this week. My daughter was off work — she got to watch CSPAN. She told me she watched a lot of Judge Gorsuch s testimony before the Senate. Three days of powerful testimony before the Senate, Judge Neil Gorsuch made it clear why President Trump nominated him to the highest court in the land, didn t he? He demonstrated temperament and intellect — explains why the bipartisan praise is rolling in. The truth is America saw this week what President Trump saw when he made that decision. Judge Neil Gorsuch is one of the most respected, qualified, and mainstream nominees to the Supreme Court in American history. (Applause.)

But, remarkably, this week Senator Chuck Schumer and the obstructionists in his party in the Senate actually announced that the Democrats plan to filibuster Judge Gorsuch s nomination to be an associate justice. That’s something that’s never been done successfully in American history.

So let me say this to you, West Virginia. If we can get the help of Senator Joe Manchin, and with the help of Senator Shelley Moore Capito, Judge Neil Gorsuch will soon become Justice Neil Gorsuch — and America and the rule of law will be better for it. (Applause.)

So let me be clear. President Trump and I are confident, the United States Senate will confirm Judge Neil Gorsuch, one way or the other. (Applause.)

It is great to be in West Virginia. (Applause.)

My friends, we ve come to a pivotal moment in our nation s history. In this moment, I think we need every freedom-loving American — we need all of you — to stand up, speak out, and take time, as you ve done today to come and be engaged and be involved. We need you to keep telling your neighbors here in West Virginia we can do better, that we re renewing and restoring this country, that we can put America back on a path to a brighter future. And this I know we will do because I have faith.

You know, over the mantel of our home since my first run for office back in the year 2000 there s been a framed copy of a verse from the Good Book. It was in our home in Indiana and it was in the Governor s Residence in Indiana when I served there. And now it hangs above the mantel in the home of the Vice President of the United States. And it simply reads these words: For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you, and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope, and a future.

In November, the people of West Virginia voted to give America a President — a President with the strength and the courage and the vision to make America great again. You voted to give us a new leader who would make America prosperous again. And I believe with all my heart, that with your continued support and faith, and with God s help, together we will restore this country, that our best days are ahead, and that, together, we will Make America Great Again. (Applause.)

Thank you, West Virginia. God bless you, and God bless the United States of America. (Applause.)

3:31 P.M. EDT

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