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Hospital Security Guard Forces 'Unresponsive' Patient Into Taxi, He …

A'Darrin Washington, Deborah Washington

A'Darrin Washington, Deborah Washington

Deborah Washington of Fayetteville, North Carolina is suing AlliedBarton Security Services, a company which provides security guards for Cumberland County Hospital, for placing her son A Darrin Washington, 30, into a taxi cab where he was found dead when he arrived home, reports Courthouse News.1

A Darrin, who died on Nov.

22, 2011, suffered with Hodgkin s lymphoma and had reportedly been a patient at Cumberland County Hospital for 10 years.

On Nov.

14, 2011, one week before his death, A Darrin was admitted to the hospital and misdiagnosed as suffering from bacterial pneumonia. Subsequent tests revealed that he had fungal pneumonia and had been receiving the wrong medication.

Hospital staff noted that he was uncooperative, and refused to talk or move, and instead of determining why A Darrin was unresponsive, a nurse called a security guard to remove him from his hospital bed to the lobby, and from there he was removed from his wheelchair and placed in the taxi cab.

Read more from Washington s lawsuit via Courtroom News:

(A) nurse called for security to escort Mr. Washington from his hospital bed to the lobby for discharge because Mr.

Washington was allegedly uncooperative and refusing to talk or move, the complaint states.

Upon information and belief, prior to his discharge, Mr. Washington was extremely weak and ill and in pain and had sought not to be discharged before he became unresponsive.

When Mr. Washington became unresponsive he was unable to talk or move.


Washington was unresponsive due to the fact that he was dying.

Two security officers took him to the lobby, lifted him from his wheelchair into the taxi and secured him with a seat-belt while he was unresponsive, according to the complaint.

At least two members of the hospital staff expressed concerns about Washington, and the taxi driver was concerned that he was already dead, the mom claims.

Nonetheless, the security workers loaded him into the taxi, and even crossed his legs for him, the mother says.

Her son was unconscious during the 45-minute trip home, where his mom and family received him unresponsive and cold to the touch, according to the lawsuit.

His mom claims she suffered severe distress when her son s body was left in the taxi in the front yard for four hours, while police investigated.

She seeks compensatory and punitive damages for negligence, wrongful death and negligent infliction of emotional distress.

Washington claims that A Darrin was then left in the taxi cab for an additional 4 hours in front of her home while the police investigated.

Neither Cumberland County Hospital nor AlliedBarton Security Services have released a statement.


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Two killed when armoured van collides with truck in Alberta

FORT MCMURRAY, Alta. One of two people killed on an icy highway in northern Alberta was an armoured car guard.

A G4S armoured vehicle collided head-on with a pickup truck Tuesday on Highway 63 while on a routine trip between Edmonton and Fort McMurray.

The driver of the pickup was also killed.

Katie McLeod, a spokeswoman with G4S in Toronto, said a second security guard inside the armoured vehicle was not seriously injured. He was treated and released from hospital.

Counselling is being made available for co-workers at the company s Edmonton office, she said, adding it s the second time in two years that they have been in mourning.

Three G4S guards were shot and killed by a fellow crew member in June 2012 as they were reloading ATM machines at the University of Alberta.

Another guard who was shot in the head survived.

Travis Baumgartner, 22, is serving life in prison with no chance at parole for 40 years.

To have both horrible instances occur within the same office is just doubly tragic, said McLeod.

In this industry, it s very much a team environment, so even though we re across the country, everybody feels as a member of the team.

She identified Rod Whalen, 60, as the employee who died in the crash.

He had been with the company for more than 15 years, had three daughters and was engaged to be married.

McLeod said she was surprised someone riding inside an armoured vehicle could have received fatal injuries.

The vehicles are sturdily constructed built like tanks, she said.

RCMP described the road as icy at the time of the crash.

Highway 63, the main link between Edmonton and the oilsands region, has become notorious for fatal crashes in recent years.

The provincial government is working to twin the highway in the hope of making it safer.

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Gunmen rob armed security guard inside KC auto parts store …

Kansas City police are looking for two gunmen who robbed two customers and an armed security guard inside a Waldo auto parts store Wednesday night.

The gunmen barged into the Auto Zone at 8000 Wornall Road just before 6 p.m., when the guard momentarily turned his back on the door. When the guard turned back around, the robbers had guns pointed at him. They stole his Glock 17 and handcuffs, and wallets from two customers.

The guard, customers and two employees were all standing near the cash register.

The robbers tried to steal money from the cash register, but the clerk could not get the drawer open, police said. One of the robbers then hit the employee on the back of the head with a gun. A robber threatened to start shooting if the employee didn t open the register by the count of 10.

But then one robber yelled, Somebody s coming, and both robbers fled without any money from the business.

The robbers covered their faces and a detailed description was not available.