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Dennis: How I made it out of the Dome alive

As the Falcons season came to a close, I had a column telling my good, bad and scary moments that I experienced at the Georgia Dome.

The Falcons were fortunate enough to get one more game in there after the column ran, and they were able to send the Dome out with a win over Green Bay to advance to the Super Bowl. (Nothing further will be mentioned about the Falcons next game).

That wasn t how the Dome officially rode off into the sunset before it gets blown to smithereens, the Monster Trucks officially did that this past weekend. What a way to go. Grave Digger flipping over on its head, what a lasting memory. If this were a text I d enter rolling eyes emoji here. That s far from the memory that will forever be in my head about the Georgia Dome.

As I put in my previous column, the scariest moment of my life came in the Georgia Dome just about nine years ago to this day. I just told you the brief version then. Here s the full story. On a sunny day in 2008, my sister and I rode MARTA down to the Georgia Dome.

It was the Southeastern Conference basketball tournament, and we showed up with little expectations for the Bulldogs, who were preparing to play Kentucky after slipping by Ole Miss the night before. Georgia was coming off a 4-12 SEC slate and was fortunate to beat the Rebels on a buzzer beater by Dave Bliss in the first round of the tournament. I, a student at the time, thought what the heck, I ll go down there and show my support.

I got my sister in, who was still in high school, by using a friend s student ID. John Bateman, I apologize. But you can t be too mad, right? We went from fan to fans at the game! Sitting among a throng of blue-clad Kentucky fans, we were watching the end of Mississippi State and Alabama when the building began to shake.

I looked up and the fabric at the top of the Dome was a sea of white ripples. To explain now, I describe it as the parachute kids use in physical education class. It was flapping up and down, back and forth, and we were all trapped underneath. My first thought: terrorism. My second thought: helicopter. Fortunately, my much younger and wiser sister s thought: tornado!

She took off running and I followed her up the steps. She knew her tornado safety, and she was trying to find a doorway to stand in that could possibly withstand the Dome s collapse. We found a women s restroom to stand between the entrances in case the place was to fall in. While running through the concourse you could see outside. Stuff was blowing everywhere, awnings were falling to the ground, a security guard was running at us yelling to get away from the windows.

While standing in the bathroom entrance, a woman rounded the corner and asked if I knew that I was standing in the women s bathroom. I asked if she knew there was a tornado 100 yards away from us at the moment. You know the rest of the story; Bulldogs win the SEC at Georgia Tech.

Hopefully they have some magic in them at this week s SEC tournament in Nashville.

But, please, no severe weather.

Ryne Dennis is the sports editor for The Oconee Enterprise. Opinions expressed are those of the writer.

Kim Jong Un’s Brother Reportedly Assassinated By Poison Wielding Hit-Girl

The older half-brother of tyrant Kim Jong Un, and once heir to the North Korean autocracy, Kim Jong Nam, was supposedly attacked yesterday morning by a young female assassin wearing hot pink leggings and an LOL branded t-shirt. Some reports state that poisoned needles and/or a poison soaked rag was used in the attack. The whole thing went down inside Kuala Lumpur International Airport in Malaysia, in a merchant concourse on the terminal side of the security line.

Putin Sheds Light on Foreign Security Services’ Activity in Russia

MOSCOW (Sputnik) He said that the Federal Security Service (FSB) in 2016 prevented the activities of 53 staff employees and 386 agents.

“Operative information shows that the activity of foreign special services in Russia does not decrease. Last year, the activity of 53 staff employees and 386 foreign intelligence agents was terminated,” Putin said.

“It’s important to neutralize the attempts of foreign special services to gain access to classified data, first of all, with regard to military-technical potential of our country,” he emphasized.

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