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Safety from best Security Services Provider Gujarat, India

We are amongst the leading service providers in the field of security services. These services are highly acknowledged for authenticity, originality and timely execution. Offered by us is a spectrum of quality services which encompasses of such as commercial security services, Residential security services, shopping mall security services, Industrial Security Services, Car Park Security Services, Personal Body Guard and Private Security Services. We render these services to different areas such as Corporate & Business Houses, Legal Agencies banks, Insurance Company, Multinationals, Co-operative firms, Homes, Shopping Malls, Housing and Co-operative societies and other Organizations. We have a skilled workforce who has in-depth knowledge in this area to carry out extensive research as per the client Requirement.
We wish to introduce to you the professional security offered by Skywave Security Services Pvt. Ltd. and the details of professional security service that we provide in Gujarat and M.P. our organization is working in private sector with industrial house, commercial complex, educational complex, religious, housing society etc and various Govt. Dept. For an organization like yours, there is an obvious demand and interest of improve security at your premises. We are confident that Sky wave Security Services Pvt. Ltd. Provide better security as required to your entire satisfaction.
Our Silent Features:
Timely Execution
Client centric

Our experienced professionals are immensely talented and have vast industrial expertise. Their sincwre efforts and commitment has enabled us to remain at par with our competitors in terms of quality services. Our professionals are well varsed in diverse professional fields and are efficient in comprehending the client requirements within stipulated timeframe. The meticulous efforts of our workforce have helped us in upholding the market credibility and the confidence of our clients. WE LISTEN
We listen to our customers, sounds simple doesn t it? But time after time, we meet new customers we are ecer listened to their needs, to their needs, to their staff members, and to the security needs of the guards. At Industrial Security, we learn your business and what matters to your company, not just for today but for the future. Our listening tools:
* Regular Client meetings
* Annual quality survey
* Solicited security officer feedback

We are completely focused in our approach and it reflects in our process. Due to our committed approach, we are highly trusted by our clients. It has further helped us to achieve a respectful position among our competitors. Some of the other reasons for our growth are:
* Variety of efficient services
* Close familiarity with the industry
* Wide client base that has complete faith in our capabilities
* Adaptable to all kinds of technological and procedural overhauls
* High levels of services at reasonable price
* Provision of trained personnel
* Provision of additional security personnel with ceremonial uniform during important functions
* Quick reinforcement of manpower in emergency situations
How we trainee our guards:
Industrial Securities services understands the importance of effective unarmed security guard training in order to meet and exceed the needs of its clients and officers, as well as the continually rising demands of homeland security initiatives. The training program is designed to allow each security officer the opportunity for a clear road to success. This entails three phases:

* Core training topics: basic security officer duties awareness, officer conduct, reporting,
Principles of communication.
* Customer specification focus: specific duties and procedures relating to the job at the customer s site.
* Promote and provide ongoing training: encourage each officer s professionals development.

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Sky wave Security Services are amongst the leading service providers in the field of security services. These services are highly acknowledged for authenticity, originality and timely execution. We are confident that Sky wave Security Services Pvt. Ltd. Provide better security as required to your entire satisfaction. For more details visit us at:

Safety From Best Security Services Provider Gujarat, India
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Troops guard Brazil federal buildings amid political unrest

Troops guarded federal buildings in Brazil’s capital early Thursday as the president struggles to hang onto power amid an outcry over corruption allegations and after clashes between police and protesters demanding his resignation forced the evacuations of several ministries. With tens of thousands of demonstrators in the streets and lawmakers in Congress calling for his ouster, President Michel Temer ordered soldiers deployed in Brasilia on Wednesday. The Defense Ministry said 1,500 soldiers were being used. What began as small scuffles between police and protesters who tried to jump a cordon mushroomed into a series of confrontations in which officers fired tear gas and pepper spray to contain the crowd. A fire broke out in the Ministry of Agriculture, and protesters broke windows and doors at other ministries.

Local media captured video images of military police firing pistols into the air. The Secretariat of Public Security issued a statement late Wednesday saying it would investigate the weapons firing, saying that “this procedure is not used in protests.” Earlier, it said one person had been injured by a bullet but give no information on who fired the shot. Some government agencies were evacuated because of the violence, the president’s office said. In a brief national address during the unrest, Defense Minister Raul Jungmann said troops were being sent to guard the presidential palace and other federal buildings. The weeklong deployment was authorized by a presidential decree that left open the possibility that soldiers could be used more widely in Brasilia.

Late Wednesday, Temer’s office issued a statement defending the order as necessary because the violence put the lives and safety of public servants at risk. It said the president had determined that using the country’s National Force, an elite police entity, would not have been sufficient.

“When order is re-established, the decree will be revoked,” the statement said. “The president of the republic underscores that he will not hesitate to exercise the authority given to his office whenever it is necessary.”

Temer is struggling to retain power after the release of a recording that appears to capture him approving hush money for a convicted former lawmaker. Brazil’s top court is investigating him for alleged obstruction of justice and involvement in passive corruption. The president has denied wrongdoing and insists he will not resign. His unusual decision to call in the military could heighten anger against the government if it is seen as the last gasp of a president trying to maintain power with the use of force.

“This decree was never used in this context to protect an administration that is politically isolated,” said Newton de Oliveira, a professor and security specialist at Mackenzie University in Rio. After the announcement that troops were taking up positions in the capital, some senior officials began distancing themselves from the decision.

“If this government cannot hold itself up, the armed forces will not hold up this government,” said Sen. Renan Calheiros, who is the whip for Temer’s party in the upper house but has increasingly challenged the president.

Sen. Romero Juca, a Temer ally, defended the president’s decision. “President Temer brought in the armed forces because a bunch of criminals were setting ministries on fire,” he said. With Brazil deeply divided and a political crisis deepening, sessions in both houses of Congress became chaotic as lawmakers shouted one another down. While Congress debated, 35,000 people were marching toward the legislative building, shouting “Out with Temer!” and carrying signs calling for an immediate direct presidential election.

If Temer should resign, Brazil’s constitution says Congress would elect the next president, who would hold power for the rest of his term, which runs to the end of 2018. But many Brazilians, disgusted with the political class, want to vote themselves.

Twin Peaks Premiere: What the Heck Just Happened?

Twin Peaks has finally returned after 25ish years, and it’s kinda like it never left.

Tonight’s two-hour premiere felt pretty much exactly like two hours of Twin Peaks should: like a dream mixed with a nightmare where nothing makes sense, all in its own absurd little world. This time, however, the world’s been expanded a little bit. But we’ll get to that in a second. First, let’s talk about all the old characters we caught up with tonight. Lucy (Kimmy Robertson) and Andy (Harry Goaz) are married, and their jobs haven’t changed. Lucy’s still the police station secretary, confusing men who come in asking for Sheriff Truman by asking them which Sheriff Truman they’re looking for (one is sick and one is fishing). Their son, Wally, is now 24.

Hawk (Michael Horse) is also still a deputy, and tonight he was taking calls from the Log Lady (the late Catherine E. Coulson), whose log was certain he was missing something related to Agent Cooper. This sent Hawk into the woods. Sarah Palmer (Grace Zabriskie) spends her days chain-smoking and watching animals devour animals, and Shelly (Madchen Amick) and James (James Marshall) seem to be well-adjusted adults hanging out at the Roadhouse. Shelly’s a mom now, and James has been quiet ever since a motorcycle accident. Ben Horne (Richard Beymer) still runs the Great Northern with a new assistant named Beverly (Ashley Judd[1]), and his brother Jerry has grown a beard fully embraced Washington’s legal weed with his own business.

Dr. Jacoby (Russ Tamblyn) lives in a trailer in the woods, still wears his weirdo glasses, and has a lot of shovels for some reason. And then there’s Agent Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan), who’s been missing ever since he went to the Black Lodge. The real Dale Cooper has been trapped in the lodge ever since while his doppelganger with long greasy hair, a snakeskin-patterned shirt, a leather jacket, and a penchant for violence has been out and about, collecting cohorts, murdering people, and framing others for his crimes.

It seems that he even made it over to Buckhorn, South Dakota where a librarian has been murdered (shot through the eye). Her head was laid on her pillow, but the body under the covers was that of a large man. A local principal named Bill Hastings (Matthew Lillard) was arrested for the crime, and at first it seemed like his wife might have had a hand in setting him up, since they were both having affairs. Then, evil Dale Cooper showed up at their house.

“You did good. You followed human nature perfectly,” he said, then shot her through the eye. Evil Cooper wanted to know what Hastings knew, but his pals Ray and Daria weren’t being particularly helpful. He soon discovered they were being paid to kill him, so he killed Daria, downloaded the schematics for the prison Ray had gotten himself thrown in, and got a and was on his way to get Ray out of the prison he claimed to be in (so he could find out what he knew & kill him) when the Black Lodge opened right above the highway.

Meanwhile, real Cooper was still trapped in the Black Lodge’s red room, with older versions of Laura Palmer (Sheryl Lee), Leland Palmer (Ray Wise), and the one-armed man (Al Strobel), along with a tree with a brain that called itself the arm (replacing the Man from Another Place). They told him a lot of very familiarly confusing things, but also that he could get out of the lodge if his doppelganger came back in. Cooper eventually found an exit from the red room that opened up over the highway. He fell through space and right into the premiere’s strangest subplot of all. Somewhere in NYC, a young man had been tasked with sitting on a couch and keeping watch over a large glass box, occasionally having to switch out the memory cards in the cameras pointed at it. He wasn’t allowed to bring anyone in to see the glass box, but when the security guard mysteriously disappeared, he took the opportunity to sneak in his curious friend Tracy.

He explained that an anonymous billionaire had set up this box, and he was supposed to watch it in case anything appeared inside it. Nothing had so far, but that all changed when he and Tracy started having sex on the couch. The box went black, and a terrifying demon appeared inside it. Suddenly, the demon was outside the box, murdering the two lovebirds. What they were completely unaware of was that before the sex, while they had been outside checking for the missing security guard, Agent Cooper himself had appeared in the box after escaping the Black Lodge, but no one was there to spot him. He then disappeared and was sent hurtling through space or something that kind of looked like space. So…that was all very weird. It looked and felt like the old Twin Peaks, but so far, it’s a little difficult to tell if all of this will come together in a satisfying way. In other words, it’s hard to tell if we’re in season one of Twin Peaks or late season two.

Either way, at this point, we’re in.

Just a couple of questions:

Who was that creepy dude in the jail, two cells down from the principal? And why did he disappear? What job was that guy at the desk hiring someone for and who’s controlling him? Could it be that the glass box needs a new watcher? What “anonymous billionaire” owns that glass box? Will we meet the glass box’s new watcher? Will we get to meet Wally???

Twin Peaks airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on Showtime.


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