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Chatham: Reanna Turner admits racially abuse and assault

A young woman spat at and racially abused a security guard while she was out with a group of friends. Reanna Turner even sprayed the man with a fire extinguisher during the incident last September. Security guard Albert Anyika was asked to check on a group of teenagers said to be fooling about in Chatham town centre.

Chatham: Reanna Turner Admits Racially Abuse And Assault

Reanna Turner spat at a security guard

But when he approached the group he was racially abused and told by Turner to go back to his own country. When he tried to reason with them, the 18-year-old spat at him and called him a derogatory racist name. She then picked up the extinguisher and started spraying him.

Mr Anyika also had food thrown at him. Later, when the group moved to the nearby McDonald s restaurant in the High Street, Turner stole a muffin so the police were called. The teen, of Montgomery Avenue, Chatham, was later charged with racially aggravated harassment, assault, and theft.

She admitted all three offences when she appeared before magistrates in Medway.

Chatham: Reanna Turner Admits Racially Abuse And Assault

The case was heard at Medway Magistrates Court

Prosecutor Sarah Worsley said Mr Anyika had not only been verbally abused but also assaulted. Magistrates heard Turner had no other convictions but had recently spent time in psychiatric unit as she had had mental health issues. She had now gone though a successful treatment programme and had changed her lifestyle and was no longer hanging around with bad people.

Robin Murray, defending, said: She was very unwell and her recollection of the incident is extremely poor.

She was using illegal substances but is no longer and her medication is working very well. Magistrates fined her 165 for the racial abuse offence, ordered she pay 150 compensation to Mr Anyika for spitting at him and was given 12-month conditional discharge for the theft. Turner was also ordered to pay 1.19 compensation to McDonald s for stealing the muffin and 85 costs.

Snow Storm Threatens Stream Flooding

A flood watch is active in the north central part of Wyoming. Recent warm weather combined with a spring snow storm is speeding up the already high levels of runoff in the state s mountains. Streams in the eastern and central part of the state are also beginning to run high: in the Shoshone, Big Horn, Wind, and Powder River Basins. In the Wind River Mountains, snow pack is 237-percent higher than usual according to the emergency management agency in Fremont County.

Pat Kondas, the public relations officer with the county s emergency management, said officials from Homeland Security and the National Guard have set up barriers filled with dirt at critical points to redirect runoff from overflowing streams. She said it’s still just pre-emptive work. Flooding has not started and it won t until whatever s melting comes down from the mountains. Kondas said residents can pick up their own sandbags at road and bridge shops around Fremont County.

Spare Yourself Airport Security Lines By Signing Up For TSA PreCheck At Penn Station

Spare Yourself Airport Security Lines By Signing Up For TSA PreCheck At Penn Station
Travelers futilely try to travel out of JFK airport. (JFK)

We’re nearing peak travel season, and considering last years’ security line nightmare[1], and the fact that it takes a small lifetime to even get to a local airport[2] these days, you can expect air travel to be a total time-suck this summer. Blessedly, the Transportation Security Administration is offering New Yorkers a small reprieve the TSA will open a temporary TSA PreCheck application center at Penn Station next month, so you can enroll and be spared some airport time. The temporary application center will be open from May 1st to May 19th, on weekdays from 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the United Airlines Ticket Office at Penn Station. You can make an appointment online and pre-enroll[3]. While it does cost $85 and some government anonymity, the TSA PreCheck designation lasts for five years and lets you keep your shoes on, along with belts and light outerwear. Other bonuses include being able to keep your laptop and liquids in your bag, plus PreCheck customers are typically sent through a shorter line. That might not seem like much for the money, but I was lucky enough to travel on PreCheck on a recent multi-layover trip, and it saved me quite a bit of time and vexation.

When you show up for you appointment, make sure you have the proper documentation to prove citizenship. There’s a list available online[4]. Note that you’ll need a credit card, company check or certified/cashier s check to pay for the application at the appointment (no cash or personal checks), though you can also pay using a money order.

And if you’re curious as to why it takes approximately 75 years to make it through a TSA security line, we’ve got at least some kind of explanation:

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