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Farnek enters Abu Dhabi security services market

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Leading FM company signs business partnership with Abu Dhabi businesswoman HE Badria Almulla; UAE FM sector poised for 9% annual growth over the next five years – security services expected to register fastest rate of growth

Dubai, UAE, March 28, 2017: Leading UAE-based total facilities management company, Farnek has now entered the Abu Dhabi security market and can now provide full protection services across the entire range of real estate assets, such as commercial and residential buildings, shopping malls, hotels and industrial premises.

The move follows the formal signing of a business partnership agreement with HE Badria Almulla, Chairperson of the Abu-Dhabi-based International Emirates Business Group (IeBG).

‘We are honored to serve our beloved country and to support its vision of being a hub for business excellence. To that end we have signed a strategic partnership agreement with Farnek, not only because of their enviable reputation, solid experience and technical expertise, but also because I am confident that together, we can help to raise the bar in terms of TQM, HSE and CSR, while simultaneously achieving great business results.

With existing customers in the banking, residential real estate and industrial premises, initially Farnek will station 100 guards at its Abu Dhabi offices and increase resources in line with market demand. Farnek plans to have over 500 security personnel permanently based in Abu Dhabi by 2020.
‘Industry experts value the current UAE FM sector at around 6 billion. So, if 9% annual growth is accurate that means the FM sector should be growing at approximately 500 million per year, calculated Markus Oberlin, CEO, Farnek.

Farnek has been providing total FM services in the UAE for more than 37 years and until now has subcontracted its security services in Abu Dhabi. But due to demand from its customers and the market potential, especially for manpower tracking systems, fully automated incident reporting and automated access control, Farnek decided to set up its own dedicated security company in Abu Dhabi in partnership with HE Badria Almulla.

Speaking about the partnership, Oberlin said: ‘HE Badria is highly respected and is a multi-award-winning businesswoman. Her leadership and support will be invaluable to us.

‘We already have a workforce of over 4,000 employees, with more than 200 vehicles, so naturally we will benefit from economies of scale. This will allow us to integrate the security services seamlessly into our existing operation. We will also be able to service contracts that require broader FM services across multiple UAE locations, especially for banks, branded retail outlets, restaurants and hotels, added Oberlin.

According to the research company TechSci, the facilities management (FM) industry in the UAE is expected to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of up to 9% over the next five years, driven by mega projects like Abu Dhabi’s Emirate-wide Vision 2030, and Urban Development Master Plan 2020.

In total, it is estimated that there are over 55 billion worth of major infrastructure projects in the UAE, the majority with completion dates within the next decade. With mega projects in Abu Dhabi as the Etihad railway network, Abu Dhabi Airport expansion and Abu Dhabi Metro, as such the FM sector is facing a period of robust and sustained growth not only in Abu Dhabi but throughout the UAE.

‘The focus of the UAE government is also to diversify the economy away from hydrocarbon receipts. Quite apart from managing new smart buildings the maintenance of older buildings and facilities is also providing the FM sector with ample opportunity, added Oberlin.


Accused Florida airport shooter to appear in Alaska case by phone

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Updated: Tue 5:27 PM, Mar 28, 2017

ANCHORAGE (KTUU) As he awaits trial on charges of killing five people at a Fort Lauderdale airport, former Anchorage security guard Esteban Santiago still has unfinished business in Alaska courts.

The 27-year-old faces domestic violence and destruction of property charges[1] related to a Jan. 10, 2016, encounter at the home of his girlfriend in Fairview. Anchorage District Court Judge Jennifer Henderson arranged for Santiago to appear by telephone for sentencing in that case on April 18.

We obviously can t even try to get him on the phone for today s date, Henderson said at a hearing today. Defense attorney Max Holmquist said he had not talked to Santiago and was not comfortable waiving Santiago’s right to appear in court on the lesser charges. The Anchorage court date had been scheduled long before the airport shooting. Santiago had agreed to undergo anger management classes here and was seeking to knock down the misdemeanor charges of breaking a door and attacking his girlfriend, Alaska court records show. Yet his life appeared to unravel throughout 2016.

Santiago temporarily surrendered his handgun to authorities in Anchorage after appearing at the local FBI offices in November, talking of mind control and ISIS. Also in November, Santiago was fired from his job as a security guard due to documented mental illness, according to paperwork obtained from the state by KTUU.

[2 months before airport shootings, Santiago lost security job due to ‘documented mental illness’][2]

The handgun was returned to Santiago within weeks. Karen Loeffler, U.S. Attorney for the District of Alaska, has said there was no mechanism in federal law for officers to permanently seize the weapon. Authorities say Santiago flew from Anchorage to Florida with the firearm in his checked baggage and opened fire upon arriving at the airport Jan. 6. Since the airport killings, Santiago has been diagnosed with schizophrenia and schizoaffective disorder[3], defense attorneys wrote in a filing earlier this month. A hearing is scheduled in that federal case on April 21.


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TSA offers airport security tips for travelers

TSA Offers Airport Security Tips For Travelers SHREVEPORT, La –

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) at Shreveport Regional Airport (SHV) provided travelers with tips and advice on what is and is not permitted in your carry-on bags when traveling by air. A display of prohibited items stopped recently by TSA officers in Shreveport were shown.

Passengers bringing firearms remain a problem with 5 guns stopped by TSA officers at SHV last year (with a total of 78 across the state) and 3 so far this year at SHV (with 23 across the state.) Most of the guns were loaded.

The problem is escalating nationally as well with 2,653 stopped in 2015 across the country and 3,391 stopped last year. More than 1,100 pounds of VAP (Voluntarily abandoned property consisting of other prohibited items such as knives and brass knuckles) and HazMat (hazardous materials such as household chemicals) were stopped by Transportation Security Administration officers in Shreveport last year as well.

These items have in the past included stun guns, grenades, brass knuckles and martial arts tools.

More information to come.