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Salem marks first muster Saturday

William J. Dowd [email protected] @WJD_MHDReporter

The Second Corps Cadets Veterans Association will mark a milestone come Saturday: The 380th Anniversary of the first military muster in the United States right here in Salem, the birthplace of the National Guard. And the association s pulling out all the stops to mark the occaison, starting off with a ceremony in St. Peter s Church and ending with a late-morning cannon salute in Salem Common.

This year we are honored to have the Chief of the Guard Bureau, 4-star General Joseph Lengyel, attending, said Salem Veterans Agent Kim Emerling. There will be many active guard units, mounted Lancers, re-enactors, several veterans groups, as well as a howitzer salute. Lengyel, the guest of honor, serves as the 28th chief of the National Guard Bureau and as a member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. And in that role, he advises the president, secretary of defense, National Security Council among others, according to his biography. He is also directly charged with ensuring over 453,000 Army and Air National Guard personnel are accessible, capable and ready to protect the homeland.

The guard s foundation was Dec. 13, 1636. On that date, the General Court s members organized militia companies across three regions across Massachusetts Bay Colony: North, South and East.

The colonists had adopted the English militia system, which obligated all males, between the ages of 16 and 60, to possess arms and participate in the defense of the community, reads a pamphlet from Emerling. The early colonial militia drilled once a week and provided guard details each evening to sound the alarm in case of attack. And the first drill – or muster – took place in Salem Common in 1637. It s that moment – the exact date is unknown – that will be celebrated Saturday. Former congressman John Tierney sponsored a bill that was passed in Congress and signed by President Barack Obama in 2013, officially establishing Salem as the birthplace of the National Guard.

Saturday s exercises kick off at 9:30 a.m. in St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, 24 St. Peter St., with a wreath-laying ceremony. The church, according to Destination Salem, is significant as a place of remembrance for the Second Corps as their founder, Stephen Abbott, is buried there.

Observances will continue at Armory Park on Essex Street across from the Peabody Essex Museum with another ceremony at 10:30 a.m. Participants will then march to Salem Common, where a commemoration of the first muster will be held at 11:30 a.m., featuring a pass in review and a cannon salute.

This is one of the great events in Salem that connects us to our past, and our place in America’s history, said Salem City Councilor Josh Turiel, a former participant, in a statement encouraging folks to come out. We should all use this opportunity to remember how the country started, and the ideals of the brave people who mustered to defend their home.

NEWaukee Announces Northwestern Mutual as Presenting Sponsor …

NEWaukee Announces Northwestern Mutual As Presenting Sponsor ...

Northwestern Mutual Tower Signage. Photo by Jeramey Jannene.

MILWAUKEE, March 28, 2017 NEWaukee[1] is proud to announce Northwestern Mutual[2] as the title sponsor of its YPWeek Milwaukee 2017[3], part of the YPWeek Wisconsin initiative taking place April 22 29, 2017. YPWeek Milwaukee, founded in 2012, is a weeklong platform of discovery, adventure and meaningful conversations about the issues that matter to young professionals. YPWeek Wisconsin has continued to reach across the state with the support of the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation[4] (WEDC) since 2015, and its participants have collaborated with the agency on a shared communication platform designed to retain, excite and grow the state s talent pool. YPWeek incorporates this platform into its programming, leveraging Think-Make-Happen, as an organizing theme.

In the past six years, NEWaukee has developed the most comprehensive millennial talent pool in the state of Wisconsin, explains Angela Damiani[5], CEO of NEWaukee. As an industry leader, Northwestern Mutual continues to develop cutting-edge technology to serve their clients. They are investing in the Milwaukee community by fostering an agile workforce armed with high-demand skills. YPWeek serves as a platform to reach out to those professionals as they seek the best talent to join their growing teams. As a title sponsor of the week, Northwestern Mutual will play a key role in YPWeek Milwaukee activities and will be featured at the following programs:

  • Quiet to Cutting Edge: How Northwestern Mutual is Milwaukee s beacon of innovation: Monday, April 24, 2017 from 7:30-9 a.m.

Tim Schaefer[6], executive vice president for client and digital experience, will speak directly to young professionals about how Northwestern Mutual, the one-time quiet company, is now making noise with its digital transformation and culture of innovation.

  • The Interview: A Reverse Job Fair: Monday, April 24, 2017 from 6 to 8:30 p.m.

Karl Gouverneur[7], vice president and Chief Technology Officer, will be one of several local business leaders pitching job-seekers on the advantages of joining their companies. Afterward, candidates can learn about and interview for open positions.

  • The Speaker Crawl: Tuesday, April 25, 2017 from 6 to 8 p.m.

Sheldon Cuffie[8], vice president and Chief Information Security Officer, will offer an inspirational talk on his career journey, and lessons he believes others can benefit from. He ll deliver the keynote presentation at this Ted Talk-style event.

At Northwestern Mutual, people are what set us apart, and as we continue to celebrate our 160th year in business we remain dedicated to delivering a client experience that combines cutting edge technology, long-term product value and financial strength, said Jo Eisenhart[9], Northwestern Mutual, senior vice president of human resources. This partnership with NEWaukee gives us another way to develop top talent in the greater Milwaukee community and make an impact, as we continue to innovate and develop new tech and digital experiences.

In addition to activities happening in Milwaukee, YPWeek Wisconsin 2017 features events occurring in 25 cities across the state: Chequamegon Bay, Door County, Eau Claire, Fond du Lac, Fox Cities, Green Bay, Hayward, Kenosha, La Crosse, Madison, Manitowoc, Marinette, Marshfield, Milwaukee, Oshkosh, Platteville, Portage, Price County, Racine, Sheboygan, Stevens Point, Superior, Waukesha, Wausau and Wisconsin Rapids. For more information about YPWeek Milwaukee presented by Northwestern Mutual, please visit[10]. Additional information about YPWeek Wisconsin can be found at[11].

About Northwestern Mutual
Northwestern Mutual has been helping families and businesses achieve financial security for 160 years. Our financial representatives build relationships with clients through a distinctive planning approach that integrates risk management with wealth accumulation, preservation and distribution. With $250.4 billion in assets, $28.2 billion in revenues, and more than $1.6 trillion worth of life insurance protection in force, Northwestern Mutual delivers financial security to more than 4.4 million people who rely on us for insurance and investment solutions, including life, disability income and long-term care insurance; annuities; trust services; mutual funds; and investment advisory products and services. Northwestern Mutual ranks 100 on the 2016 FORTUNE 500, and is recognized by FORTUNE as one of the World s Most Admired life insurance companies in 2016. Northwestern Mutual is the marketing name for The Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company, Milwaukee, WI (life and disability insurance, annuities, and life insurance with long-term care benefits) and its subsidiaries. Northwestern Mutual and its subsidiaries offer a comprehensive approach to financial security solutions including: life insurance, long-term care insurance, disability income insurance, annuities, life insurance with long-term care benefits, investment products, and advisory products and services. Subsidiaries include Northwestern Mutual Investment Services, LLC (NMIS) (securities), broker-dealer, registered investment adviser, member FINRA and SIPC; the Northwestern Mutual Wealth Management Company (NMWMC) (fiduciary and fee-based financial planning services), federal savings bank; and Northwestern Long Term Care Insurance Company (NLTC) (long-term care insurance).

NEWaukee is a social architecture firm that specializes in community-based signature experiences centered on high-profile issues of importance for the city of Milwaukee. NEWaukee also provides consumer, employer brand and talent engagement services to employers looking to attract and retain talent necessary to grow their businesses. Visit[12] to learn more.

YPWeek Wisconsin 2017 brings together young leaders in 25 communities, at purposefully chosen locations that integrate the unique cultural assets with meaningful learning or social interaction. The activities engage the millennial workforce in activities and experience that are important to them while educating employers on the important role these functions play in retaining their workforce. Major sponsors of YPWeek Wisconsin 2017 include: Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation, Aurora Health Care[13], Northwestern Mutual, Concordia[14] University Wisconsin, Bartolotta Restaurant Group, Wisconsin Media, and WTMJ 620. Visit[15] to learn more.


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Renault Megane: less expensive than the Korean Hyundai i30

Renault Megane: Less Expensive Than The Korean Hyundai I30Renault M gane: less expensive than the Korean Hyundai i30Long, Korean automobiles have dragged a cheap car image. Over the years, it would seem that these models are gradually breaking away from this reputation, to make other arguments. In 2011, the owner of the Volkswagen Martin Winterkorn was pointing the finger at the steering wheel height adjustment of the Hyundai i30, particularly quiet. We can not do it, BMW can not, why do they? , He had bluntly asked one of the engineers who accompanied him during his visit to the Frankfurt Motor Show. It is obvious, the quality of Korean models today is at the level of competition.

Still, despite certain qualities, the Korean cars retained a certain modesty in their tariffs . Lack of image oblige, they put forward their price and their long-term guarantee to convince. But it all seems to be over. Last September, we took the Kia Optima GT for ‘ 42,990, more than ‘ 5,000 more expensive than the most direct competitor of the Skoda Octavia RS (read our test of the Kia Optima GT ). What seemed like an exception to this, on a vehicle primarily aimed at pulling up the image of the brand, now seems to have been only the beginning of the end of the complexes of the Korean manufacturers. Today, the model that interests us does indeed have nothing anecdotal, since it is the Hyundai i30 . This compact family designed primarily for the European market is made in the Czech Republic is thus more expensive than its competitor Renault M gane . Our trial version featuring the new 1.4 T-GDi 140-hp four-cylinder petrol, involves choosing the finest Creative finish for a total price of $ 27,950. In front, the M gane in Intens finish has an equivalent equipment (it only needs the electric adjustment of the driver s seat) but a much more reasonable price of 25.600 ‘ with the engine 1.2 TCe of 130 hp. That seems to be the world upside down. From the first glance, the Hyundai i30 seems to want to justify its high price. Like the Volkswagen Golf and Peugeot 308, this compact carries on quite classical and balanced lines . The chromed rod that surrounds the windows appears perfectly adjusted in its various parts. The rear lights with opalescent diodes (only on the Creative finish) complete the look. Here, everything is clear, precise, well proportioned.

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More original, the Renault plays style effects to better attract the eye. It thus puts on its broad taillights in the form of mustaches , permanently illuminated. At the front, the diodes are also visible from afar, forming horns under the headlights. All this aesthetically closes the M gane of his big sister the Talisman. But these decorative elements sometimes seem a little oversized compared to the template of the car. In our opinion, the style of the Korean will pass through the years better. Question presentation, the M gane resumes colors inside. The finish appears neat, with quality materials. In this level of Intens range, the highest for standard engines, it avoids the few faults of tastes of the sporty GT (read our comparison of the Renault Megane GT against the Seat Leon Cupra ). The upholstery, which combines velvet and skai, is flattering and offers excellent support. It is probably on this point that the rub is the most aboard the Hyundai i30. Our test model, supposed to be the most luxurious, had seats covered with rough cloth in their central part and leather in appearance more than any on the edges Although it is true. Incomprehensibly, leather upholstery is not available in France. And we also deplore the facade of dashboard made of hard plastic: this part most visible and closest to the hands does not take advantage of the foamed material of the dashboard cap. The finish is no less serious, with precise assemblies.

However, in terms of life on board, the Hyundai i30 still has arguments to move forward. Already with regard to ergonomics. Certainly the large 8.7-inch screen of the M gane throws. But it is a little too present, in the sense that it controls many parameters. And unlike Space and Talisman, which have the same interface, the Megane is not entitled to the shortcut wheel located behind the shift lever. Result: switching from one feature to another sometimes requires a little too many clicks. Simpler, the i30 is also clearer . All the buttons are located where they are expected and the grip is immediate. But we must deal with a list of equipment of less important technology:

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As for the habitability, our two competitors are marked with the panties. The leg room and the roof guard are quite comparable, as is the trunk volume: 384 liters for the M gane versus 395 liters for the i30 . Note that the Korean has a slight advantage in terms of modularity. If the backrests do not form a completely flat floor when folded down, they do not impose a step, as is the case on the French. On the road, the Renault M gane rather honors his coat of arms. The comfort of suspension appears remarkable, without however burdening the maintenance of body. Indeed, the road behavior is very secure, displaying a temperament gently under-tacking the limits of adhesion. One regrets however a direction rather informative, which erases the sensations and a part of the pleasure to the wheel. In the same way, some twists of the rear train are to be deplored in corners, on bad coatings. The Renault M gane beaten on its own ground

By trying to measure up to references, Hyundai has put the little dishes in the big And the recipe works! It should be noted: the i30 beats the M gane on the pre-square of the French brands, that of the road behavior. The balance of the car is quite neutral, with an incisive frontal train and a rear which is positioned at will at the foot rise. The effectiveness is real, as is the sense of security. And the multi-link rear axle is more efficient on the wrong road than the M gane s deformable cross-member. It is therefore a no-fault of the Korean with regard to the links to the ground. Because even if its suspension is a little firmer than that of the French, the i30 is still to be classified among the comfortable models of the segment.

Under the hood of the M gane , we find the well-known four-cylinder petrol turbocharged, with a displacement of 1.2 liters. If we except the GT and its 200 hp, this engine is now the most powerful of the range in gasoline, with its 130 hp on our test model. Rather linear and silent, this block is satisfactory, even if penalized by a slight hollow at low revs . This is the ransom of his small displacement. Consumption does not impress, as we have averaged 7.7 l / 100 km on a route mixing city, road and expressway.

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On the i30 , it is a brand new engine that officiates. This compact Korean inaugurates a new four-cylinder 1.4 liter turbo direct injection , from the Kappa family. Developing 140 hp , this one is to consider as the big brother the three-cylinder 1.0 T-GDi, released a year ago (read our comparison between the Hyundai i20 1.0 T-GDi and the Volkswagen Polo BlueMotion TSI ). Flexible, silent, lively and vigorous, it is intrinsically quite convincing. But its disadvantages seem unfortunately prohibitive. Still passing the consumption of 7.8 l / 100 km, admittedly not glorious but equivalent to that of the M gane. The big black point of this 1.4 T-GDi 140 ch comes from its management, which seems to cut the injection for a few milliseconds at each shift, to better save the clutch. As a result, it is impossible to evolve smoothly in the city , since the phenomenon is sensitive on the first three ratios. And this, whatever the way used: quiet or fast start, making skate or not the clutch, nothing does. The only remedy seems to be to choose the optional automatic double clutch. Ultimately, Hyundai s efforts to come and tickle the references are obvious. Better: they are effective, since intrinsically, our test i30 competes without question with the M gane . However, the gap in terms of benefits is not, in our view, too strong to justify the extra cost . Indeed, the French is competent, and it is not the only competitor on the segment. Moreover, the shocks in town imposed by the Korean quickly become horripilants. Perhaps we would have found the i30 superior to its competitor with an automatic transmission. Meanwhile, the Renault wins fairly logically this game.

Renault Megane: Less Expensive Than The Korean Hyundai I30