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NH National Guard personnel to provide air base security

About 30 New Hampshire Air National Guard Security Forces Squadron members are going to be deployed in support of Operation Freedom’s Sentinel. A deployment ceremony is scheduled for Sunday at Pease Air National Guard Base in Newington, New Hampshire. The ceremony also will celebrate the 193 airmen who have deployed this year. The soldiers are deploying to six locations throughout the United States Central Command. They have conducted combat skills training at Fort Bliss, Texas, and completed additional training locally. They will provide airbase security at six bases throughout the region.

What’s that robot doing at Irvine Spectrum? It’s on security guard patrol

If you thought you saw a robot roaming the Irvine Spectrum Center in recent days, you were right. The Newport Beach-based Irvine Co. has begun testing a fully autonomous robot to supplement the mall s security efforts. The robot is a K5 model manufactured by Mountain View-based Knightscope. It s shaped like a bullet, has wheels at its base and is about 5 feet tall.

The Spectrum Center s K5 has been patrolling for about a week, said Bill O Leary, vice president of corporate security for the Irvine Co. The test is expected to last three more weeks. The robot, which is unnamed, follows a programmed route, capturing 360-degree video along the way, O Leary said. Security staff can view the video live and receive alerts from the robot. The K5 also has night vision and sensors that can detect heat, O Leary said. It works for about one or two hours at a time before needing a recharge for 15 to 20 minutes. It then returns to its patrol.

We re always evaluating new technology and finding new ways to provide a better customer experience, O Leary said.

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Man pretending to be cop arrested after pulling over real Miami …

A Hialeah security guard was arrested Wednesday evening after attempting to pull over a real Miami police officer, authorities said. Officer Kenia Fallat, who serves as a spokeswoman for the Miami Police Department, was driving west around 7:30 p.m. down Southwest Seventh Street near 13th Avenue when a man pulled up next to her, according to an arrest form. The man, identified as Milton Morales-Perez, 46, rolled down the window of his 2010 white Ford Mustang and flashed a silver badge at her, telling her to hang up the phone and saying in Spanish, Polic a, stop the car.

Fallat was driving in an unmarked police car but was in uniform. According to the report, Fallat then called police for backup. Two more officers arrived and arrested Morales-Perez. When asked why he had a badge, Morales-Perez told them he was a security guard and that he had tried to stop Fallat because it is very dangerous to be on the phone while driving.

Morales-Perez was charged with one count of impersonating a police officer.

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