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Tulsa murder suspect arrested after months on the run

Tulsa Murder Suspect Arrested After Months On The Run

Byron Penn is in the Tulsa County Jail for first-degree murder. He’s accused of shooting and killing a security guard in October 2016. (TCSO)

TULSA, Okla. (KTUL) — A man wanted for months after a Tulsa murder was arrested during a traffic stop Thursday.

Byron Penn[1] was in a car that was stopped near 111th and Mingo by the US Marshal Service, members of the Northern Oklahoma Violent Crimes Task Force and Tulsa police. Penn is accused of shooting and killing a security guard[2] at Route 66 Event Center Oct. 2, 2016. Police say the guard, Norman Huntley[3], tried to stop a fight and a theft but ended up being shot in the process. Penn was booked into the Tulsa County Jail for first-degree murder.


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Union City Police Capture Louisiana Casino Robbery Suspect

UNION CITY (CBS SF) A man wanted for the brazen armed robbery of a Louisiana casino in late 2016 captured on videotape was arrested over the weekend in Union City, authorities said. Union City police said officer Anthony Bellotti was driving in his patrol car when he recognized one of the two fugitives who remained at large in a car on Crest Lane. The fugitive gave officers a fake name in an attempt to avoid being identified when he was contacted. The name game did not work and the robbery suspect was arrested without incident and was headed back to Louisiana on Wednesday.

Union City police did not identify the suspect but David Theriot and Corey Nixon were the two wanted fugitives at large. Randy Lee Turner was already in custody.

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According to Louisiana investigators, three people wearing masks, dark-colored clothing and carrying assault-style rifles entered High Rollers Casino on Main Street in Houma, La., just before 3 a.m. on Oct. 4, 2016 while a fourth person waited in a truck. The robbers encountered customers, employees and the security guard and escaped with an undetermined amount of money, according to a police news release. The getaway vehicle was found a short time later.

George Eastman Museum Releases More Than 250000 Photos From Its Collection Online

POSTED December 27, 2016

George Eastman Museum Releases More Than 250000 Photos From Its Collection Online

Nickolas Muray, Table set for dessert, hands with silver utensils serving cake with ice cream, 1944.

Claire Voon of Hyperallergic[1] reports that the George Eastman Museum has released more than 250,000 photographs from its vast collection into an online archive. Images from photography s earliest days will be made available, along with pictures of cameras, film splicers, and vintage Kodak advertisements, among other things a multi-tiered history regarding the invention, reception, and dissemination of the photograph. The museum has images from over 8,000 photographers, and holds collections from Edward Steichen, Lewis Hine, Louis-Jacques-Mand Daguerre, Nickolas Muray, and Alvin Langdon Coburn works from these artists will also be made accessible. The museum will be adding to its online archive on a weekly basis, and is currently at work on digitizing and uploading pieces from its moving image collections.

December 26, 2016

George Eastman Museum Releases More Than 250000 Photos From Its Collection Online

Kenneth Snelson, Easy Landing, 1977.

Sculptor Kenneth Snelson, best known for his kinetic sculptures consisting of networks of stainless steel cables and aluminum tubes, died on Thursday at his home in Manhattan at the age of eighty-nine, William Grimes of the New York Times[2] reports. Born in Pendleton, Oregon in 1927, Snelson joined the Navy and worked as a radio technician before enrolling in the University of Oregon where he took architectural drawing and design classes. In the 1940s, he attended North Carolina s Black Mountain College where he met and was inspired by inventor Buckminster Fuller. He continued his education in Oregon where he studied engineering and then traveled to Chicago to take classes at the Institute of Design and Paris to work with Fernand L ger at the Acad mie de Montmartre.

In 1948, he built Early X Piece, which featured suspended plywood. Commenting on the work, Snelson said, While forfeiting mobility, I managed to gain something even more exotic: solid elements fixed in space, one-to-another, held together only by tension members. He added, I was quite amazed at what I had done. In 1964, he was commissioned by Fuller s company, Synergetics, to create Photonium, a large-scale installation, for the New York World s Fair. In 1966 he had his first solo exhibition at the Dwan Gallery in Manhattan. Today, his engineered works can be found all over the world. His sixty-foot-tall Needle Tower, 1968, was erected outside of the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden in Washington D.C. and his even larger Needle Tower II, 1968, stretches ninety feet towards the sky in the Netherlands, at the Kr ller-M ller Museum in Otterlo.

December 26, 2016

George Eastman Museum Releases More Than 250000 Photos From Its Collection Online

Durbar Square in Kathmandu, Nepal.

The Siddhartha Arts Foundation in Kathmandu, Nepal has announced that it will host the inaugural edition of the Kathmandu Triennial, which will kick off on March 24, 2017. Curated by Philippe Van Cauteren, artistic director of SMAK at Ghent in Belgium, the triennial will invite more than fifty artists from around twenty-five countries to participate. Titled My City, My Studio/My City, My Life, the first exhibition will build off the success of the Kathmandu International Art Festivals that were held between 2009 and 2012. It will address the relationship between art and the city and will be dedicated to the victims of the earthquakes of April 25 and May 12, 2015 that killed over 8,000 people[4].

Commenting on the theme, Van Cauteren said, The city is much like a container in which, through random ways, direct and indirect, history, habits, and traditions are preserved. The sociocultural texture of the place; colors and odors; the past, the present and the future; stories facts and fiction all of it activated in the same. The artist thus will aim to be an urban archaeologist who digs from the city these elements, which can serve as core threads in their artistic practice. The triennial will also feature workshops, masterclasses, and outreach programs. In addition, curator Veerangana Kumari Solanki Jamwal will organize an international colloquium.

December 23, 2016

George Eastman Museum Releases More Than 250000 Photos From Its Collection Online

Installation view of Vessels, 2016.

After eight and a half years, Kirstin Strunz will close her Berlin gallery Cruise and Callas in February 2017, Monopol[5] reports. The art world is so closely linked to society and today it is undergoing an enormous transformation. I think the system needs renewal, Strunz said. The gallery represents various artists including Frauke Boggasch, Annabelle Craven-Jones, Chris Hammerlein, and Dominik Steiner. The last exhibition presented by the space was a group show, Vessels, featuring works by Michele di Menna, Helena Huneke, Nico Ihlein, Gerard Kever, Julia Pfeiffer, and Anselm Reyle. It closed on December 17. The gallery will remain open by appointment only throughout the month of January.

December 23, 2016

George Eastman Museum Releases More Than 250000 Photos From Its Collection Online

Jens Risom

Modernist designer Jens Risom, best known for bringing midcentury Danish furniture to the United States, died on December 9 at his home in Connecticut at the age of one hundred, Jacob Bernstein of the New York Times[6] reports. Risom, who worked with Knoll studio, created one of the first mass-produced modernist chairs in 1942. His furniture pieces are in the collections of New York s Museum of Modern Art, the Brooklyn Museum, and the Smithsonian Design Museum. Born in Copenhagen in 1916, Risom s father was an architecture who worked in the neo-Classical style. He attended the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, which is now called the Danish Design School, where studied under Kaare Klint a Danish architect known as the father of Danish furniture design. He moved to the United Sates in 1940 where he met Hans Knoll and designed furniture for him until 1946.

Risom was drafted into the army and served under General George S. Patton before returning to New York and opening his own firm, Jens Risom Design. He was a trustee of the Rhode Island School of Design and he was knighted by Queen Margrethe II in Denmark. Auctioneer Richard Wright, who s sold Risom s pieces at his auction house, said, A lot of people think of modernism as cold and clinical or bold and colored, and Risom s was neither. It s quiet and warm.

December 22, 2016

George Eastman Museum Releases More Than 250000 Photos From Its Collection Online

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko handed over the paintings, including works by Tintoretto, Rubens and Mantegna, stolen from a Verona museum in 2015 and later recovered by Ukrainian officials. Photo:

Italian culture minister Dario Franceschini traveled to Ukraine to retrieve seventeen canvases valued at roughly $17 million that were stolen from the the Castelvecchio Museum in Verona by armed robbers last year, the Associated Press reports. The paintings, by artists such as Rubens, Tintoretto, and Mantegna, were taken in November 2015. As the museum was closing, robbers removed the works from the walls before the building s security system was activated and left the premises using a security guard s vehicle. In May 2016, Ukrainian authorities recovered the paintings, which were wrapped in plastic bags, on a small island on the Dniester River.

Six people were charged with robbery and convicted, including a museum guard, Pasquale Silvestri Riccardi, who received a prison sentence of ten years and eight months earlier this month. In a ceremony in Kiev, Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko presented Franceschini with the paintings and said, the theft of masterpiece paintings is akin to stealing part of the city s heart. The works were received in fairly good condition with only minor scratches. On Friday, December 23, they will be exhibited for about a month before undergoing restoration. Franceschini said, It s an important day, because the works are all returning to Verona intact. It was an ugly story that became a beautiful story.

December 22, 2016

George Eastman Museum Releases More Than 250000 Photos From Its Collection Online

The Smithsonian s Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden

The Smithsonian s Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden announced that it will partner with the US Department of State s Office of Art in Embassies a global program that fosters public diplomacy through the visual arts. Together the institutions will develop exhibitions, artist residencies, and programming. Hirshhorn director Melissa Chiu said, Throughout the past fifty years, Art in Embassies has played a critical role in encouraging international cultural exchange, creating lasting connections through a shared passion in the visual arts. She added, As a public institution with a global audience, we are excited by the opportunity to join forces as we advance our mission of showcasing renowned contemporary artists who explore the most significant political and cultural issues of our time. The first event organized by the two institutions will be a public discussion featuring artists Nick Cave, Imran Qureshi, and Pat Steir at the Hirshhorn s Ring Auditorium on January 11, 2017. Further details about the partnership will be announced in the spring.

December 22, 2016

George Eastman Museum Releases More Than 250000 Photos From Its Collection Online

The Nancy Wiener Gallery in Manhattan. Photo: Claudio Papapietro

Manhattan s district attorney s office has charged Nancy Wiener, founder of an eponymous gallery on the Upper East Side, with possession of stolen goods and conspiracy to traffic East Asian antiquities, Lisa Bannon and Christopher S. Stewart of the Wall Street Journal[7] report. According to the complaint, Wiener allegedly falsified documents for objects that had been looted from archaeological sites before selling them to buyers, museums, and auction houses from 1999 to 2016. Wiener, who has sold illegal artifacts to both Sotheby s and Christie s, turned herself in to the authorities, was arraigned in Manhattan Criminal Court, and then released. The gallerist s mother, Doris Wiener, was one of the first dealers to sell Asian works from the Himalayas, India, and South East Asia in New York in the 1960s. She sold objects to high profile clients such as Jacqueline Kennedy, Igor Stravinsky, and John D. Rockefeller III. Nancy allegedly provided false paperwork for some of the works in her mother s collection before selling it for $13 million in March of 2012.

A spokesperson for Christie s said, We are aware of these very serious allegations against the defendant and are monitoring the legal proceedings closely.

December 21, 2016

George Eastman Museum Releases More Than 250000 Photos From Its Collection Online

Beautiful Woman, 1971.

In a decades-long attribution dispute, South Korean prosecutors have claimed that the painting Beautiful Woman, 1971, was made by late artist Chun Kyung-ja despite her and her family s insistence that the work was created by someone else, Kwon Mee-yoo of the Korea Times[8] reports. Best known for her paintings of female figures, Chun Kyung-ja said, “Parents can recognize their children. That is not my painting. Her works have recently netted between $700,000 and $1 million at auction. One of Chun s daughters filed a complaint against the owner of the work, the South’s National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, in April. She claimed that attributing the work to her mother was damaging to her reputation.

On Monday, after reviewing forensic evidence and consulting with local art experts, prosecutors determined that the work is authentic. In a statement, the family s lawyer said, The prosecutors conspired with the MMCA to ignore the scientific opinion of a world-class imagery assessment firm and…produced this ridiculous result. The French imagery analysis firm Lumiere Technology had previously estimated that there was a less than 0.0002 percent chance that the work was genuine.

The painting was once owned by the former head of the South Korean spy agency and was acquired by the government after his execution for assassinating then-president Park Chung-Hee in 1979.


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