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And Don’t Be Falling in Love as Security Services Experts Are Walking Away

When it comes to taking chances and not letting an opportunity pass you by, Zac Brown Band said it best in the song, As She s Walking Away :

And don t be falling in love as she s walking away
When your heart won t tell your mind to tell your mouth what it should say
May have lost this battle, live to fight another day
Don t be falling in love
As she s walking away.

Next week at IBM InterConnect 2017, you ll get many opportunities to connect with security services professionals and gain deep insights on how to tackle your biggest cybersecurity challenges[1]. You ll also get a chance to see Zac Brown Band perform this song, among many others, live.

Connect With Security Services at InterConnect

Just like the guy in the ballad, don t let these chances pass you by. Below is a quick rundown of the key sessions to pay attention to while you re at the conference.

Roll the Dice and Have Some Faith : Enabling Your Security Transformation

Enterprise security programs face harsh realities every day. The ever-changing threat landscape, the skills shortage, and the challenge of adapting platforms and technologies keep chief information security officers (CISOs) and their teams on their toes day in and day out. These factors bring up many complicated questions: Are we protected from the latest threats? Are we keeping up our security posture as we seek to innovate and connect more and more systems? Are we quantifying and communicating our risks clearly[2] to our leaders and our board? Attendees bring their toughest challenges and most pressing questions to InterConnect. They share conversations with each other and with experts all gathered in one place to explore meaningful answers. Whether you are focusing on securing your hybrid cloud, enabling better incident response or solving another cybersecurity challenge, IBM Security Services[3] experts have best practices, customer success stories and recommendations to help you meet your goals and tackle your challenges.

If We Were Standing Face to Face : Security Transformation Services and Best Practices Sessions

In our convenient Session Preview tool[4], you ll find a complete overview of our planned security transformation services sessions at InterConnect. Below are some selected highlights from the agenda:

  • A global chemicals company will share how it developed an effective, integrated threat management program and tailored it to its specific needs as a player in the manufacturing industry (STS-5656).
  • Early adopters of Havyn will share how our newest innovation leveraging Watson capabilities will revolutionize the way Managed Security Services clients engage with IBM Security Operations Center (SOC) personnel (STS-4585).
  • A large U.S. corporation will share its journey to adopt a hybrid cloud infrastructure[5] and secure it successfully (STS-5506).
  • IBM X-Force Red experts will share real-world stories of ethical hacking done in the name of security (STS-2205).

There will also be sessions specifically designed to offer insights on the latest security trends and concerns:

  • Learn how to prepare for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)[6] and put a response plan in place (STS-6804).
  • Boards and business executives are now starting to ask tough questions about cybersecurity to their specialized teams. Learn how to communicate business risk effectively (STS-7439).
  • IBM X-Force IRIS powerhouse Wendi Whitmore will share how to improve the response and remediation process to protect a company s intellectual property more quickly and effectively (STS-5626).

Give Me One More Move : Other Things to See and Do

In addition to the sessions above, we plan to demonstrate our incident response and security testing services at the IBM Security booth. You should also plan to check out our services expo sessions, which will focus on security awareness, SD-WAN and zero trust security.

Go On, Son : What Should You Do Next?

If you re already registered for InterConnect, use the Session Preview tool[7] to add these important sessions to your personalized event agenda. If you re not yet registered for the event, there is still time to register[8]. Remember to visit IBM Security at booth No. 826 in the Solutions Expo center.

Don t miss out Register Now for Interconnect 2017 [9]


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Kim Jong Un’s Brother Reportedly Assassinated By Poison Wielding Hit-Girl

The older half-brother of tyrant Kim Jong Un, and once heir to the North Korean autocracy, Kim Jong Nam, was supposedly attacked yesterday morning by a young female assassin wearing hot pink leggings and an LOL branded t-shirt. Some reports state that poisoned needles and/or a poison soaked rag was used in the attack. The whole thing went down inside Kuala Lumpur International Airport in Malaysia, in a merchant concourse on the terminal side of the security line.

Indiana National Guard Members To Attend Inauguration

Indiana National Guard Members To Attend Inauguration

Photo: WFIU/WTIU News

About 150 Indiana guard members will attend the inauguration. Members of the Indiana National Guard will be in Washington on Friday helping with the inauguration of President-elect Donald Trump.

The (Fort Wayne) Journal Gazette[1] reports that about 150 Indiana guard members will attend, including more than 130 military police from Terre Haute-based 81st Troop Command stationed at rail stations. They will help local police with crowd control and other security efforts. Indiana s contingent also includes three members of the Air National Guard s 122nd Fighter Wing based. Two of them will work documenting the inauguration events, including news releases, social media posts and escorting news media. The Fort Wayne base s public affairs superintendent, Master Sgt. Darin Hubble of Ossian, already is in Washington for that role.

A third fighter wing member will help with air readiness.


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