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Some Tennessee lawmakers say capital isn’t secure enough in …


Police are on high alert at the Tennessee State Capital following the Virginia shooting Wednesday morning.

Some state lawmakers said the grounds aren’t secure enough in today’s politically charged climate. Armed Troopers provide security at Tennessee Capital Complex which includes Legislative Plaza, the Supreme Court and the capital.

“We have a heightened sense of alert at all times,” said THP Captain Tommy Fyke of the Department of Homeland Security. “We don’t ever let her guard down.”

State Lawmakers are also on alert after GOP Lawmakers at a charity baseball practice in Virginia on Wednesday morning.

“Very concerned because while we have dedicated people, we don’t have very much security here,” said Rep. Johnny Shaw, D-Bolivar. “Someone could just walk in at any time so I’m very concerned.”

This year, run-ins with angry constituents prompted some lawmakers to hire private security.

“Security is becoming the utmost importance to all of us down here,” said Rep. Charles Sargent, R-Franklin. “I don’t care if you’re in Congress are here in the house or the Senate here.”

State Troopers had their first active shooter training at the state capital last fall.

“That type scenario was an active shooter that had a bomb a bomb vest on,” said Captain Fyke. “We had role players playing people screaming people being shot that kind of thing make it as realistic as possible.”

It’s that training many lawmakers fear officers may have to use in today’s highly-charged political climate.

“Sad story, and I expect it’s going to happen again at some point in time,” Rep. Shaw said. “I don’t see these incidents going away.”

“If we’re getting that much hatred, I think politics is to start all over,” said Rep. Sargent.

New to TSA PreCheck? These tips will speed you through airport security

New To TSA PreCheck? These Tips Will Speed You Through Airport Security CLOSENew To TSA PreCheck? These Tips Will Speed You Through Airport Security

While some items might be a no-brainer a few things on the TSA prohibited items list might surprise you. Wochit/TreNesha Striggles

New To TSA PreCheck? These Tips Will Speed You Through Airport Security

Passengers have their boarding passes and IDs checked at the TSA PreCheck line at Gate A in Terminal 4 at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport in Phoenix on Thursday, July 24, 2014.(Photo: Michael Schennum / The Republic)

Airlines and the TSA get the question from travelers all the time: Why isn’t TSA PreCheck printed on my boarding pass? Passengers who paid $85 or $100 for the privilege of a five-year fast pass through airport security with a dedicated lane at the airport where you get to keep your shoes on and approved liquids and laptops in your carry-on are peeved at the prospect of joining the throngs of travelers in the general security lanes. The Transportation Security Administration’s @AskTSA Twitter feed is filled with the query, especially during the busy summer travel season.

I thought I would enjoy the #TSAPre[1] but here I am… Queuing eternally at the checkpoint… Why is it not showing on my boarding @AskTSA[2] ?

Federico Melo (@fedemelo) June 9, 2017[3]

@AskTSA[4] checked in for my flight DL1982 and didn’t get TSA pre check. Entered correct details at booking. Can you help?

Nathan McBain (@nathanmcbain) June 9, 2017[5]

@Asktsa[6] last few times I’ve flown, TSApre hasn’t shown up on my boarding pass despite being entered into KTN. Can you look into this? Thx

Jenn Pedde (@JPedde) June 9, 2017[7]

TSA spokeswoman Lorie Dankers said the problem, which is easily fixable in most cases, usually starts on the traveler’s end. Passengers forget to enter their Known Traveler Number in their reservation; they enter the wrong number; or their name, birth date or gender don’t match the information they submitted when they applied for TSA PreCheck[8] or Global Entry[9], a U.S. Customs and Border Protection program that includes access to TSA PreCheck lanes and international travel perks. PreCheck is $85 for five years; Global Entry, $100.

“I can tell you from personal experience, for 99.9 percent of the people who aren’t getting PreCheck, it is user error,” she said. If you’re a TSA PreCheck newbie the agency enrolled 2 million travelers in the past year and now has nearly 4.9 million members or a longtime member who has had problems getting the stamp on your boarding pass, here are tips from Dankers and American Airlines spokesman Ross Feinstein, a former TSA employee who helps the airline’s passengers troubleshoot PreCheck problems in conjunction with TSA representatives.

1. Make sure your Known Traveler Number, also called a trusted traveler number, is in your flight reservation. For a new reservation, you’ll enter your number in a box on the reservations page of the airline or travel website. Your nine-character code starts with TT if you signed up through TSA and 98 or 99 for most travelers who signed up through Global Entry. On the Global Entry ID card, your code is called a PASSID. Do not include the group of characters listed after your nine-character number.

You can add your number to an existing reservation by looking up the reservation on the airline’s website or by calling the airline. In both cases, you’ll also need your trip confirmation number, also called a record locator.

2. Enter your Known Traveler Number on your profile in your airline frequent-flier accounts. But don’t assume it will automatically transfer to reservations you make, especially if you don’t book directly with the airline. Make sure you enter your number on each reservation you book.

3.Check in online for your flight 24 hours in advance. If you don’t see TSA PreCheck on your boarding pass (paper or electronic) contact the TSA or airline via social media or call and let them know you’re a trusted traveler who didn’t get PreCheck. The TSA’s number is 866-289-9673.

“Now you have a day to resolve it,” Dankers said. It could be as simple as fixing a birth date, name, Known Traveler Number or even gender, she said. Mistakes are easy to make when booking a reservation or relaying information to a travel agent. And this problem has cropped up recently, Feinstein said: Some travelers who enrolled five years ago didn’t realize it was time to renew.

4. To fix the problem at the airport, arrive at least two hours before your flight. The updated information must be vetted and you’ll get a new boarding pass with PreCheck on it.

In this case, Dankers says you might have to decide whether PreCheck access is worth the extra time to fix it. It might be during peak travel time at a big airport like Sky Harbor but perhaps not at a less crowded airport or during a slow period.

“If you re traveling at an off time, you re going to spend more time trying to straighten this out,” Dankers said.

Also note that PreCheck operating hours vary by airport, projected travel volume and other factors, so even if you have PreCheck on your boarding pass, the lane might not be open and you will join the general lane.

5. Don’t bother flashing your Global Entry card at the security checkpoint if you don’t have PreCheck on your boarding pass. It won’t get you anywhere. The problem has to be fixed in advance. (TSA PreCheck membership doesn’t include a card.)

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Deadly dog flu surfaces in South Carolina

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV[1]) – The Charleston Animal Society is urging dog owners in the Charleston area to keep an eye out for signs of dog flu as the virus has surfaced in South Carolina and can be deadly.

While it cannot be transmitted to humans, canine influenza is extremely contagious. Experts at the Charleston Animal Society say a dog’s cough can travel up to 20 feet and the virus can remain alive on human clothing for up to 24-hours. In some cases, canine influenza can develop into pneumonia.

“People should be in touch with their personal veterinarian on whether a flu shot is a good idea for their pet,” said Charleston Animal Society Senior Director of Veterinary Care Lucy Fuller. “Situations like this really highlight why it’s important to have a veterinarian in your pet’s life.”

Symptoms to watch for are coughing, sneezing, low energy, fever and lack of appetite. Anyone with concerns should visit their veterinarian.


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