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Security Officer, Two Patrons Scuffle Outside Los Imperios

West Hartford Police said that three people were charged after a disturbance early Friday morning outside Los Imperios at 904 Farmington Ave. in West Hartford, and according to police the establishment will be required to hire private duty police detail as of Saturday.

By Ronni Newton

West Hartford Police have charged a security guard and two patrons after a verbal confrontation turned physical outside Los Imperios on Farmington Avenue just after 12:30 a.m. Friday. Police said that they received a 911 call from the sister of a woman who had been trying to get back into Los Imperios, which had already closed, to retrieve her credit card that had been left to pay a tab. Police learned of the incident only because of that call, not from Los Imperios management, they said. According to a police report, the patron, Esmeralda Crespo, 25, of Bristol, attempted to run back inside past the security guard, while screaming my card.

She was stopped at the door by Los Imperios security guard, Maribel Rodriguez, 39, of Hartford. Reports to police from both parties differ, but Crespo said that Rodriquez was aggressive in Esmerelda s personal space, and swore at her, while Rodriguez said that she tried to reason with Crespo until Crespo flicked her in the face. Rodriguez admitted that at that point she mushed Crespo s face. Crespo s sister, Marisol Crespo, 20, also of Bristol, got involved. According to another Los Imperios security guard s report to police, Marisol Crespo pulled Rodriguez s hair and took several swings at her after she saw Rodriguez uppercut Esmerelda Crispo.

The second security guard told police that Esmerelda Crespo entered the business in an aggressive manner and that the two started to push and swing at each other. Police met with Los Imperios owner Ernesto Leon, and Det. Robert Magao was given the opportunity to review footage of surveillance video. However, due to the lighting, the poor quality of the video, and the fact that the DVR kept skipping ahead, police said the specifics of how the incident began could not be determined. Esmerelda Crespo sustained a cut to the inside of her lip, police said. She also told police in a statement after the incident that her nose began to swell.

All three were charged with second-degree breach of peace and will appear in court on May 31.

According to police, the disturbance is being reviewed to determine whether or not it constitutes another violation under West Hartford s entertainment ordinance. Police also said that the report of this incident will be forwarded to the State of Connecticut Liquor Control Commission.

West Hartford Police Chief Tracey Gove had written to Leon on May 22, and in that letter stated that unless Los Imperios presented evidence that you believe is relevant to the decision of whether to order a private duty police detail within five business days, then beginning Saturday, May 27, the detail will be required, at a cost to Los Imperios of $1,362 per night, paid in advance by cash or check, on any night that the establishment has a DJ.[1]

Asst. Chief Robert McCue said that as of Friday morning, there had not been a response to that letter from Los Imperios. As such they will be required to hire starting this Saturday, McCue said.

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Top Local Story – Newnan Times-Herald

Portions of the bypass that did not need to be resurfaced while citizens (and taxpayers) are dodging holes on Clark Street and Temple Avenue half the size of Rhode Island. It does appear that the streets will eventually be repaved… one patch at a time.

President Trump should continue to withhold his tax returns because it drives the alt-left completely insane. If he released them, they would just move on to some other irrational demand. Maybe if Paul Ryan had just said, “We have to pass the bill to find out what’s in it, it would have passed with no problem. To the female security guard at a local shopping center, when you start threatening teenagers and kicking them off the property, you need to remember one thing. Those teenagers tell their parents what you said and did, and those same parents who shop on a weekly basis there have no problems taking their business elsewhere.

It is poetic justice that a sinkhole is appearing in front of Mar-a-Lago. For every dollar he cuts from the poor, may the hole get bigger and engulf the whole place. No harm done. I’m so sick of hearing how the word snowflake is offending folks, that’s what’s wrong with this world today. We ve got a bunch of grown crybabies getting their way too much. I got a better name for all of you. I wish the Newnan Police would enforce the no right turn on red rule at the intersection of Bullsboro and Millard Farmer. I have been in too many near misses when I am making the left from Bullsboro onto Millard Farmer. I have also been treated to aggression and horn honking when I obey that sign.

I am extremely proud that the White House budget considers the taxpayer. So tired of working two days a week to pay federal taxes that go to welfare and food stamps for many that should be working.

If your brake lights come on before your turn signals, you’ve done it wrong.

‘Confused’ Traveler Charged With Trespassing After Wandering Past …

A man has been arrested in connection with a security breach that set off an evacuation of a busy terminal at LaGuardia Airport earlier this week, officials said Thursday. The man, identified as Phani Kumar Varanasi, voluntarily turned himself in after authorities tracked him down at his brother’s home in Secaucus, New Jersey. Varanasi, who lives in India but flew in from Detroit, told police that he was “confused about where he was supposed to pick up his luggage,” according to a Port Authority spokesperson. Surveillance video from the scene[1] allegedly shows Varanasi leisurely strolling past a TSA agent stationed at a security checkpoint. Varanasi then spent 5 minutes in the “sterile area” before returning the way he came, the Port Authority representative said. The breach trigged a full evacuation of LaGuardia’s Terminal B, though “nothing dangerous” was found in the sweep, according to a TSA statement.

The TSA also noted that “appropriate action will be taken” against their employee, but did not divulge further specifics.

Following the incident, Long Island Congressman Peter King demanded a full explanation for the breach, which he called “extremely serious.”

“It could have been an incidental mistake, but we have zero margin of error at this time” King said. “We saw what happened in Manchester and other incidents around the world; we just can’t let our guard down.”

Varanasi was charged late last night with criminal trespassing. He is expected to appear in a Queens court on Thursday afternoon.


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