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Man kills kitten when told he can’t take it on board train in Canada …

TORONTO, Canada (Philippine Daily Inquirer/Asia News Network) – Public places and public transportation often have rules about bringing animals along. One man in Ontario, Canada, didn’t appear to agree with this when he killed a kitten after he was refused passage to board a MetroLink train. The man was identified as 23-year-old Decalos Edwards Johnson-Foston.

He was about to board a train at the Belleville Station MetroLink with a kitten on his shoulder when a security officer stopped him, reports Belleville News-Democrat.

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The officer said that Johnson-Foston was not allowed to bring the cat onto the train. Johnson-Foston then threw the kitten on the ground, severely injuring it, then stomped on its head. He then proceeded to board a bus before anyone else could react. Johnson-Foston was later apprehended on the bus when it stopped at College Station. Police reported he also took money from someone’s wallet during the ride.

He was charged with aggravated cruelty to animals, a class 4 felony and a minor one.

Johnson-Foston is being held at St Clair County Jail with a bail bond set at US$75,000 (S$103,694.25).

“Actions like this are so senseless, it is hard to comprehend at times,” Captain Bruce Fleshren, chief of investigations for sheriff’s department, said in a report. “If you cannot or will not take care of an animal, please take it to the nearest shelter for proper care.”

Milwaukee Sheriff Clarke rejects Homeland Security position

Milwaukee Sheriff Clarke Rejects Homeland Security Position

FILE – In this July 18, 2016 file photo, Milwaukee County, Wis. Sheriff David Clarke speaks at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland. Clarke says he’s taken a job as an assistant secretary in the Homeland Security Department. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite, File)

MILWAUKEE (AP) The Department of Homeland Security says Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke is no longer a candidate for a position in the agency.

The conservative firebrand said last month he was taking a job as an assistant secretary at the DHS. But Craig Peterson, a political adviser to Clarke, said in a statement that the sheriff notified DHS Secretary John Kelly late Friday that he “had rescinded his acceptance of the agency’s offer” to join DHS.

Clarke[2] is known for his vocal support of President Donald Trump. The tough-talking sheriff says he “believes his skills could be better utilized to promote the President’s agenda in a more aggressive role.”

A DHS spokesman said by email Sunday that Clarke is no longer being considered for a position within DHS, though the agency had never confirmed Clarke’s appointment.

The Washington Post first reported on Clarke’s decision.


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Man shot while robbing Anchorage hardware store, police say …

A man was shot while trying to rob an Anchorage hardware store. Now, he s in custody and the store owner is crediting a loss prevention officer with saving lives. Just after 5:00 p.m. Saturday, police say a man walked into Andy s Ace Hardware in Muldoon and pulled out a gun. He pointed it at the clerk working the cash register, demanded money from the cash register, said Sgt. Jeremy Conkling.

Owner Stephanie Van Ness was in the back of the store at the time and didn t see what was happening.

We heard a noise. We thought maybe a box had dropped out on the sales floor, she said. The sound was a gunshot. Police say after getting the cash, the suspect shot the register.

We heard three more shots and we knew something was wrong, said Van Ness. When the suspect ran out the front door, police say he met a loss prevention officer.

We do believe at this point the suspect fired on the security guard and then the security guard fired at least two times, striking the suspect, said Conkling. Customers and employees all evacuated safely and the wounded suspect was soon in custody.

I do strongly feel that our loss prevention officer today saved lives, said Van Ness.

The robbery suspect is in the hospital. APD said his injuries are non-life threatening. Officers are also looking for a vehicle involved in the crime. In the store s 55 years, third generation owner Van Ness said a crime like this is a first.

Never happened, she said. We ve had shoplifting, unfortunately, more lately than there has been in the past, but this is the first time we ve had a robbery, and especially a robbery with a weapon. How her store is a crime scene. Van Ness said what happened here is happening all over town.

I feel like all of Anchorage is being hit all the time now and people probably weren t talking about it like they should be to get it fixed and people are starting to talk about it now and understand what a problem shoplifting is, she said.

For Van Ness, owning her grandfather s hardware store is about helping customers. They closed for the rest of Saturday, but, she says come Sunday, their doors will open and they ll get back to business as usual.

We re a family here and everybody came together and helped make sure everybody was safe.

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