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Soldier charged in attack on Chicago security guard

CHICAGO A Chicago man who was captured on video punching a female security guard is being held in lieu of $250,000 bond.

Matthew De Leon is a U.S. Army serviceman who was visiting his family in Chicago before deployment to Hawaii. He is accused of punching Zoa Stigler outside a condominium building early Sunday. De Leon faces three felony counts of aggravated battery. Stigler tried to help De Leon when he was vomiting. When she returned to clean up his vomit, she told him and his friends to leave. The video shows De Leon throwing water on Stigler and punching her in the face.

Prosecutors said Wednesday she suffered nasal and orbital fractures.

Defense attorney Richard Fenbert said his client expressed “deep remorse” when he turned himself in earlier this week.

Hour 1: Gerry, Mut and Trenni talk about Steve Harvey’s demands/

Skirt and Callahan compensate after the red substantive Mika views here that he couldn’t get out of here quick. He’s fine host chip that is in Florida and now he thinks we’re not monitoring things he says dissolves she’s she’s. I’ve read a couple times bird I got out about that yes people. Leaked I’ve done a steep for many years different. And that I mean I’ve what I’ve got to know Kevin I was there on draft night when you’re gonna get stuck with Gerry Callahan. Just send letters and from one of the most prestigious law firms are tremendous highly rated law firm and have nothing to do with Russia. In total compliance in every way did you ever have a certified letter just so you understand. All all all of it I’m not just saying that hundreds of letters it says I am not involved in Russia it’s hard to argue with Ankara I made ahead of his good name for your next course month but caveman could do. One place opponents we should go and of course together you and I joke by a race horse. Stewart will. The caveman could do usually early to get tell wax and hair if you get your privacy waxed you have to be additional 5:45 in the morning because take a little guesswork out and all the Kentucky Derby manager. The tension that with your head not over read to one pitch that is an art to plug Sports Radio. Save it say okay let’s do it out and do it now don’t don’t. Finished second obviously not the Iron Man and let’s let’s start that again. Let’s start here in the open there let’s start with what we talked about the office that Pete’s not happy with us. He is upset tees and in emails text that occurred this cease and desist he’s very angry does he want it was someone explain himself I see some IC wise there’s enough. He’s tweeting trying to explain himself all the people from up here. Are trying to cause trouble there tweeting and they were line column liar and mocking and ridicule him but. Hasn’t he done this long enough to know how this works I mean honest and who we still love people were going to play. Pirated Pete anytime we can get it it’s an embarrassment. Today. Well you can listen to on. Four hours you just six an ESPN SW I fell 99 point three of them on my after that lesson I learned a leader as they stream online trying to I’m doing now you’re consuming maybe I thought when I don’t let anybody this afternoon Buena. TE top. EE IQ it. I agree with me nerves in this yesterday and he’s going to be stardom they don’t know what’s about the hidden because they’re used to listen that station and a lot of local stuff that a lot of high school football the decent college football but he’s is gonna come in BP it’s going to be in this. The status tsunami. Of sweat to the energy in an op. And rants and and someone makes sense some won’t they’ll make up stories we’ll talk about his good friend Gisele is good friend. I’m sorry she’s evil lie client Michael Smith I can’t hear fisherman’s platter now. Like three advertisement on got a tweet out short of the fisherman’s platinum list station yesterday we get some new course I did pirated piece multiplicity gravity today that we know her yeah yesterday was a work on some fresh popular issue of the more hours on Monday show the Soviet unprofor as well as you can do does he have to do local museum that local is other than Miami this was lifted to Tampa. What would I hit by fox football Reich decent box followed the pre it’s a boundary I went off hot. Yes I mean obviously it’s a Red Sox country its Fort Myers is such a Red Sox Craig Kimbrel and how he talks in Tampa Bay Rays may well Miami market they didn’t hear about it I’m serious what they do is is called football pro football and an auto racing that’s what they do. That’s that’s the bread and butter you know he’ll pretend he knows how to racing and Portland as good friend Jimmy Johnson era in his library aren’t actually there at the fifth and eighth innings they’ll all around in New Hampshire hills if you ill have Allen is an English is the most famous Pete couple to have that available. Can. Good morning Kenny boy weekend mornings about to say when a good job and Orlando Florida Dale Earnhardt died when they have that available there are 58. I wrote a piece I wrote a Dale Earnhardt column while I was in Fort Myers vote oh he. Stupid this is his father grandpa you know father in a ten year old daughter when he died and everywhere decision on tiger do what you love them how silly is this poor girl has no father now because this guy. Who have already made many millions and it was still driving into over the wall and died there without. Now you know it happens part of the game. It is part of what is part of the game it’s a pretty stupid game that’s part of the game anyway ethnic. They make a living. They’ll learn Camilla yes I mean. As they said as as as Joey looks Joseph well said die in a much of a live and boy do what he loved out there on the tractor would love to he should have been home to connect girls’ softball practice the — samba football player who smashes a football player wears like a hundred million dollars in the bank yes I it’s over so. A god you did and I don’t want a sellout but Tom Brady go after our reserve quarterback is that we get in human dignity in the Burton in nine years. I talk reach a long time and I don’t. And that’s out I thought it they had a spot in the record after the he. Than it was at when he said they might what is your debt that you were. What kind words in regard we never found we believe find out you know hopefully. So nice guys like Tom Brady senior like them text. I love hearing ornament. Sure we never ticket to the bottom of that what his father said about the we’ll find out today to the suit six that’s something I’m in new. Any time any market you could Tom Brady talk and beats an adolescent people listen to probably do that Tom Brady dropped below talk that’s that national thing. I don’t expect Pete loves to talk Bruins I don’t think he’s going to be the do that in South Florida. I don’t think that work harassment of the blossom or what’s organization that this has happened it’s an Arab news rightfully bring up the can’t deal is the can’t always not not occur and I’ll write that they were going to fire. Close political activity suggested that ugly came nearly was actually behind us and shoulders at. The owners should you wanted to fire him you gotta go because as I wasn’t Assange is going all. But I mean you started this by saying we’re lying about Pete a detective tweeters are lying about I’ll raise my hand. Hopefully Pete notions now. Probably peak dose Kevin Garnett I’d love every second I still upbeat I can stop all liar right there’s some of the you believe famous. Saying he did not so the person who treated at a Sen is I don’t know said you don’t really know KG Gisele eating a fisherman platter Udonis Steve Levy Levy says unbalanced in his response. He says I’ve told acts are like five times over the years they sent in their briefly at the garden so he he he still stands by his just out. I do know Steve Levy and she did at that platter ready does not he does not confirm his tight relationship with one happened so. He could present cigarettes this doesn’t lineup though I said I’ve met her briefly at the garden he says in the collective can pass it. I know what he does well its policies these I’ve read a couple thugs berg whose records not what don’t run that Gisele. But yeah couple did you did you cause I just got to glossed over that. I met Erica I’ll talk about his health first is inherently good guard it’s my theory is no I don’t know two guys I solid right. I mean I she just Bosnia we talked about it yes his name sees me nutrition tips she doesn’t want to cigarettes is usually tell well right now is narrow the mirror what are and you get pregnant turning cope with the little time lament the end I don’t I don’t wanna harm the baby they have high are actually cut down passionate black. Although I’ve beaten standing by is Sox claim achieve tried. See I do believe the fisherman’s platter story. I knew I do because she’s just super might help it but when you’re pregnant I think whether you’re supermodel or you’re at even my friends were like that’s raised people these Tilly crap when they’re pregnant that’s remain until well I look in the league assets and you know what she might not eat the whole thing right she she says she April leg. That’s a lie lie at all. That’s them mutiny and an uplifting 1000 calories a hundred per programs effect an official in one important thing is probably like she’s probably starting right her entire life was and I don’t make it could finally eat. I actually smoked cigarettes. At this point 03. Cigarettes a Q and hear that enough and I can. Well we’re gonna have more to seize on from two to six is do we know he’s fine so long. Crist as I say he’s credited and or gentry to who’s got aren’t good luck to Craig or jets what do you like better Craig Gentry dumb jet stream out president Craig I’d love Craig critics bodies witty. And people do some good movie talk today at some point like movies SEC shows. We’ll talk about WEEI we’re gonna get everything and they think it’s here’s the view that he thinks he can just make stuff up as they don’t know that I could check that it’s great ran. Britain. Artist Michael are my theory is and he he. Violates it is that no media person including me you we don’t know these guys Dina. And I hear them report the sale at times you say it’s something you said you know dale swinging you know. Know Craig Counsell one of these Milwaukee guys cause we don’t know your from a walk through justice. You know don’t you know that any any professional sense I know then. As what they would. I don’t know what they’re like home but I know that my professional life as I was saying you you say you know bill swing. What’s what was perfect exactly. I don’t know what did you drive. What’s his wife’s name in it is divorced but your Gary geese are seen as per liter I don’t I don’t know Gary and these are seen it like as I grew up in the next opponent. I mean I like all like why are. Story of course I watch your show in reference yesterday as mentions and Mattel’s show about that what doesn’t ever want your show. I’d like I think I say this whole time told them where you guys have great chemistry. I don’t talk show you Fareed and battling eyes on the actual act one as I blaze raw and I was like she budgets and just for lunch and it I’d want to green. Green. Yeah yeah a lot of veggies that’s the course that’s how my body and later I missed that part I guess I saw the well is out there I thought I saw the power were found yes Bertram and Jerry. Do would you rather watch the NHL playoffs for the NBA playoffs that was TB goals it was out is that your idea that was electorate. Did they do DH no DH before that that should all I don’t see entire shots on the all star game that is so I don’t. That’s not patents and that’s not three our show does a three hour show that Ayers and I’ll have to win a holiday doing. I’m still rotating different people now I noticed majorities doing bulls shows now on some days and people take and break some segments like. They’re recognizing three hours might be a little tough which is for people spy when it who you send us some issues some and I’ll would say issues I would say the lake any news showed Gerri I’m sure when you start it would John. I eat tic or think adding there is some tinkering going nine to midnight well Gerry Callahan do. That’s a good they should do that doesn’t UW. What was GC DT CU meaningless to many at WW CD’s without a charity has attacked to his tenth two Israelis hip he’s cool. GCD miserable I have one prick and Gerry Callahan you have one eye of wine and no one can see it’s now it’s like. A man to make a tramp stamp is vowing. Not a tramp stamp it’s like over I might as well payables. I it’s not a bull and if that is your sort of game maintenance of the right. Was this say I say it has enough that I I like I can want to you know one of those things fueled by alcohol fueled no I boyfriend fueled by anger what was this about another and I went like kind of a crummy time. I am. I had to have this major surgery. Because I had like these modules on my thyroid related note was cancerous and most of since I got I’d I got I I’d like that. I got cut kind of a crummy run at work and I was like it’s good luck site four leaf clover shamrock or some crap on my lower. Out of. I guess obviously a lot of fully versed that I give you credits out of the the most popular tattoo right now a four leaf clover. That. Among you know Irish guys and ask kind of. Action shamrock is the tires we could over we have sort of sweet spirited out a punishing got so screwed it up. And administrative. I’m glad somewhere that you really can’t see him less than a bathing suit all our. Now. Really for blood overseeing Mike Adams that to a Nome ma mud have I have all the time where it’s on is that this time yet I mean it it. If what I love what I love my cast and mud as he had mud hates him I like we have this I don’t mean he hates me which unit of bush. But he their lost lost the bats and getting Yankee tattoo on his ass and most people laugh that off from the sale buy you lunch or whatever. Mike egos are to the tattoo parlor and pays his debt. It’s is Yankee tattoos and you have to pay for it would be in the paper I think yet to pay for eighty miles as a Yankee paints a units to Yankee insane idea. Scholar of G face Jeter’s face sir. Profits were various I think notifications via online search he actually has on there at number 214 was the path with an ever heard. Oh number two would be perfect for your blood. I definitely would be who I was and caller listeners soda a day. I have some years I haven’t the casting count Sunday how you do get is now we’re all in all the years together yes together as those months those aren’t months’ time and surprise. In camp like human. You’re outlets and individual very easy what it wasn’t months this year it was. Mud channeling Kirk is what it was always months that sap and it was Sunday when it was money was much just Lanka fails here in November I mean Kirkwood Cyrano diversion wreck. Right I don’t know Cyrano diverge rack is not a real person I’ve no idea if I have on the nose and Cyrano to whatever that is why I got there like any quarterback that’s probably Croatian. And lastly there is correct is now who who the hell does it sounds Croatian or Serbian secret let’s. Certainly it now I can tell who is who is Syria he’s in the movie with Steve Martin when the big nose in the good look at sheriff who’s. And news courting. The beautiful. Woman but he was not good looking enough and Smart and articulate so he. He channeled his thoughts to hit some. That’s who worked. You know the story now I’ve I’ve seen just the movie grease is not called that your ethical jerk. Now with Steve Martin it’s I just I I don’t I talk about some. Is that the good the guy and he writes that poetry fake poetry he writes it for him. They they the guy comes into the you’ve got to count like big in this movie. You think someone some rotten Atlanta Roxanne Roxanne. The name of the moon rocks. And she was though it’s and the blonde from splash was Daryl Hannah. I have seen Iraq’s hand. But I and it went on race I feel like I was educated. I didn’t say it was new to him I thought everyone knew the story of turnaround a burger now I know the name was not only to type thing on the radio program is I don’t wait on me. Anyway mark your blood was channeling Kirk Triplett Kirk wrote a script form and how to protect Mikey shot and he and he recited perfectly regular lives beautiful just talked like man I think I used that story Jerry and but didn’t he might can appreciate it much you appreciate it certainly did I fired as head phones Britain went to breaking fires have — against the wall like this was all sides sat through and I say of course the show so they got out what you know is back online so I guess I’m old. Yeah and juries doing very well right now New Hampshire you can you radiate Appleby had a New Hampshire much much happened he would knee is probably you know making Erin Edwards dislike people cannot. Yeah. Why don’t we had a sound of Mikey you must be in post in the body nothing of that’s him on the court I don’t believe they stream that might be the issue that’s weird I’ve what’s most don’t story. Or like posts idea I mean nothing in 2000 center team I don’t know. Probably have a good and that’s his passion anyway but we don’t 993 Streamed that is pizza. That’s an eats on the stage ESPN is Stifel can’t wait. Hurtful and that we we know. Chris Curtis will be listening today we Emeril or have every singles have some pirated Pete on Monday some new pirated paid. If you might want us which would be good. It’s out there. And look at one that figured we know Pete we know anything we’d love we’d like it’s we use one mobile content and audience and make it stuff of that in the you know. Much of a unity can get away on young it callers I wanna get fired up I want the whole Pete. Deep packet just beat package pirated. Down there for I know this about Pete. For all his peccadilloes. He’s not at least here when I interned for B I mean former intern repeat shepherd big show intern for people. He never ever ever ever. Would have it lists like Steve Murray about working with and I’m I wish let me do this. I could do. Because everybody uses lies wild how everybody sort of three sharing my wow and how do you. Don’t look at that and think Kuerten and hand I you know I look at this in a moment that Kirk maybe I’d I’d just spend more time with him but. This is something and they obviously Kirk’s done a lot of support everyone’s get along right now that should last the good 3040 minutes when he returns it long six with 3640. Felt secure yeah he will lash out. The last I’ll leave at 640 on Monday my guess put right upper sixties I know him and I was happy that some people amok in the name names didn’t. Reach out to him didn’t. Go to await the funeral didn’t send the many notes food to keep yours you’re Kirk’s personal keep track of that I don’t know everybody keeps track but it’s funny because you you have a place warm place and are from people who do that and you remember for ever. If you never liked him but they reach out to you they show up. He says while. Now I was quite a gesture. Of good gesture and I in William. Would consciously or not you’re gonna cut him some flak from for at least a watch. In Kirk’s case there are some people who know he’s he’s got a list TSE’s. And I said. I could see him coming up with a memo like this I can see it with them licked salespeople. Know salespeople. Showing up as well as weak he’s never talked to he doesn’t even though on the plane. Sales people I know this might appoint an easel and he’s he was blown away. Is what my an animated but he was while these are these are good people this way I’m working with some good people thousand people at that week it was on an album and that but it’s just I mean they could easily have blown an office that they drove up their part to winning and waited and went through that hole as uneasy that’s. Says something what someone does that force someone they’ve never even talked to but their colleague co worker and they within the sport of and it’s going to be tough for him to hate them. Then you know how hard that is for Kurt updates and yet not heating summits on deck that’s at eight fiscal people normally dead at the natural feeling as polite. I retractable inadvertently he gets his it’s like how. I hate when people are nice to him and he has to be nice back. He asked to talk to in the hallway and an onslaught Jerry. Sizzle hopeful we’ll try to say something nice to Kirk he hates it he get so annoyed when you are nice he wrote that. Wonderful on a letter on WEP I’d dot com when I lost the ratio was the best thing he’s ever written have you ever read it yeah I have a copy yeah. You know I don’t believe uh 00 the site of Kurt this thing he wrote about you must. And by the way he wrote it. Against the wishes of some important people in this bill claims he was suspended rice I don’t I don’t leaving cius is you’re suspended for write this column ball month which I don’t believe me he took a day often that it was suspended but. There was a terrific piece that says they came from somewhere deep and. I tell people are dark times that Kirk. Deep down. Kirk is a is has a eight piecing his heart that is very loyal and true and very genuine that he would you say DC obviously you don’t you don’t see it on the air all the very often but you do see it in times like. You know we go for a run together we have a nice talk because we’re out there for Ohio or you see him off the side at our station it’s. There’s a different side. We do say that’s the opposite of many people are business who on the surface or very friendly yells going. They they seem to an Aaron and that in reality you know and reality so self absorbed they couldn’t get a candy fake. Them whether you know the couldn’t care when he walked in front of the bus when he left the building today you know it’s all about them. And Kirk is that that’s why it’s work that’s wise. It become a star and you know terrible stage some looks at the heart and sold as for Russia yeah I wouldn’t say that but someone who’s built again and abrasions and he can be the heart and soul. And also he couldn’t do for for one day without me. Conference we thought it maybe you’ll wonder what are we accept third now that’s not right now not a week now because this week could make this is these eight Harvey memo. Which should. Minority gave away but should be team per minute as he returns to work next week. Memo Casey and saying I I can hear his voice what I’m reading this I hear doing and it’s like the perfect time. Go ahead month. Good morning everyone welcome back at that occur and it right there a term that’s that’s the phony part that we get to the real Kurt. I’d like you all to review and adhere to the following notes and rules for season five of my talk show this is Steve Harvey or you’re gonna let and a look of the season five did you understand the the role here with the drill. They’ll be that and they’ll be don’t pretend this is from Kirk there’ll be at no charge to Merck. Let’s start over people just to unions not pretend this is really just tuning in Kirk is coming back Monday we hope we thank. And in advance of that. He’s he wants a new set of rules around the hallways and of the media event to come he does you know to have the merger ways you know working with Neufeld you may as and and room number trend in the voice in and so yeah big big day they’re buddies that are absolutely but this would be Kirk’s we issues if he had his druthers he would want rules like this in place I can see this he’s would’ve what you do on later and Lee about the things that identified as Steve Harvey let’s pretend it’s correct thanks Gerri walked me right through it yes I’m not an upper I’m not need your average hold my hand through segment can. Hi wish you were meeting he would’ve got the drill. No he would not he would have. They’ll be no meetings in the Corky Callahan office no stopping by or popping in a no capital left and no one I just a VP that devious people in general. Directly I’m not sure this and the company VV I do not come by the carton Kalla an office unless I invited. Do not open the Kirk Callahan room door if you open the Turkey Callahan office door expected be removed. The doors on every shot full time and removed it. Remove you if you Obama called on our neck and neck line who. Might security team. Stop everyone from standing at my door. Who have the intent was not well written. Stop everyone from standing at my door who have the intent to see or speak to him that is sales staff directed right there a sales all the I’ll ever bushy ambushing to stop now. That includes sales that you must schedule an appointment at the I’ve been taken advantage above I lenient policy in the past this and now all caps no more. You’re not approached me while I am in the make a share it or that he board does Wear make up for the future that is a little straight is where we don’t we still have all left over the you know make up so unless I asked to speak with you directly. Either not or use the doorbell sequel the dark but. You know we had a doorbell. As in the good department as a door bell and he demands he bring he has security. Can sell it in the door about god bless you Harvey I’m sure as Mick McConnell monies vick’s. I don’t pray he’s totals kind of ago. Steve Harvey is famous for one thing above walls right after an attack screwing up the Miss America in naming the wrong winner of the miss as a miss US government doesn’t matter which patent something miss. Who apologized. Birds runner up is Columbia. Now if this dummy didn’t have people approach and talked to him. We have an idea in his head do you think the ideas you think the the six. Yes Harvey’s net worth is a hundred million I’ll and he clearly indicate that twelve million for that. Speaking of family and you’ve got. Those syndicated shows. Did you hear yesterday we I did here it is partially answered yes or not it not just my son to fail are all now gone wrong will you must hate the peculiar mental health advocate I exploits. He exploits. People who have. Issues with the Congress’s debate he’s had a terrific he’s not a real doctor you look he’s not on the blogs is not now I know is nothing easy field is the stock scenario isn’t a stuffy spews is not from a medical book let’s let’s go back is those got it he brought a stock drops. Oprah bottles Dr. Phil brought us that fake ass doctor Ross like eight doctor feel. I hate them too but I think he’s a doctor. Mean I’m not counting now we thought we see from ground zero an Oscar or got their doctrine differently if Samari university now about defunct. Smart universe. So Steve Harvey says or per minute and says I’m seeking more free time for me throughout the day which does make a lot of us do not wait it any hallway to speak to me I hate being ambushed please make an appointment I promise you I will not entertain you in the hallway. And do not attempt to walk with me in. If you’re reading this yes I mean you every one do not take offense to my new way of doing business. It is good for my personal life and enjoyment. Thank you all signed curtain and and K am I on the door take it great do not lock with me if you know what I’ll give you credit. Bill O’Reilly never said this. Bill like. Recess stay out of my office built logic setup and set it to the you know short fat balding Pug guys who worked for a month. You know Logitech policy and kids chanting not the doorbell. At the picnic or better yet keep the call. I’ll take and a lot of heart is in this business media let its T I am ringing radio and I know you guys reference the story yesterday Forbes that brought the world’s highest paid TV show hosts. I can’t believe much these people get paid what is hardly make a year for Horatio we know it’s about twelve nah it last Saturday as alarmed and you know that’s it’s your show as he has been sent European food you mixed Wilma yet the second show called Steve Harvey show and he also has he hosts a little big shots which I mean the housing I didn’t even know existed till Gary taught me about yesterday it’s kids in mind something policy split OK Art Linkletter I don’t know that is. He’s Cyrano demerger ex partner. And he used to do kids say the darnedest things and yet kind of like this it’s like Leno did it to an old cut in the advocated come out like I don’t like what a lot of comes out until like eleven automotive presidents on the upper class only give and a chance to back here click put like a twelve year old and the coach Jay Leno and haven’t say funny goofy things. It just that I think it is you hear sometimes you do. K it’s like having so well year old kid come on what Leno in his kind of goofy and. And. That they own or not you have. In five seconds the audio it’s reasonable way he is in a prickly mood today he needs First Act macho guys that called you know take that call for and I understand how difficult it is to search for sound and a computer and Munich Hutchison’s. Mysteries is why she’s a favorite guest. By the way turning this what you talked kernel anymore and Jim dot walk with her. Okay enough of that Q did you give you an egg sandwich is there out of 802. Who is the most Steve Harvey electric Comcast. And whose that’s got to be one of her that’s kind of hectic. I felt this was a walking with a in the whole lawyer didn’t bring in his doorbell. I mean he. Think about tiger is he comes in incomes for our show now he need to when he hosted data shows he came in so close he is friendly to everybody in fact he does some really nice to for the staff occur on holidays Henning Garry always cater a big holiday dinner him. Want to show support staff. So nobody’s jerk I’m sure Steve Harvey and pays for dinner to use not allowed to welcome in the act. I’d taken Chris. Ellen DeGeneres. Does we have that story where owns generous and demanded her staff avert their eyes literally. Do not look at her. But we know she’s the biggest a hole in the entire TV. Entertainment industry there’s no bigger phony bigger fraud. And Ellen DeGeneres we’ve already established that she’s pure evil I mean that a bit of you Doug Oprah based on bodies that woman is evil. Shumpert. She’s done done done good things for people who call it a little little something left foot dike like some people just got a lot of their way just be super super nice. Opt for kids that she’s I say cut some months never gonna American’s business because he’s too nice and tennis who do would you agree with that turning my. Is hell he’s handicapped. I. Mean he’s limit. Wave tunis. First I don’t well I say I’ve been fat varieties age and handicap I think that is a great actually to capture for what this business now. Yes that balances you out. Ian eagle Nancy Drew issue it should be more like Keith Olbermann should be like crazy maniacal. He did it ever did I but analysts he can’t hold everybody can’t be crazy and maniacal an angry all the time you do need people like you know. Me and. I thought I’d put you uneasy category means and nice too but much like crazy or me. I acting if you if you push my buttons are way can be if you see you want you got older LE push me you better really pushed me over the edge though from need. I’d I’d like to give people the benefit of the but it you put a few pushed me the wrong way look multiple lot. I guess that you know lawyer model was yesterday we wanted to hear but he couldn’t beer ’cause he was hanging with us panels Tim never in joke stick outlets where is most comfortable. Fetching coffee for Tim is that when Ozzy like it anymore. Tips are coffee guy Jolo the couple cups of coffee during a cold game Tim is. Potential water guide to execs have a water eastern and he’s been pregnant. And candy. Lee all Michael Bolton the entire list here. Or conversational game yesterday we have a Tim I think I get back and forth there in the broadcasters it’s a well played you this we is that true you got that cannot give you like ten minutes again sit at your excellent. Not much back and forth ten. We do we put out and he got a thing is that OK I would like to hit like you the whole thing I’m sure it’s very insightful it’s very go will play that it’s. Almost too much to get to today we’ll try to do it I would say the next. Three and half hours but Chinese leaving early or thought we’re gonna start today with a curtain Jerry finding out. 603 that Dutch and he’s leaving your dog loose I. I have I have probably the only reason okay we are right we just saw last time beginning to browns will now find out that reason is weird it’s an excellent Red Sox a commentary yesterday of course we’ll talk to you at 617779. 793 cent what are guys called us. Free form free free style front okay freestyle Friday when I’m around Teixeira going well you are now just. I hope we should do batch ready mutt and I Jerry Sports Radio WEE. I from Florida aids. Ship where this guy is unbelievably. He’s a personal friend of Gisele Bundchen that she’s now she’s my. Runs and studied at Tom Brady Tom it’s great friend great men and when peace but. You know it’s true because his voice never waivers Giselle she’s she’s. You know. Thompson’s future is very nice piece personal buddies with a big sports media personalities. I don’t know what possible. I’m a long time they extended. And I’ve known Steve for many years. Good friend and of course he was personally responsible for bringing Kevin Garnett to Boston Kevin Garnett wondered what between excellence and didn’t warm. That was a big fan and I remember however and argue with them is that patent is that what you do I’m really nervous I go you’re not seeing it’s below. Shepherd. I’ve thrown forward. I had no idea. It’s I think I had no idea Miller broke. Heard predicted this yesterday I think he’s off the city’s going to be a big stars sell Florida they don’t know what’s about him they’re used to just. We boilerplate. Talk shows where guys are generically as boring and talking about whatever the Florida Gators. He’s gonna come in there and just. Exploding off on the walls. In and do his thing all of sweat and sanity in an and they gonna do not know what hit them and he’s going to be a hit. It’s going to be star. The B afternoon drive on to say by July 1 this sort of this 68 weeks product and create some Americans say they should call that. Hurricane PRS that that’s a good one hurricane Pete every day to dissent and they’re gonna say on ESP how how can we thought it was not so. These happily novel I Stifel. According not useless guy he’s a close personal friend of hombre he convince Kevin Garnett to come to boss Bill Belichick in me and Steve Levy bill that will probably say we would get and he said he could call Tom any time and money there. Good luck to elephant down here is that as an eating fried fish platter at my local six winnable three how many of those of those available in Florida. Now they eat healthy there. And definitely never minister on us now own on and on and there and that everybody’s hair and all down there and does and they’re like a red lobster on every corner. Soria with some of the fish place we go long Johns so yeah that area better than any of you go there every year for week you’ve got hello hello and welcome them look at the new Condo in Miramar likes oh you’re off guests who think of them settling down it’s funny one might what I would French vessel went up for sale of my friends are known for a long time really yeah it’s put up for sale right there on the lake it’s easy Livni or like. These Mets with I mean. Twins the Mets it’s it’s Johan Santana says usual hot as any excellent or very close to Florida Gulf Coast leaning take those out classed as you’ll as we talk about what he’s he’s your OP teacher there yet they haven’t rising enticements to their campus right now I’m. It’s an awesome place I like it never. Spent a summer there never been there in July and August repeat tells me it’s nice excellence water ski team there to watch them practice as truth is he going their in my next life. You don’t like Florida gulf call them an X authority decided I had no hard feelings and I’m sure they’re gonna do fine without me. Yes he is back he’s in the he’s back he sweetness of the storm is back into com. We gonna get to before we go to European it was two things well organized Ortiz number one is treading says she has a real excuse. For for leaving not sure when last I lashed together or herself waxed. Per trip. Hitless in each rated each eye gaze on me last minute he got to do it we give you a hard time you left and not you what you did. Is that does level is solid and lacks. You know left early that you provided something for the show that he you know to sleep early you have to see say family room with his room do exchange in return them and give you some. Avery well what I gave them last time was was divisional yes Keeney and I ever acts but he’s given us the tattooed out so that gagging People Magazine this ad running that through this before leaf clover into that yeah usual today not as exciting island and a doctor’s appointment. Now and it is nice icing my therapists 930 and. That’s your every week not on every week now like every other. I didn’t see her week I feel like colonel we you don’t usually get it to know where you dangerous to how we can tell we’re Kirk hasn’t seen his therapist he’s a little scary their jobs now and racked up and the third where she thinks I don’t have to come right real why would you not want your business. Because she’s not a she’s just she’s she’s in it for the right reasons then. There she is and what happens when you go there do you cry. Acts have right now. Do you once or Tyson kind of crazy things where you would scream out like primal screams. Knowing about steered animal and am me. Theory. To wolf. Racquets I think off yeah I’d hate notes out of it’s was a phenol and just now I know my soul a spirit M engine and you experience on deck Molly. Molly with an IE. Is there a little harder yeah. It’s that’s the tale have the name of your speaker just you know I just knew it saw as I went Molly module if mother I went to her you shrink would we. Get our spirit that we find out what our spirit in the morning if you were all intimate. He’s open to the process I’m open I would be no II or take in the eggs and afraid I’m gonna lose control like you Ernie myself I know I think they ought to my old jar Indians from like that might it was empty down by refusing to celebrate on this night it uncanny I’m not I would like about a long flight or something and not a doctor prescribe it and I’m gone at different times on just kind of exotic luxury. Those stories that you lose enjoy hearing when we feel on down you get some xanax and maybe a little tough stretch index some mark sees now works either do little doctor you after effects I got a guy. That guy. But I tell my. Little PM in the and that kind of thing I’d get tunnel PS I do tell me that more or. And I know we’ll have OPM aura Nichols the that’s the mile what’s Michael easy and it’s just it’s senate having like cold medicines when it comes in and it oddly there. A vaginal has like medicine and Allen was he’s very mild I I don’t do that and worked night I will never do town opium workers and so afraid. That’ll just wake up will be 9 o’clock. I’m lucky I’m really does and I can’t take an ax me now. Lurks I could live without a via a be that many innings up at 5 AM on the weakens them sleep until like 80 commands the reality of life. Saturday Sunday morning I could that that’s what I live for instance to sleep and I think about it every morning when they want I’m thinking the last three days that I get to sleep and finally hands on Israeli worst in suits and here’s the data to sleep at all and it has not seven point that’s good anonymity since. I sleep with a vengeance Aussie and new American. Idol and yell out the clock and roll over the conflict can you have a flat out states. Gionta and others in the dark in your language it’s I don’t and that’s not my problem the light since the and a little schedule it’s the Wii U. Now do you yeah I have one of those that I got on the flight than they gave us on the jet flew back from Vegas like ammonia. I don’t Warnaco a war on war like a few final and I feel that Felix Unger for the put on through the window. It is I mean I don’t know I do because when he gets a little lightest doesn’t it’s let out not like 5:15 in the morning and if I wanna sleep as I put that on an Asian products. Hi I’m going to be honest when I saw when I heard Michael hall he did a book with David Ortiz. It is now high hopes I said this is going to be because I pictured Ortiz. As a lover not a fighter I pictured him as he’s a very popular guy everyone loves them yet. He dropped the F bomb and no one blamed and no one dislikes or even though he’s hot dog around the bases you know did steroids even though I didn’t always run ours about his contract everybody effort would you agree that nobody’s like much nobody hate them nobody disliked him which is rare in this town as a Red Sox player. A guide star of that stature I mean I’ve and we enthusiasm. And rice and. It there yes lot Manny lovable. Like personalities and bull and bear yes like I said this is going to be a lovable guy written lovable book that’ll be boring as hell. And I assume you know when he thought that he so it is I think what would you embrace us were you not surprised did you read the excerpts I have tried by the X or do not surprised that he’s not only swearing which I like. Do they bleep out the swears in the book or just in the mix now they better not credible Basil. Does he does say words like that and they got little slash marks of slash an F bomb and FM RI NS bombs in America mother bleep for that kind of sheet which is good act out and it is it acts IG national book just last month more pay attention. He says sorry I think I don’t know they came to your question is no way Hollywood down now while signing up to hall. One book as well what books have you seen all of our trees that did that reduce wind wise I have to do NASA I mean this why did you not do it SI. It SI NC testify unless they don’t have to bleep out SH blank TV that doesn’t have to happen but they do anyway that’s not important. I’m gonna give Ortiz and holly credit I hope this isn’t the only chapter but this has a bite this has an edge to it and it is. An easy target granted Bobby Valentine yet but he does not leave respect the meat on his bones the I wish. We knew this earlier I mean it’s been a few years don’t you feel like if you tell us certainly today. It would have been great but if he’s been gone for awhile and the other part of pocono bear Bobby you don’t get we come back issue do you knew it would take three seconds for Bobby gallon gas to finding media outlet. Fire back in David Ortiz I was only on balance I honestly tell us a call Chris and saying let’s get. Bound to wish I’d I’d put on to any show and they packed the sound already in I’m reading the thing and in my column of a radical Chris approach her show on you have the sound from whatever she’ll ask Alex Kelly is on but he fires back Ortiz fires as him we’ll give you that it’s not in good the excerpt. We don’t have sound but we can wreak much to do reading again and then we could play Bobby Valentine’s response. Which is great this is so good for hall and Ortiz because you read this and you wanna know who else he kills who wells disease that. Ortiz vs Valentine next. Bobby what do you take away most from your your your short time I’ve been in Boston. I hardly anybody. It’s just six it was six months of my life yeah. It was a hundred. A 160. To lose votes or files we gained that I use for wealthy you know it it’s there wasn’t a lot of my a bit. And it was. You know pretty good for about a 105. Games. And they’re vetted or what the hell and I guess it wasn’t pretty good at all Rick says David says Norma could have two days let’s. Zero surprise in Bobby Valentine wasting exactly gets a less than an hour. After this thing some the excerpts started to hit from our poppy my story David Ortiz. With our own Michael Holley. It’s the second book that Ortiz has written. This was seems a lot more interest and given some of the excerpts coming out of it took some shots of Bobby Valentine which we’ll get to. And Bobby V found CBS radio about two seconds at a flat out. Good god do the same Bobbie because the blue tees that’s not hold anything back he makes he paces portrait of a total before own. Ego maniac who was who lost the team before the season started I mean it. You thought the Valentine year was bad Ortiz makes it seem much much worse I think in this book. He does because of the different things that indeed is the Mike reveals throws you get to coming up there’s a lot in there and that I think is a fan. Are you look back and say from Bobby down time anybody says and take much for that season. It goes out on the worst in the Red Sox history by Valentine was the skipper and it’s that’s remembers a writes six months of his life wasn’t hired in December. It was right around at the winter meetings are. He has hired in December by one guy a friend Larry Lucchino and wanted to it was a colossal mistake I guess you think. At least they cut ties after one year but when you read the excerpt you say. It it can last the month. Mean they would mark a note solo blow. They were didn’t laugh the searing memories that you’re retired. Was it November the end of November yeah yes it wasn’t six months Bobbie it was eleven months but whenever. But you’re right their there a series in the season and there are players why not strike and I’ll say Maine like. We that we can’t fire at Kevin winter. I heard three shows a six week so sorry I was basically experts. I heard you last night. Telling his story about how when they were in spring training bed the year that Bobby Valentine started that he we yelling at guys. For saying I got it I got they got that that the might reveal a story or just AS. You can still has ever in this excerpt that he didn’t want to say I guided what do you doesn’t say it. He doesn’t tell you what terminology want to use breach explains that found that said that. That can be confusing. So he wanted to change loud because it’s loud you may not only here so Sosa he’s got a guys from playing baseball at 25 years or twenty years of his life. Saying I got it like every pop up every day. And I don’t that is. Besides aids without challenging that on their great flick that’s the first thing that you learn and Little League or you know whenever you play when your kid. I always think Bobby Valentine ear couldn’t be as bad as people make an out to be with earth when you read Ortiz you realize I mean it’s convincing and he. Makes it sound much worse or come back as Jerry screw up the clock no surprise there we got a break here we come back in here from Ortiz grabbed it Ortiz exit free and more from Bobby Valentine now at a little bit. A Bobby V digging in on tried to defend himself on the Ortiz story my story of back Michael Holley. That next York M and we also have the book review article that points out. The picture shots that few other people what are your immediate member that’s very popular town called an expletive. I thought to in the unsurprisingly the Golden Globes says the little fields review says he doesn’t spend much time in his personal life. But in the excerpt he talks about splitting up with his wife in the middle right which I was surprised at that to a mythic this thing is this book is going to be good is thoughts on the old John Henry and a lot more in it next.

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