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Security camera captures brawl between cop, guard inside Kentucky jail

Most of the time, a jailhouse brawl tends to involve inmates, not police officers.But that wasn t the case earlier this month when a jailer came to blows with a sheriff s deputy inside a Kentucky jail.According to a joint statement by the Hardin County Detention Center and the Hardin County Sherriff s Department, the incident occurred on Feb. 8 when Deputy Clennon Smith got into a verbal altercation with Hardin County Deputy Jailer Joe Funk.Related


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Proposed bill letting U.S. border guards detain Canadians could …

A bill proposing[1] to bolster the powers American border guards yield[2] in Canada including the ability to strip search and detain Canadians could lead to legal challenges against the federal government, immigration experts are warning.Part of a bilateral agreement with the U.S., the bill, when passed, will grant American customs agents the right to carry weapons within Canada, perform body searches and detain but not arrest them.READ MORE: Canada border bill passed through U.S. Senate[4]It will also allow U.S. agents to force a Canadian in a preclearance area, who has decided not to travel to the U.S., to stay in the area for questioning. Right now, that same traveller has the right to simply turn around and leave the area without action or consequence.WATCH: Public safety minister says it s the passport that determines status, not the NEXUS card Proposed Bill Letting U.S. Border Guards Detain Canadians Could ...


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Greyhound bus beheader seeks total freedom: Absolute discharge explained

The man previously known as Vince Li[1] who took the life of Tim McLean[2] on a Greyhound bus in 2008 has asked for an absolute discharge[3] total freedom.Greyhound Bus Beheader Seeks Total Freedom: Absolute Discharge ExplainedLi, who now goes by the name of Will Baker, beheaded McLean while suffering a schizophrenic episode. Baker was found not criminally responsible[5] (NCR) for his actions, on account of mental disorder.READ MORE: Mountie who responded to bus beheading dies by suicide[6]Because Baker was found NCR, he is eligible to apply for an absolute discharge, which he recently did to the surprise of the Crown, Global News Winnipeg reporter Sean Leslie tweeted from Baker s review board hearing Monday.The case would need to be made that Baker poses no threat to the public, and would benefit from the absolute discharge.Crown says they received notice of absolute discharge request two weeks ago, “did catch the crown by surprise” Sean Leslie (@seanglobalnews) February 6, 2017[7] In order to get an absolute discharge the review board has to determine that the accused is not a significant danger to the public, and in that event he or she can be unconditionally released, said Archie Kaiser, professor at Dalhousie University s Schulich School of Law. If a person receives an absolute discharge that means he or she is entitled to live in the community unconditionally, with no constraints imposed by the criminal law. No one would monitor Baker s activity in any way or ensure he is taking his medication.McLean s mother Carol de Delley has called the thought of Baker receiving an absolute discharge terrifying. [8]While it might seem baffling that the board would grant Baker total freedom considering McLean s brutal death, it is Baker s right. The Supreme Court of Canada ruled in 1999 that a review board must order an absolute discharge if a person doesn t pose a significant threat to public safety.WATCH: Global News coverage of Vince Li, who is now known as Will BakerVince Li given approval to live in Winnipeg Greyhound Bus Beheader Seeks Total Freedom: Absolute Discharge Explained


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